icrisat sorghum chickpea climate change nutrition groundnut pearl millet pigeonpea food security mali gender smallholder farmers genomics smart food crop improvement nigeria grain legumes millets seed systems genome sequencing capacity building usaid rpgg review meeting 2021 research program genetic gains niger imod poverty finger millet watershed genotyping pests and diseases malnutrition ethiopia malawi jewels of icrisat insect pests helicoverpa armigera avisa climate smart agriculture drylands aflatoxin vdsa improved varieties genebank telangana ghana hunger andhra pradesh india livelihoods genetic gains digital agriculture genomics. icrisat germplasm sustainable agriculture dryland cereals agri-food systems good for the planet karnataka webinar agricultural productivity seed production tanzania burkina faso phenotyping genetic resources partnerships agribuzz sustainable development goals forward breeding smart food initiative feed the future africa rising livestock environmental degradation zimbabwe smartfoods agribusiness health agriculture odisha dr jacqueline hughes smart food campaign improving productivity national goals highlights 2017 wca annual report 2017 nutrition security trait discovery sdgs biofortification development pathways women farmers sub-saharan africa west and central africa fodder groundnut productivity climate variability genetic diversity pennisetum glaucum kenya drought genotypes water bhoochetana cgiar improved seed varieties annual achievements partners in agricultural research integrated crop management value chains mechanization south asia good for you senegal genomic resources poverty dynamics feed and fodder climate change and dryland stresses drought tolerance remote sensing legumes gene bank microdosing seed system holistic approach sweet sorghum biofuel agronomic practices little millet youth seed treatment pre-breeding good for the smallholder farmers crop management climate resilience rural communities natural resource management watershed management resilience sustainable development climate information services improved groundnut varieties aflatoxin contamination sorghum production smart food – good for the planet high in iron heliocheilus albipunctella women climate-smart village soil and water management sustainable intensification myanmar china land degradation soil health mapping genetic improvement qtls harvestplus plant quarantine diseases foxtail millet peanut women empowerment impact millet bangladesh vls hybrid pigeonpea rural livelihoods fusarium wilt genomics-assisted breeding african agriculture improving livelihoods program committee icrisat 95 governing board meeting biodiversity clim2 iita bundelkhand madhya pradesh good agronomic practices ardt_sms diffusion of technologies global hunger better incomes kodo millet barnyard millet breeding programs millets and sorghum gldc bmgf food protein iwmi soil moisture downy mildew icgv 91114 policy & institutions market access & value chains cropping systems post-harvest chores land rights sustainability productivity value chain farming systems west and central africa (wca) iron zero hunger high in dietary fiber smart food – good for the smallholder farmer promote the value of millets smart food – good for you more protein than milk biological control millet head miner (mhm) agroforestry integrated pest management soil and water conservation agronomic traits biomass climate smart crops gis nutritional security rainwater harvesting demand-driven innovation icar chickpea breeding impact assessment heat tolerance plant genetic resources west africa water management soil fertility integrated watershed management hprc diversification soil sorghum bicolor pod borer helicoverpa yewol watershed breeding food and nutrition security improved crop varieties htpg gobi ii challenges tigr2ess dr rajeev varshney doubling farmers’ income uganda covid-19 pandemic one cgiar tl iii bill & melinda gates foundation covid-19 odisha livelihood mission biofortified varieties nbpgr rural youth girnar 5 girnar 4 seed delivery systems agricultural value chain nigeria integrated agriculture activity north east nigeria groundnut breeding icrisat wca annual report nars parasai-sindh watershed small millets rural households crop-livestock integration good for the farmer asmare dejen proso millet gender research international women’s day diversity fao farm and engineering services icrisat development centre ifpri crp-gldc climate-smart agriculture food safety market linkages profitability weather data decision support systems automation resource mobilization molecular biology environmentally sustainable innovation systems biology zinc folic acid high yielding arachis hypogaea women and youth groundnut genotypes stress tolerant smallholder farming hydro-meteorological shocks smart innovations icrisat genebank gb 8735 ccafs aicrp folders infographics flyers posters msidp molecular markers drought-tolerant smartfood rural health workers value chain and advocacy ensuring smallholder farmers bringing diversity research and development malnutrition and rural poverty poverty and hidden hunger soil health abiotic stress drought tolerant genetic engineering stay-green qtls ciat crop production pearl millet breeding ict/ knowledge management soil erosion market opportunities nutri-cereals biofortified pearl millet natural resources rainfed agriculture smart foods success stories feed farmer incomes pulses dietary diversity forage un sustainable development goals dryland agriculture corcyra cephalonica parasitoid wasps de joannis empowering women rural women building climate-smart villages inera tropical legumes high-yielding farm ponds water scarcity crop productivity biotic and abiotic stresses fmard constraints women leaders united nations leasyscan precision agriculture a4nh abiotic stresses vision crp biotechnology agmip dryland systems markets cajanus cajan agricultural transformation labor village level studies ilri tamil nadu pttc resilient dryland systems esa rds open access private sector partnerships drylands of asia and africa nurturing dryland strategic plan biofortified cultivars marketing nutrition research cereals csr crop breeding coraf bmgf foundation international year of millets corporate social responsibility watershed interventions food and nutrition haveli system ground water eu-apsan water harvesting ssa snp genotyping opportunities genomic selection discovery to delivery sequencing genetic gains review meeting 2021 chickpea varieties high-yielding variety policy makers storage techniques credit systems land and water solutions global food security informatics dr rajeev k varshney agricultural innovations director general plantix public-private partnerships artificial intelligence diet diversification girma dfsa farmer producer organizations indian agriculture giri poshana vsla gujarat icgv 15090 icgv 15083 icar-dgr governing board meeting gene editing overcome poverty modern genomics icrisat governing board meeting climate socio-economic conditions intellectual property facilitation cell higher incomes svalbard global seed vault plant breeding genomics tools uas-bangalore atmanirbhar bharat seed systems interventions crp gldc grain legume public-private partnership maharashtra international year of plant health diseases control fertilizer requirements food crops seed industry market access & value chains policy & institutions pyricularia grisea cgiar research program dst-serb breeding lines pathogenicity blast disease magnaporthe grisea metrics indicators seed processing icrisat wca highlights 2018 hope ii community seed producers youth in agriculture international public goods nairobi foliar fungal disease uttar pradesh pjtsau high-yielding varieties groundnut production fungicides breeding strategies plant protection food production crop wild relatives genebanks dr hakeem a ajeigbe atasp improved sorghum varieties afdb striga management icrisat policy brief 14 getachew yim tadesse gashaw trenches micro catchments sustainable development goal water harvesting techniques degraded land bio-reclamation ethiopian highlands desertification tilahun amede browntop millet nutritious foods strategy speed breeding molecular mapping breeder seed culture & values asia nabard eptri low carbon footprint farmer welfare environment food system asia inc. 500 joanna ethics food systems cimmyt icarda dryarc policies sub saharan africa higher productivity digital strategy ihub socio-economic data genotypic data sbdm big data data management distribution green revolution high breeding value excessive backcrossing lengthy breeding cycles multi-location trials genotyping capacity primitive data collection private sector donor intelligence systems analysis seed value chain joanna kane-potaka underweight infrastructure employment household income integrated nutrient management research genomics technologies genomics breeding sorghum genotypes sorghum cultivars sorghum germplasm genome global partnerships agro-ecologies thiamin gluten-free pesticide herbicide inorganic fertilizer living standards measurement oaxaca-blinder approach rural household smallholder farmers. local government areas seed exchanges community-based seed producers focused group discussions northern nigeria certified groundnut seed fair price