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The Big 5 Questions to Ask About Enterprise File Gateway

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If you know your organization has more file gateways than you can, or want to, support, it may be time for an enterprise file gateway. Here are five key questions to consider. Click to learn more > http://ibm.biz/Bd4acX

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The Big 5 Questions to Ask About Enterprise File Gateway

  1. 1. IBM Commerce Discover how to move to an enterprise file gateway 5Anticipating an internal or external security audit that includes file transfer? Often, audits are drivers for architects to start looking at enterprise gateways. 4Are your file gateways your Achilles’ heel of security and compliance? Many organizations’ gateways don’t take advantage of upgraded security efforts. Security can’t be an afterthought when dealing with file transfer. Add more than 10 new external connections a month? Too many new connections can start to stretch your IT resources, and automated technical on-boarding may be just the ticket! 3 2 Have you missed SLAs due to file transfer failure? If it’s important enough for your business to track file transfers, then it’s key to have a real-time view into what’s happening in the process. 1 Do you have more than two existing file gateways? Because they’re relatively inexpensive, organizations tend to collect file gateways. Supporting these gateways can be costly, time-consuming and problematic. Check to see if it’s time.... to ask to determine if your organization should adopt an enterprise file gateway. The big 5 questionsThe big 5 questions If you know that your organization has more file gateways than you can support or want to support, then it may be time to consider an enterprise file gateway. There are many compelling business factors that may play into your decision: failed transfers highly costly security breaches falling short of customer demand due to increasing volume of transfers