socio-demographic pathways mycotoxins northern ghana sama-agri on-farm activities farmer-based organizations business model usa elisa penicillium species aspergillus feed the future initiative aflatoxin and rosette seed inventory barcoding biological nitrogen fixing livestock feeds preliminary variety trials geo-eye satellite digital globes ndvi stars spurring a transformation climate smart technologies local knowledge village development plan agricultural technologies weather forecasts smallholder resilience mobile phone soubatimi loubatimi zalatimi siaroukala pitikala tiokala kala wassa jigikala agroecological zones is23541 spv 422 icsr 93034 beer production bioethanol juice for syrup crop and livestock integration icmv 221 open pollinated varieties jirani harvestplus challenge dhanashakti kalgudi seed security international year of millet healthy food dry root rot climate analysis fuel food legumes booklets small holder farmers heterotic pools drought adaptation terminal drought finger millet germplasm stress tolerance traditional cereal farming drifted farmers high density cropping systems neglected crops biotic and abiotic stress super-early maturity photo-insensitive nature niche to fit well in pulse genetics versatile food legume faster generation stress escape mechanism fatty acids mabc approach jl 24 rust disease leaf spot disease chromosome governing resistance tag 24 foliar fungal diseases wild diploid species phenotypic variance markerassisted backcrossing (mabc) sustainable food production heterozygotes high-oleic groundnut qtl-hotspot canopy development improved technologies modern breeding interdrought-v science of delivery agri-business incubator nutritious food contour bunding participatory rural appraisal women in agriculture horn of africa pearl millet (pennisetum glaucum) bioinformatics pests striga soil testing heat tolerant groundnuts international year of family farming (iyff 2014) pearl millets community radio sorghum adaptation low-phosphorous soils disease resistant mixed crop-livestock farms in southern mali equinut training drier climates west african women farming issues groundnut oil processors distribution of quality seeds foliar diseases hybrids strengthening seed producers refining strategies improved seed sustainable seed system visits on-station activities linking farmers to markets women and children micronutrient malnutrition iron and zinc tl ii livelihood mcknight foundation smallholders semi-arid tropics livelihood opportunities improving agricultural productivity soil and water conservation (swc) climate-smart technologies groundnut technologies priority proven technologies demonstration plots agro-ecological zones early maturity near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (nirs) calcium vitamin b6 pigeonpea hybrids agrobiodiversity seed revolving fund climatic conditions noctuidae augmentative biological control cottage industry lepidoptera: noctuidae international day of rural women monitoring integrating gender climate information micro-dosing village development plans crop diversification farmers’ field school socio-economic biomass production moisture stress depleting fresh water resources nitrogen check dams innovate cowpea wastewater treatment regeneration crop production practices simulation models phenotypic evaluation on-farm trials modelling tools phenology micronutrient deficiencies germplasm accessions apsim dssat conservation livelihoods of smallholder farmers stover rajasthan farmers genetic mapping land applied genomics coe-ccrpp gmo transgenics water logging technology aflatoxin testing kit market access bioavailability innovations africa crop crop livestock bacillus thuringiensis lysimetry global warming entomology jharkhand wages bihar meso level database fusarium oxysporum wle government of karnataka crop biotechnology william dar income pathology mip genepools global soil laboratory network better soil management misuse of fertilizers fertilizer analysis dryland agri-food systems. genomic technologies dryland crop options agricultural production arid ecologies short-duration crops uzbekistan delegation agri-development initiatives mr prem k nair south-south cooperation nige taat dr alambedji abba issa world food programme partnership development climate resilient recl watershed mechanized farming on-farm operational efficiency dryland agriculture. pigeonpea science-backed research dr doraiswamy venkateshwaran knowledge exchange sri lankan deputy high commissioner dr malick ba humanitarian initiatives uk ambassador wilt-resistant. ictp 8203 samsorg 46 samsorg 45 crop value chains better nutrition praj industries shell bengaluru biogas biofuel feedstock high-biomass ipcmb 19-3 bgm 4005 ipc l4-14 disease-resistant climate-resilient mrs bikumalla santoshi educational tours digital technology virtual tour world environment day aditya birla group ultratech cements ltd eco-restoration community adaptation local livelihoods equator prize 2021 farmer unions south-south collaboration accelerated crop improvement nutritionally rich stress-tolerant sorghum seed production satg somália agra socio-economics in africa climate change. wecard asareca seed value chains improved seed technologies 4cast digital tools mali. ciot agroeconomics sociology physiology agronomy agronomic research policy advocacy technologies agricultural inputs empower farmers agro-ecology africa food prize international institute of tropical agriculture sasakawa africa association cereal-legume production participatory extension jg 11 bg 212 plant-pathogens fungal diseases icrisat annual report 2020 nutricereals iimr mit prism dr rakesh srivastava ppsmv nepal fiji icp 7035 haulm quality kalinga groundnut data management and analytical support phenotyping for abiotic stresses and nutrition phenotyping of plant biotic stresses rapid generation advancement services sequencing and genotyping services crop improvement operations team research structure south-south collaborations ipr-ifra sida smhi civil society organisations pabra pmhprc scaling methods management tools healthy diets golden eggs satellite images asian development bank crop type mapping machine-learning south-south collaborations corporate social respon finger millet and small millets award royal entomological society university of melbourne smallholder livelihoods integrated crop-livestock international symposium india engagement seed grant dairy cooperative improved value chains dryland communities high-iron pearl millet hybrids dr rachit saxena karnataka and tamil nadu icpl 99050 tdrg 59 sslp umodzi milk processors cooperative small-scale dairy farmers dairy farming dr manish pandey diseases resistant high-oleic single chip genotyping nutrition needs market needs breeding trials developing countries systematic literature review aspiration farming communities dr van rooyen public health sustainable food and agriculture systems boosting nutrition pest and disease management crop science apaari future foods forgotten foods food supply chain climate resilient agriculture impact pathways dryland agro-ecologies multi-actor interventions fertilizer recommendations ultratech csr initiative groundwater levels crop-livestock european union dryland crops crop-livestock management livestock improvement groundwater recharging orphan crops syngenta foundation quality seed production reclaiming degraded wastelands fodder crops agriculture research environmental protection world vegetable center cifor-icraf chad benin swissdevcoop tars impressive yields catholic relief services smart compost youth employment bhoochetana project micronutrient analysis mp-aes climate mitigation cora early-maturity trait downy mildew disease hhb 67 improved variety pearl millet hybrid gender gap rural women farmers promoting agri-preneurs extension services providing policy support manage early generation seed excellence in breeding diverse germplasm sorghum field day hybrids varieties modern breeding technologies hydrology groundwater european commission climate-resilient agriculture fcdo lord tariq ahmad the center for cell & molecular biology national institute of pharmaceutical education and the national academy of agricultural research mana the central research institute for dryland agricul national institute of nutrition scientific organizations postcard series india post nutrition security. genome architecture crops and plant species genome sequencing tools nature biotechnology voices of biotech research disease modeling tools machine learning tools data science young scientists pest and disease young women training sessions quality output safe workplaces empower women farmers micronutrients hunger and malnutrition food environment agri-input dealers walmart foundation food value chain women in research and science gender equality empowered women mr mohamed ould mahmoud forage demand sorghum breeding phenotyping of breeding biofortified hybrids high in zinc millet mission low-glycemic index fiber microfinance ardt usaid transforms cultivating hope upland poverty field demonstrations tribal development training program enhancing tribal farmers agricultural development project trait development deputy director general - research dr arvind kumar tanzania agricultural research institute harvest yield sowing seedx improving nutrition nutritional outcome genetic diversity of seeds farm mechanisation digital extension systems reducing malnutrition rain-fed agriculture strengthening resilience watershed development integrated watershed smart food crops soil conditions climate conditions dssat software agrosystems crop modeling hope-ii tropical legumes iii gender inclusion youth engagement seed revolving fund initiative nasarri buchinelli village high-yielding crops india csr network best watershed mahindra & mahindra ziziphus trees nigel poole africa and asia smallholder famers good for the producers healthy) nutritious good for consumers food system solutions anu chitkineni p janila hari sudini manish pandey drs rajeev varshney haplotypes transcriptomic approaches aflatoxin resistance ivsc resistance biotic stress drought tolerant cultivars rajeev k varshney prasad bajaj genome function computational genomics rajeev varshney modernize breeding. mid-density snp arrays sisu cesgb genotyping platforms genomics information achievements socioeconomic research mle pedigree mas heterosis breeding breeding by design tools and technologies manish roorkiwal diverse genetic pre breeding hima bindu postharvest handling improved lines genomic resources. htpg integration himabindu opportunities. santosh deshpande integration of genomics biosynthesis genes genotype tift genome sequence rakesh srivastava rachit k saxena pigeonpea genomics breeding integration qtl-mapping trait mapping genetic maps markers germplasm sequencing genomics integration diagnostic markers genotyping assays functional genomic approaches trait knowledge breeding approaches innovative management approaches disease management dynamics in south asia (vdsa) agricultural economists policy making district-level data web tool drought tolerant crops climate-resilient crops developmentnational seed system kenya accelerated value chain crop improvement hubs crop improvement operations team (ciot) state-of-the-art machinery data collection high-quality seeds kabuli desi icrisat at 48 awards 48th annual day jamalpur 02038 07219 icgvs 00338 bari high oleic groundnut value chain trainings workshops sustainable energy weather alerts climate resilience of pastoralists fusarium wilt disease disease-resistant variety chickpea 20211 hybrid parents research consortium food and forage sorghum diastatic units seed co scxh102 university of cambridge commodity value chain high-oleic peanut soil health maps farmers’ empowerment modern soil testing laboratories soil atlas world soil day farmer field schools strength of cooperative agri-inputs hydrological processes groundwater recharge irrigation groundnut value-chains rural poverty value-chain interventions modernization of the breeding program strengthening partnership virtual visit prebreeding ceg icrisat facilities increased groundwater level improve crop production integrated drought management hope 2 markets of millets fmard nigeria quality of produce improve farm yields capital and india quotient agtech start-up leancrop technology solution pvt ltd bharatagri nutrition and health needs fara fisheries and cooperatives kenya ministry of agriculture icar-iimr foodtec expo millet finder plant protection practices quality seedlings farmer-participatory approach phytosanitary awareness week germplasm health units ug99 banana fusarium wilt wheat blast fall armyworm locusts patent databases ipfc european patent office intellectual property databases smart agriculture dual-purpose millet crop-livestock systems integrated production system profitable technologies financial performance farm management tool gross margin analysis global scientific community plos biology journal global ranking stanford university dr peter carberry dr ps roy dr vincent vadez dr hari d upadhyaya dr hc sharma dr kl sahrawat circularity in agriculture and food. global summit sankalp forum food and nutritional security high-yielding crop varieties climate-resilient varieties poor smallholders living standards measurement study central statistics agency agro-input supply chains quantifiable impact institutional visibility plant and water analysis research program asia director dr pooran gaur charles renard analytical laboratory dr jacqueline d’arros hughes legislative framework ebtc anand & anand alw firm ppvfr act plant variety protection smart food products joint liability groups agribusiness and innovation platform tricor peanut chikki industries utnoor food processing unit first-generation entrepreneurs telangana tribal women ecosystem in india agri-tech startup smallholder farmer technology innovators innovation broker food & business knowledge platform asta cip croplife international australia gene technology regulatory philippines biosafety committee kenya national biosafety authority biotech consortium india limited aphis donald danforth plant science center pathways to commercialization new breeding technologies genome editing in agriculture one cgiar global webinar series lifetime contributor dr william d dar drought mitigation icar-cafri havelis higher crop productivity water harvesting structures digital innovations fluorescence properties rapid low-cost aflatoxin detection big data inspire challenge 2020 south india. nutriplus knowledge tribal women and children nutrition initiative directorate of groundnut research seed delivery system genomic era groundnut research modernizing crop breeding feed value chain feed markets fodder chopping machines livestock farming community development assistance income-generation smart compost production fruit tree nurseries market gardening small & medium enterprises micro post-harvest activities agro-based industrialisation rural revitalization gdp indian economy gifs phenomics genomic database engineers ecologists sociologists anthropologists culinary experts data analysis platform pangenome haplotypes catalogue divseek international excellence in breeding platform improving nutritional traits heavy metal contamination food and income security pigeonpeas chickpeas groundnuts sorghums agri buzz socio-ecological stresses un international day of rural women young mothers nutriplus knowledge program avcd best farming practices farm inputs improved seeds food & nutrition security hunger-free drylands agri-food systems research tnau angrau jau doac & fw nmoop world food day high oleic groundnut varieties narendra modi food system diversity transforming food systems for a rising india irri agricultural research management nutritional sciences cornell university dr paco sereme icrisat governing board chair tata-cornell institute founding director prof prabhu pingali cames coraf/wecard plant pathologist dr prabhu pingali governing board farewell to dr paco sereme social sciences modernized breeding systems technology development new policies new strategies building global visibility increased farmer incomes cgiar reforms hunger-free technology dissemination. reducing environmental degradation reducing hunger and malnutrition resilient food systems rp-esa south asia. market-demand bioversity international scriptoria digital hub food legume initiatives dr lafitte dr neil gutterson dr mashingaidze dr kingston mashingaidze dr robert bertram dr marco ferroni innovations in food and agricultural systems funding new breeding techniques global webinar csr & developmental activities fodder varieties varieties and hybrids sdg #2 and others rp-asia system analysis icm dual-purpose crop varieties and hybrids community resilience increasing productivity enhancing production address hunger and malnutrition building resilient food systems rp-wca governance strengthen institutions public goods research framework improve varieties improve technologies sdg#2 mind rp-isd stakeholders partners strong linkages poverty reduction enhance incomes increase productivity ipgs recommendations cgiar advisory services gldc performance management developing tools. enhancing trait knowledge improving crop productivity advanced breeding approaches sdg2 increase production environmental friendly yield-enhancing rural resettlement lands agriculture and food systems transformation strate science of delivery. egs seed business models marquis who’s who world meteorological organization soils and agroclimatology dr mannava sivakumar self-help groups world coconut day wca multi-location yield trial modernizing breeding co2 stress gene regulation molecular dynamic plant & cell physiology plant metabolic pathways nutrigenomics. nutrition ecology national nutrition month seed to diet plant protection authority ppvfr challenges and opportunities european business & technology centre indian legal framework icrisat mandate crops national biodiversity authority cgiar genebanks national biodiversity policy small scale entrepreneurs rural farmers southern malawi improved livelihoods goat auction sales crop-livestock farmers sweden nordic genetic resource centre 100-year experiment igfri puducherry kerala green forage pearl millet varieties fodder shortage wilt-resistant drought-tolerant chickpea genomic sequencing international agricultural research biotechniques dr mamta sharma climate change scenario pests and disease icrisat’s governing board member zambian national agricultural research systems director of research rotary fellow dr bharati karsondas patel ethanol value chain ethanol productionin biopower strategy world biofuel day biofuel feedstocks productivity enhancement sustain farming restore soil heath save water best agronomic practices covid 19 pandemic mahindra & mahindra ltd migrant farmers farmers field day smallholder farmer clubs agro-climatic zone pod yield early maturing icgv 06189 groundnut variety national agricultural research systems climate change research for plant protection dst root rot disease ectophoma multirostrata soil-borne pathogens income generation managing soil anantapur wanaparthy recl improved groundnut covid pandemic improved crops harvesting rains income security high yield aflatoxins post-harvest handling cropping system nutritional importance millet production socio economic context of millets finger millet (ragi) prose millet cultural diversity yojana magazine insect resistance cajanus scarabaeoides trichome antixenosis antibiosis phenotypic data parent genome recovery conventional breeding ssr molecular markers leaf trichomes materials and methods single nucleotide polymorphism (snp) management practices fodder losses snp markers shoot fly resistance phenotyping platform transpiration efficiency innovative approaches lysimeters target environments water-deficit stress pattern seed treatment. salvaging pest risk seed material pathogens groundnut germplasm seed-borne fungi cysteine protease glucanases chitinases d-glucose residues n-acetyl d-glucosamine antifungal enzymes polysaccharide constituents fungal cell wall elite breeding lines host plant resistance pearl millet seeds pearl millet germplasm greenhouse conditions diverse pathotypes hybrid parental lines genetic gains. endemic areas grain quality grain yield fungus asia and africa conserving healthy germplasm. plant quarantine unit pear millet productivity enhancing interventions agroforestry interventions rejuvenation jhansi water management interventions icrisat development center conventional indicators sustainability indicators identify synergies tradeoffs modipuram iifsr senegalese livelihoods icrisat wca highlights 2016 wca annual report value chin agricultural transformation agenda normalized difference vegetation index fertility treatments satellite technology wca highlights 2016 climate-smart ecowas chakti anaemia soil fertility management enhance improved seeds new technologies poverty alleviation breeder and foundation seed. enhance production groundnut upscaling groundnut seeds seed recovery socio−economic studies microdosing techniques agricultural advisory services innovation systems wca highlights 2018 sh470p. early-maturing variety improved seed production msp agroecologies. sudan sahel high yielding varieties multi-environment testing feed the future (ftf) farm productivity improve the livelihood cinsere radio broadcasting voice messaging fishermen communities farmer communities take 2 series nutrition series kothapally timeline holistic approach to nutrition happenings exploreit ewolwatershed aflatoxin timeline 100 voices international year of pulses take 2 highlights international year of soils future of genomics public private partnerships systems approach 100 voices on clomate change machinery new seed varieties nutritional contents agronomic characters northern guinea agro-ecology sudan agro-ecology sahelien agro-ecology samsorg 45 & 46 zabuwa deko stvc iar/abu-zaria 12knicsv-22 12knicsv-188 sorghum varieties consortium consultation meeting pigeon pea dryland hybrid crops global diversity niamey bulawayo australia lao pdr vietnam early india nirs late leaf spot resistance high oleic acid peanut breeding early generation peanut iwm gender in irrigation learning and improvement tool focus group discussions social analysis tools drought resilience cafri coupled model intercomparison project climate exposure index representative concentration pathways nafcc climate vulnerability good seed quality. root rot and leaf spot poor seed supply poor soil fertility groundnut cultivars eastern ethiopia foundation for ecological security water harvesting structure social learning and innovation common pool resources water management transformations water and soil conservation on-farm ponds breweries watershed project abinbev nutri cereal near ultra violet quarantine strategy target population environments pest management practices department of science and technology food security. spatial distribution rainfed croplands irrigated croplands google earth engine random forest machine learning algorithm cropland mappinglandsat phenotyping facilities platform for translational research on transgenic centre of excellence in genomics research partners global germplasm diversity groundnut. multi-dimensional impact assessment tradeoff analysis model socio-economic pathway integrated assessment agriculture production systems cropping patterns rainfed farming systems development of new varieties machine milling machine hammer mill sorghum flour processing of sorghum grain machine harvesting household income generation sorghum processing utilization of sorghum stover molase crushed sorghum stalks feed stalks sorghum stalks market linking farmers npk cork stopper yarm yard manure machine harvest fertile land sorghum value chain. kebbi- sokoto kano-jigawa bida-badeggi adani-omor ecological adaptation csr 01 zauna-inuwa samsorg scpzs atasp-1 water management research bioresource management canadian academy of engineering dr chandra madramootoo erstwhile icrisat board chair pest population heliocheilus community seed production increase in productivity seed technologies good practices ardt-sms crpgldc village-level seed bank cereals and legumes asia network icrisat- myanmar partnership crop modelling modernization of breeding breeding management system enhancing genetic gains nutrition education residential schools sorghum and millets millet-based products nutritious grains global alliance for improved nutrition global knowledge initiative millet-based foods planting pits agricultural income wasting stunting nutrition insecurity food insecurity traditional grains diversifying diets research and advocacy wbcsd planting pits tilahun amede wet climate soil acidification integrated soil fertility growth and transformation plan farm yard manure crop diversity gebeyaw tilahun christina ketter wolf berdel elisabeth van den akker geo-spatial products land restoration social benefits empowerment influence on policy feed resources water resources east afric drought-prone pastoralists united nations international year of the millets traditional foods superfoods gender diversity workplace gender equity resilient dryland tropics food-secure discover opportunities science quality workplan global planning meeting 2019 aleurone cmbge project management. capacity strengthening information dissemination impacts outputs performance indicators environmental threats fragile environments decision support tools disease prediction disease forecasting seeds demand rapid population growth niche adaptation pollinator parents indo-african ppp sub-sahelian africa pearl millet hybrids millet fair industrial caterers symposium culinary challenge smart food recipes smart food ambassadors frmc executive council trade-off analysis mapping crop-livestock value chains agri-food system innovation scaling pathways community of practice mindplus network team development type 2 diabetes severe acute malnutrition anemia iron deficiency human nutrition gut microbiome collaborations research module research initiative got hybrid seed production cytoplasmic genetic intertek snps high heterosis genetic purity purity testing kits research delivery model research objectives advisory services cgiar’s research portfolio system-wide consultations big ideas cgiar business plan interdisciplinarity agri-food systems approach food & nutrition new data source tata cornell institute district level state country interactive web tool district level database strategic partnerships research management committee independent advisory committee mel rapid generation turnover kabuli chickpea varieties elsk outreach activities gene mapping improved chickpea varieties icar-crisat global production biofortified agro climatic zones head miner senegal and burkina faso genebank sustainability plan modernizing crop improvement strategic plan 2020-2024 research portfolios new opportunities business plan cgiar agenda vision and mission dr kiran k sharma global planning meeting icrisat gb program committee training and capacity building technical communications sops soil data sets cral sealnet analytical laboratory charles renard soil simulation models longer-term trials climate context soil water content soil water infiltration conventional tillage drought stress climate stress conservation agriculture maize-based income risk minimization scientific framework participatory prioritization giz sau crida climate risk assessment approval process consent ethics policy etics framework research ethics tci rural prosperity world fish caffsa climate risks capacitating farmers cascaid land and ecosystems central and west asia mena fragile drylands household dynamics pastoralist non-farm linkages decision-making land tenure security agricultural extension food and agricultural policies pim institutions marketability improving human health environmental sustainability microbiome nutritionis agriculture operations monitoring platforms risk assessment farmer linkages extension value chain framework emerging business models talent engagement. service delivery transforming processes smac digital technologies gender empowerment gender dynamics gender-responsive research gender and breeding gender action plan gldc value chains gender integration gems idc cegsb web site and web app management for aip dataverse bms hosting servers grin-global open access repository explore-it infrastructure management ict infrastructure adoption poverty impacts spillover benefits intersectorallinkages landscapes flood digitalization genebank data bms of ibp leveraging data data driven decisions characterization acquisition large scale genotyping integration modernization green genebank data standardization data integrity data systems quantitative science modernising breeding knowledge transfer globallinkages ibm oversight periodicity accuracy transparancy minimizing liability optimum utilization financial support finance strategy financial planning foundation traditional funder calls for proposals small proposals large proposals country strategies farmer field school policy and impact climate-smartvillages modeling market traits finger millets breeding improved varieties demands and opportunities icrisat esa breeding techniques smart food reality tv show. super food proceedings of the crawford fund australian centre for international agricultural r health nexus smart food movement the crawford fund ndri acaera sustainable diets hidden hunger nutritious and healthy sdgs sustainable development social and health dimensions adolescent girls nutri-food basket village dynamics studies diets and nutrition transmission mechanism sdg goals model marketing act innovative institutional linkages fpos farmers associations e-nam.capacity building aplm agriculture transformation policy components biophysical climate smart adaptation drought and heat stress semi-arid regions rainfed farming drought proneness future hazard rescaling aggregation sensitivity risk hazard exposure adaptive capacity vulnerability nicra vulnerability assessment climate resilient technologies micro irrigation integrated nutrition management multi criteria analysis building resilience usefullinks and bookelets outstanding women farmers in india kothapally watershed the international year of pulses 2016 ‘my wish’ for the drylands icrisat at 45 100 voices on youth in agriculture 100 voices on women in agriculture 100 voices on internation year of soils 100 voices on future of genomics 100 voices on public private partnerships 100 voices on bhoochetana 100 voices on systems approach 100 voices on climate change commercialization incubation genomics research genomes crop genomics centre of excellence in genomics (ceg) bmr19 bmr12 bmr6 bmr2 lignin biosynthesis ethanol production lignocellulose greenhouse gas emissions brown midrib hemicellulose lingo-cellulosic fiber. biomass production sorghum minicore collection biofuel traits cold tolerance genetic discrimination phenotypic indicator panicle harvest index temperature treatments pollen viability traits agronomical cafod caritas agritex sorghum seed value chain seed multiplication maciafoundation seed h d upadhyaya m vetriventhan tolerance to salinity agronomic stability biomass yield high stalk sugar putative genomic regions mixed linear model vitro organic matter digestibility livelihood of farmers fodder quality harvest at maturity weed management manure and nutrient management seed quality inter-cultivator groundnut seed drill bed maker furrow opener tillage equipment seed treatment drum dry plant thresher tgiar database gramene ncbi drylandcereals heat shock transcription factors pennisetum pedicellatum geographical gaps devi bill and melinda gates foundation) ofid ifad fpvst icgv 07222 icgv 02266 icgv 00351 groundnut varieties common research priorities sustainable production societal challenges resilient crops cereal-legumes synergies improved food increased productivity increased incomes and employment sustainable agro-ecosystems improved diets climate change resilience grand global challenges value chains. demand driven innovation vitain b6 riboflavin vitamins minerals fibre vitamin e protein bioavailability heart disease diabetes cancer non-hybrid seeds health benefits oxidation linoleic acid rain-fed environments oleic-rich peanut community based seed systems communitybased seed systems protocol-based approach integrated assessments production trends socioeconomic conditions economic model agricultural pathways southern africa sustainability transitions eversmart lms eversmart pog aheadrace verdentum next generation farming value chain planning peat-plantix agri-tech entrepreneurs ideate fortification supplementation dietary diversification bio-fortification genetic transformation systems world food prize 2017 borlaug dialogue environment protection training and research insti southern telangana coupled model intercomparison project (cmip5) global climate models (gcms) environment protection climatic risks gluten free year of millets advanced varietal trial 1 (avt 1) initial varietal trial (ivt) phenotypic variation rainfed condition suitability to machine harvesting herbicide tolerance ascochyta blight diseases collar rot enhanced tolerance to stress early maturing varieties genetic approaches water-limited environments smart agriculture. big data analytics isat community interventions integrated farming systems agronomic measures household vulnerability analysis farm income yields economic models crop simulation models technology adoption climate stresses metabolic pathways rna sequencing transcriptomic studies cytological studies phenotypic studies importer consumer largest producer useful links icrisat communication resources catalogue stam seed trade association of malawi seed revolving fund model malawi seed industry development project high-yielding pearl millet cytoplasm pearl millet populations highest heterosis inbred lines morphological characterization maintainer frequency fertility restoration genetic distances high throughput phenotyping (htp) plant canopy traits harshest ecologies protocol system vapor pressure deficit (vpd) droughtprone environments ict4d smart farming ict krishna byre gowda agriculture minister 14 savouries and sweets millet melodies karnataka state agricultural produce processing an commerce and industry advisory council 27 baked pastries krishik society jaivik sitharaman national trade fair baking with millets nutritious and delicious foods nirmala organics and millets 2017 healthy choice android-based mobile app soil organic carbon greenhouse gases organic matter fertility and ecosystem services vulnerable hotspots degradation neutrality mapping measuring fostering sequestration cultivation of deep rooting crops mitigation poor land management practices deforestation legume value chain actors mechanization tools multi-stakeholder platform fostering innovations training of trainers (tots) designing of business models fe deficiency iron (fe) zn density zinc (zn) high-iron pearl millet health challenge communication catalogue icrisat resources fodder/forag non-yellow coloring (nyc) bio-fuel stg3b stg3a sorghum early vigor photosynthetical pheophytin pheophorbide hydrolase (pph) pheophorbide a oxygenase (pa) homologous nyc1 stg2 stg1 red chlorophyll catabolite reductase (rccr) stgc and stg4 post-flowering drought qtl cartographer multidisciplinary approaches genetics determination green phenotype plant functionalities canopy indexes agronomic crop traits leasyscan phenotyping days to flowering (daf) drought resistance productive tillers seedling vigor pennisetum glaucum l. aquaporin proteins aquaporin genes conductance of water major intrinsic proteins (mip) cell membranes abiotic stress tolerance protein profile plant genotypes molecular mechanisms differential proteomic sensitive genotype proteomic analyses genotypes of chickpea heat induced physiological investing in water world water day plant biological functions polymorphic markers water stress adaptations mapping of qtls fine mapping population (fmp) phenotypic dissection qtl co-localization approach phenotyping systems genetic dissection near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (nirs) farmer participatory varietal selection (fpvs) increasing kernel oil groundnut kernels robust phenotyping high oil yielding groundnut grain number plabqtl stover and grain yield flowering time (ft) water stress environments grain mass moisture treatments quantitative trait transgenic plants environmental stresses undesirable phenotypes abiotic stress adaptation stress inducible isolation high pod yield potential homozygotes adaptability genetic background enhances profitability transfer mutant alleles hybridization eliteparents new high-oleic lines depth and density genotyping data phenotyping at leasyscan root growth drought adaptations plant vigour hypothesized fodder quality trait marginal environments stover digestibility ggenomics genetic variability genotype livestock output asia and sub-saharan africa abotic constraint drought tolerance qtl double digestion approaches fine mapping bioinformatic analysis stover yield potential ankyrin-repeat protein drought tolerant genotypes drought stress conditions staying-green introgression line cross genome to phenome sorghum chromosome cost - benefit analysis stochastic dominance southern mali economic analysis fertilizer treatment sustainable intensification innovations segregating progeny elite germplasm resource of wild chickpea introgression lines wild diversity phenotype improved genotypes wild cicer species higher lignin content lingo- cellulosic biofuel production biomass- based energy food and energy security feedstock water-deficit stress brown midrib (bmr) mutants white midrib sorghums genotype and environment pphysiological maturity recombinant inbred line (ril) qtl mapping molecular breeding approaches genomic approaches science of discovery inclusive market oriented development intellectual property facilitation cell (ipfc) nutriplus knowledge (npk) innovation and partnership (inp) weeds frost heat soil nutrients legume breeding agronomic importance salinity integrated breeding approaches advances in chickpea poor farming practices resilient cropping systems chickpea production extrapolating gene public awareness sub-saharan economies (sse) different farming systems land resource resilience livelihood improvements communication strategies gender inclusive leadership by example grow and improve inclusive culture vision and values shallow wells climate change modelling hydrological modelling land scale level institute economy rurale (ier) smallholder farming systems agro-ecosystem productivity storage levels demand and market prices smallholder irrigation dry spells soil and water retention groundnut cropping gender studies dry fodder dry season feeding mobile choppers village reserves greens the grey deep drainage heat loving pigeonpea icpl 90028 tayba vertisol soils sosat c88 simple sequence repeats marker assisted breeding farmer-participatory varietal approach postharvest management chickpea the champion: charging ahead changing lives genotypes of sorghum genome valley abi timor-leste seeds of life iccv 2 kabuli chickpea kabuli channa yellow gold smip seed fairs indo-gangetic plains groundnut improvement eco-freindy cotton-boll-worm (helicoverpa armigera) jksh-22 sorghum bicolor (l.) moench stem borer-resistant transgenic sorghums livelihood systems guinea-race sorghum eritrean pearl millet variety hagaz participatory variety selection (pvs) trials icrisat groundnut variety seed banks icgv-is 96894 kerria lacca kerr. pigeonpea [cajanus cajan (l.) millsp.] and groundn (aka peanuts) [arachis hypogaea (l.)] sorghum breweries industry and users coalition: sorghum poultry exploring marketing opportunities through a resear feed (dfid- r8267) sorghum based feed genetically modified food demystifying biotechnology media workshops gm intellectual property rights (iprs) hhb 67 bioinformatics unit at icrisat groundnut (arachis hypogaea l.) high-yielding disease-resistant groundnut variety sorghum and pearl millet landraces inter-tropical convergence zone (itcz) rice fallows jgk 1) kak 2 rrc technology rabi cropping (iccv 2 ksi adarsha mahila samaikhya (ams) cicer arietinum super-early chickpea finger millet blast (magnaporthe grisea) sorghum stover fodder iceap 00040 pigeonpea commercialization iceap 00053 mycotoxin laboratories celisa test sorghum [sorghum bicolor (l.) moench] salinized soils village level studies (vls). operational research plan weather-proofing climate proofing adaptations to climate change in the semi-arid tro orp what do they tell us? whole genome sequences crop physiology leaf temperatures lysimetric system lysimetric facility charles renard analytical services laboratory-icri bioreclamation of degraded lands-bdl half-moon structure zaï hole demi-lune post harvest groundnut sheller tolerance to drought gliricidia nurseries equipping nurturers enriching the soils vermicompostiting lab-to-land approach combat anemia fast-maturing varieties seeds of prosperity aip innovation platforms high mortality reproductive rates harnessing opportunities productivity enhancement (hope) sweet sorghum varieties fodder and sweet juices cereals and legumes. cereal’s by-products disease-resistant sorghum hybrids millet crops biocontrol community-based producers pest control millet-producing villages global climate change water capacity evapotranspiration annual rainfall climate data leguminous plants root-colonizing mycorrhiza fungi soil fungi fertility management phosphate nutrient mining rain out shelter poultry farmers crop-livestock system feed ingredients food safety practices sanitation entrepreneurship bio-charcoal production techniques hygiene bayero university of kano (buk) groundnut landraces institute for agricultural research (iar) aflatoxin management marketing system malian farmers exceptional grain yield isabela satellites remote sensing technology sub-saharan africa (ssa) peanuts aircrafts rural people village level studies (vls) nutritional status food deficit market orientation inclusiveness harness markets food surplus landless rural people technical know-how to farmers alleviate poverty holistic participatory ignrm model research-cum-demonstrations capacity building. crop-livestock management systems knowledge sharing-sir ratan tata trust (srtt) technical backstopping sustainable use of natural resources climate-smart agriculture (csa) climate smart village (csv) climate-smart village models protecting food security agriculture and food security (ccafs) integrated participatory action research local knowledge and institutions workforce land tenure. official regulations hydraulic characteristics agriculture in sub-saharan countries plant characteristics financial means gender and farming systems usaid global climate change (gcc) soil characteristics building blocks for production basic and certified groundnut seed a multi-stakeholder partnership sorghum and millet systems project (ardt_sms) cluster-based farmer field school approach mopti and sikasso regions of mali sorghum and pearl millet yields large scale-diffusion of technologies integrated striga and soil fertility management striga parasitic weed. low fertility improve nutrition west and central africa (wca). know-how for use of existing technologies enhancing awareness marketing plots large-scale utilization farmer field school activities awareness dissemination value chain from production to marketing training of trainers and publicity benefit women and children organized village level visits multi-stakeholder consortium enhance the sustainability of smallholder agricult west african guinea-race landraces opportunities and barriers institute of rural economy (ire) hybrid sorghum varieties improved and local sorghum varieties guinea-caudatum interracial breeding lines private enterprises marketing policies informal networks farmer associations seed production and certification sub-saharan africa (ssa). seed certification changing agricultural conditions promote improved varieties per capita millet consumption price fluctuations climatic stress livelihood of the rural population sorghum and millet for nutrition household food security frequent droughts and floods developing improved varieties stable future for millet and sorghum stainable crop production drought-stressed groundnut plants resistance genes groundnut rosette disease (grd) low soil fertility crop losses insect population outbreaks. aphis craccivora koch low phosphorus rotating sorghum with soybean tillage practices livestock rearers graze. soil organic matter forage on fields grain and fodder yield boost soil health and the productivity livestock keepers build-up and fertility replenishment soil water balance diversified profitable crop rotation sudan savanna of nigeria nitrogen application maintenance of a permanent soil cover minimum or zero-tillage conservation agriculture (ca) biological activity erratic rainfalls nutrient and organic matter (om) depletion soil degradation mixed croplivestock-tree systems recurrent droughts sadore research station livestock and trees low inherent soil fertility common systems mixing crops improving groundnut productivity. tolerance to drought stress groundnut reference collection groundnut traits lysimeter system identification of new sources high pod and haulm yields sudan and sahel savannas climatic variability tolerance to prevailing biotic stresses high haulm yield. farmer-breeder interaction groundnut breeding strategies resistance to pests and diseases high oil contents sorghum stem quality fourier-transformationbased root mean squared error (rmse) centre de cooperation internationale en recherche phenotype major plant traits multipurpose analyzer (mpa residual prediction deviation (rpd). state-of-the-art instrument analysis partial least squares regression (plsr) bruker optics) late crop varieties. zango and zaria ingi harvested and yields improved 12knicsv-188 (deko) variety gumel ambawa climate-smart sorghum earliness to maturity kofa ikara sudan and sahel ecologies fulani herdsmen can do damage akori wajeri low rainfall and striga infestation diets and economies potassium multipurpose sweet sorghums combining grain and stover qualities stover quality crop residues to feed animals zinc. saint thomas university integrating crops and livestock dwindling pasture area sorghum syrup condenser high grain yield high yielders and stable. increase pigeonpea production and productivity short duration varieties photo-thermo incentive photo-thermo sensitive nature specific short duration hybrids cms based hybrid technology icph 2429 and icph 2433 icph 2364 & icph 3310 hybrid breeding program gge biplot analysis stem/stover ratio nutrition improvement retention of greenness sorghum stay-green (stg) grain amino acid profile plant biological processes livestock production physiological processes photosynthetic efficiency blast resistant composites developed for seed and virulent pathotypes characterized and resistant so pearl millet hybrids in eastern & southern africa pearl millet as forage flowering period heat tolerance blast resistant b- and r- lines developed genetics of blast resistance revealed leaf blast on pearl millet germplasm with specific agronomic traits specific nutritional traits source of trait variation traits of economic importance protect the natural ecosystems utilization of germplasm accessions resistant to abiotic stresses enhance agricultural production for food security sustainable conservation of genetic resources mini core collections vulnerable international treaty on plant genetic resources fo good health and well-being no poverty breeding and crop improvement fast eroding finite plant genetic resources (pgr) brewing food products biofuels increase yields are highly resilient food safety. fewer pesticides and fertilizers lower carbon footprint good for the environment smart crops grow in drought prone areas highly water efficient tropical drylands adequate policy envisions prosperous perennially beset by shocks food-secure and resilient drylands international agricultural research. reduce poverty mission and approach lands and livelihoods marketing and other support services incomes by several-fold trapping dryland communities fodder grasses sirinka agricultural research centre diversifying fruit trees wollo university building stone terraces menkalo producer’s association composting and using manure licensed seed producers jute bags parasitoid production demographic parameters instars larvae straw granaries indigenous natural enemies egg parasitoids ephestia kuehniella emerging h.hebetor parasitoids bracon mass rearing coniesta ignefusalis trichogrammatoidae armigera noorda blitealis honey and sugar solution hymenoptera: braconidae panicle emergence progeny production habrobracon hebetor cephalonica to parasitize cephalonica larvae opemal eme for maeng braconidae panicle pesecides bracon hymeoptera egg ferelizaeon prasitoid policy support linking aadhaar ( national identity databases) mobile soil testing laboratories risk mitigation digital soil maps self-sufficiency in pulse production agricultural r4d value chain participatory approach and partnering mainstreaming nutrition big data and analytics drones/unmanned aerial vehicles mobile money/digital wallets attracting youth to agriculture sustainable development goals (sdgs) plant sensors soil health cards new livelihoods and market links livestock/poultry/ fisheries monitor runoff rate livelihoods diversification community meetings attracting youth rain gauges and equipment to collect data on rainf cropping decisions watershed committee formation air and soil temperature weather stations learning & evaluation communication soil loss in watershed composting climate smart practices women and youth. zai pits stone boundaries fodder banks monitoring & evaluation tree propagation contour boundaries forage crops environment compliant practices community driven priorities social and cultural barriers marginalized population multiplication income-generating activities intercropping economic model toa-md livestock model livsim evaluate impact co-design pathways assessing vulnerability to climate change. redesign farm systems crop model apsim & dssat multi-model framework engage stakeholder design drastic adaptation packages assess climate change risks (angrau) tailoring climate information for farmers evaluation for skills acharya n g ranga agricultural university climate change agriculture and food security (ccaf post-season evaluation crop modeling using apsim regional rainfall prediction rainfall data downscaled and disaggregated cropping decision-making mobile climate information services climate smart farm technologies cropping and water management decisions climate in esoko farmer helpline community based organization assess vulnerability capacity building for climate-resilient technologi drought tolerant varieties monitoring and evaluation soil and water conservation technologies tie-ridging stone lining bunding design adaptation strategies no-tillage participatory diagnosis of climate change risks seed delivery plan production gross economic benefits derived legume phaseolus coccineus varieties increase frontline demonstrations tl-iii icgv 91114 and tmv 2 crop loss and diseases. ict knowledge sharing farmers’ days farmer-to-farmer videos improved seed systems whatsapp groups soil and water conservation techniques tablet-based extension system (krishi gyan sagar) short duration crop varieties integrated soil and nutrient management voice message service (krishi vani) resilient agriculture investigators network (rain) poor storage facilities for inputs and output poor adoption of improved cultivars frequent droughts inadequate extension system poor access to market labor scarcity spatial and temporal variability of rainfall high cost of cultivation fragmentation of landholding inadequate access to quality seed monsoonal rainfall rainfall variability depleting water table agronomic constraints low yielding cultivars poor mechanization poor extension system samba mahsuri (bpt 5204) rice higher water productivity raichur sustaining yield and economic stability higher grain yield gross return attractive economic returns. transplanted rice (tpr) system higher harvest index benefit-cost ratio cost of production neermanvi village direct dry-seeded rice (ddsr) net returns manvi taluka emerging rice production system mustard and green gram transplanted rice (tpr) raichur district of karnataka direct dryseeding of gangavathi sona. dry-seeded rice ddsr - green gram moisture and improved nutrient management practice ddsr - mustard ddsra - chickpea fallow paddy fields hydrologic and ecological features potential uses of biomass produced perineal source of irrigation water fertigation potential of wastewater landscapes for sustainable development vegetation in constructed wetland extra-short and short durations climate change on pigeonpea water management (both in situ and ex situ) ts 3r genetic coefficients weather-based agro advisories apsim pigeonpea crop simulation model soil info (nbss&lup) hadgem2-es weather-based agro-advisories dssat v 4.5. critical water stress pnutgro simulation model phenological stages integrated watershed management interventions. global circulation models (gcms) simulations climate variability gfdl-cm3 and cnrm-cm5 optimize scarce irrigation water incorporating crop-growth simulation models untreated wastewater health hazards constructed wetlands (cws) peri-urban areas domestic wastewater treatment monoculture wetland species cadmium heavy metals-lead land and food scarcity phosphorus constructed wetlands(cws) perennial and nutrient rich coarse sand and gravel media chromium and zinc peri-urban and rural areas adsorption of nutrients nutrient transformations coliforms rainfed sat systems agricultural practices balanced nutrition bridging the yield gaps harness productivity rainfed crops in karnataka s earthen gully plugs rural education and agricultural development sunken ponds mini percolation tank nagulapally-konapur stone outlets rock filled dams government of telangana model watershed intensify on-farm field laboratory marketing parl concept and strategy andhra pradesh primary sector transforming agriculture rice bowl of india vlue a pest resistance green manure plants glyricidia ver knowledge sharing sir ratan tata trust (srtt) ho disease npv virus production d nursery raising tropicultor crop diversificatio increased productivity and profitability income and nutrition security food security uganda and india’s uttar pradesh. world cowpea c environmental sustainability economic welfare and nitrogenrich edible seeds atmospheric nitrogen chi faso child health common bean and groundnut burkina icsv700 and is18551 deadheart incidence ps35805 biotic constraints general combining ability (gca) is2146 atherigona soccata icsv25019 oviposition is2123 phule anuradha sorghum shoot fly syringic acid genistin ferulic acid vanillic acid dihydroxybenzoic acid herbivory caffeic acid flavonoids umbelliferone induced resistance hplc catechin cinnamic acid quercetin chlorogenic acid plant defense reduced (nadh) adenosine triphosphate (atp) mitoch biosafety of pharmaceutical drugs insecticides carbofuran fenvalarate tryptophan fluorescence fluorescence endosulfan bioactive molecules to mitochondria oxidative phos wild relatives of chickpea resistance to pod borer reproductive stage seedling emergence (dae) neonat ec 868768 ec 868765 ec 868769 and icc506eb high levels of antibiosis i acetic acid and malic acid ec 868753 stem borer infestation nutritional traits including calcium and iron assessment of genetic variation polymorphism anthracnose&leafblight valencià virginia recombinant inbred lines (rils) germplasm genomic tools for genetic characterizati susceptible introgression of striga resistance genotyping sorghum germplasm hundredseedweight(hsw) crp-grain legumes dacfw ocp foundation sehore narc ludhiana new delhi nucleus and breeder seed rakca iari vaas and ifad seed production system iipr saus extension personnel market-oriented development kanpur aciar pau uas raichurand pjtsau vegetation contaminant uptake grey water napier and para-grass reuse of wastewater sedimentation canna indica penisetumpurpuremx substitution pennisetumamericanum reduction bhoosamrudhi agaretumconyzoides biology and epidemiology spodoptera maruca maruca sorghum leaf blight downy mildew cha host plant resistance (hpr) fusarium wilt fusarium wilt dry root rot smd colla pathogen/pest interaction ecosystem services impact pathway wastewatertreatment precisionwatermanagement climate adaptation strategies build the partnerships transformational research identify value chains system-wide solutions promotinginnovativeextensionsystem foddercultivars monitoring mechanism groundwater recharge. resource scarcity measuring post-harvest losses price volatility yield volatility cold storage/ warehouse policy and institutional gaps policy changes per capita income market acceptability rainfall demand volatility weather asia-bangladesh pakistan multi-crop seed-drillers and threshers village traders pests & disease protein energy malnutrition (pem) greater wealth nitrogen-use-efficiency (nue) private seed companies seed replacement ratio (srr) underweight prevalence stunting among under fives costs and benefits analysis accelerated pulses production program (a3p) development of improved cultivars excessive vegetative growth production technologies irrigated system surface water irrigated area agricultural land irrigated area institutional water scarcity bhoo sumruddi physical water scarcity micro-irrigation system rainfed area economic water scarcity rainfed system groundwater irrigated area climate regulation nutrient and or soil organic c depletion land rejuvenation in drylands compaction water & wind erosion pollution cropland degradation acidification salinization soil microbial biomass adaptation + mitigation approach prediction of spodoptera weather awareness dual-purpose raingauge disaster risks impacts assessment rainfall trends climatedecisionsupportsystem cultivar coefficients holistic and efficient solutions innovative meticulous planning skill development demand driven transform lives of small farmers impact at bottom of pyramid building an ecosystem to create wealth confront the brutal facts blast the academic logic barriers sustainable and inclusive growth science-led participatory research gender dimension framework mali and niger weed control chemical herbicides implication of women in weeding actors market margin approaches retailers and consumers sorghum supply chain wholesalers collectors performance concept enhance pearl millet pro ductivity income generation and im proved nutrition randomized block design heterosis for yield and quality traits ecological conditions fertility/sterility maintenance phenotypically superior hybrids yield pollinated varieties high harvest index(hhi) lysimetric conditions seed apparition and seed weight heading time morpho-physiological responses panicle weight and shoot biomass sorghum land-races transpiration naerls nasc lgas gsardi lcri processing comp. state adps media ifad-cbardp seed companies iar abu zaria crs waapp ncam fabricators wofan wasp arcn nspri cellulose rainfall gradient architecture calibration and validation lignin grain diversity of environments samara. cda-buk kano stunted growth pod and haulm yields abiotic ad social dry savannas biotic institute for agricultural research (iar)- zaria agronomic recommendation lawal shirama bauchi state agricultura development savanna agricultural research institute(sari) -gha institute national de la recherché agronomique du iron and iodine association minim sông pânga - burkina faso institute senegalais de recherche agricoles (isra) vitamin a child mortality nutrient induced deficiencies senegal and ghana institute de l'environnement et recherché agricol institute d'economie rurale (ier) - mal bio fortification pearl millet and cowpea farmer managed seed enterp organic manure micro-dose technology ruminants man onudi van tri xfam-quebec food insecurity and malnutrition human development agriculture and food security (ccafs) climate-smar risks & mitigations cowpea and common bean challenges nutrients soil fertility sustaining higher productivity land labour landscape niches nutrition-rich systems com smart food campaign drought tolerant crops (dtc) smart foods nutritional problems collate scientifi mitigation and extensions future agricultural prod trade and food security socio-economic assessment historical climate condi causes of yield gaps food production yield gap ana reproducible protocols robust spatial framework hi sustaining economic growth maintaining agriculture foresight analysis & priority setting post-harvest wca and asia adoption and diffusion of new variet value chain assessment framework lateral flow immu pod fill and yield reduces pod set nutrition and income security low pollen viabilit reducing poverty new productive pollen germ. and pollen tube growth causes flower resilient and nutrient dense varieties increased a construction value chains climatic shock participa soil fertility highly nutritious feed manure & dra education craft toa-md climate change impacts yield gap risk analy swat epic characterization and utilization of genetic resour esa regional planning meeting collection asia regional planning meeting climate change and association studies in finger millet (striga) and disease resistance) whole genome sequencing of fi groundnut productivity soil fertility nitrogen fix agroecological intensification cropping systems cr farmer managed natural regeneration (fmnr) climate micronutrient requirements agricultural transforma male–sterility cytoplasm sorghum landraces polli infrared reflectance spectroscopy sorghum stem qua nirs and ilri crop-livestock integration sheep fattening drudger cowpea and groundnut food and fodder trading and p adaptation at scale in semi-arid regions biophysic fodder challenges fodder markets fabricated technology locally reduc chickpea productivity food security and poverty reduction legume strategic plans soybean and cowpea comprehensive african agriculture development international year of pulses. farming system restoration of degarded lands restoration of degraded lands apsim model intercropping or rotation of millet-cowpea-tree cr striga management in intervention sites africa rising project cost and benefit analysis innovation platform development genotyping-by-sequencing dna ddrad seasonal climate forecast scf climate change information pearl millet stover high iron pearl millet hybrid parents research drylands systems cgiar consortium global goals improved chickpea trait phenotyping phenodays 2013 water stress climate change adaptation water scaricity 3d imaging phenodays genetic gain global goods digital knowledge agriculture for nutrition and health cii indian agriculture mechanization to digitization ffs pyicularia grisea housekeeping genes fusarium wilt (fw)and sterility mosaic disease (sm pigeonpea (cajanus cajan) snp marker exploreit@icrisat profitable recipe caux dialogue nutri foods mssrf naas phytophthora blight lsu-icrisat biometrics mission goal food securirty management short duration chickpeas genetic enhancements germplasm conservation intellectual property wide crosses mini core collection mycotoxin management sterility mosaic philippines integrated disease management pongamia jatropha vertisols watersheds management blast aflatoxin-free groundnut transgenic groundnut transgenic pigeonpea vasat ict/km social networks lysimetric scan dryland areas dna fingerprinting rosette disease conservation agriculture practices abs breeding tlii geospatial guinea race sorghum hybrids pigeonpea in esa joi mil on-farm intensification policy on-farm practices ag4d social dimension processing policies institutions and markets lepidoptera pod-borer family farming rrfl rainfed rice fallow lands pollinators insects parasitoids pest management pest-resistant cultivars insect biodiversity butterflies g enemies of insects predators insects as scavengers resistance to insects storage grain transgenic chickpea useful insects ladybird beetle gna galanthus nivalis agglutinin non-host plant protease inhibitors cytoplasmic male-sterility lepidoptera cotton bollworm legume pod borer plant physiology geo-spatial armigera dryland farming rainfall insurance gsdp village grant nrega rural india capi cropping pattern changes meso data sir ratan tata trust fusarium high iron variety ‘dhanashakti’ dbt unep yewol farm mechanization cattle feed spent malt sabmiller bhuchetana philippine ascochyta blight icrisatdg cgiar research programs icrisat-esa impactaccessment sat website fodd security harvesting oar
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