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Ideal Wine Company reviews the latest wine, California Wine Month and Pinot Noir.

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If you’re looking for a wine that’ll knock your socks off, you should buy the Ideal Wine Company’s latest wine; the Antoni Tignenello Toscana 1990. It’ll blow you away! Throughout their long and varied history, the Italian’s have developed a robust wine making tradition. According to Life in Italy, wine making was exported to the boot-shaped peninsula from the Hellenistic world during the age of antiquity.

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Ideal Wine Company reviews the latest wine, California Wine Month and Pinot Noir.

  1. 1. Ideal Wine Company Articles 31st August 2015 Our Latest Wine: Antinori Tignanello Toscana 1990 If you’re looking for a wine that’ll knock your socks off, you should buy the Ideal Wine Company’s latest wine; the Antoni Tignenello Toscana 1990. It’ll blow you away! Italian wine Throughouttheirlongandvariedhistory,the Italian’shave developedarobustwine makingtradition. AccordingtoLife inItaly,wine makingwasexportedtothe boot-shapedpeninsulafromtheHellenistic worldduringthe age of antiquity.The practice was quicklytakenupby the Romans,who proceeded to plant vines across Europe. The Romans may have fallenat the close of the 5th CenturyA.D., but the rise of Catholicismensured thatItalianwine makingsurvivedtheirdemise.The importance of wineinthe Catholic ‘mass,’ensured that various regionsthroughoutItaly,suchasTuscany, developedvinegrowingindustrieswhichhave lasted right through to the modern day. Toscana IGT The Central Italian regionof Tuscany has developed one of the most famouswine making traditions onthe planet.Todayitcultivatesavarietyof populargrapesincludingSangiovese,CabernetSauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay. The Italian government has created an appellation system, comparable to similar programmes in France, to protect certain Tuscan wines. In the 1970’s, the government created a new classification calledIndicazioneGeograficaTipica(IGT).The “superTuscan”vintagesthatfallintothiscategory,such as the Toscana IGT, are consideredhigh quality wines that deserve their extremely high price tags. Antinori Tignanello Toscana 1990 If you wantto try thisstandoutvintage foryourselfyou’re inluck,as we’ve recentlyaddedastunning Toscana IGT wine to the Ideal Wine product list. This is the Antinori Tignanello Toscana 1990, which you can buy from the Ideal Wine Company for only £331 per bottle! The Antinori TignanelloToscana1990 is a hypnoticblendof CabernetSauvignon,CabernetFrancand Tuscany’s flagship Sangiovese grapes. This classic red wine is a structured, well-balanced vintage, whichboastsaneffortlesslycalibratedflavourthat evokesthe spiritof ripecherriesandsucculentwild berries. Buy our latest wine Does thissoundlike the wine foryou? If so buy the Antinori TignanelloToscana1990 from the Ideal Wine Company today. You’ll soon see that like the rest of our Italian wines, this ruby-red vintage is imbued with a robust flavour that’ll set your taste buds ablaze! What to Expect From a Pinot Noir Wine One eternal truth has governed the art of wine making since the dawn of vine growing; the grape dictates the flavour of the wine. With this in mind, the Ideal Wine Company has decided to explain what to expect from a pinot noir wine. Pinot noir grapes
  2. 2. There’sno such thingas a standardgrape. There are a wide varietyof differentgrape speciesgrown aroundthe world,andeachoneboastsadistinctflavourwhich,whenusedinthewinemakingprocess, produces a unique vintage. This leads us to the pinot noir grape. This is a red wine grape that’s grown in temperate countries around the world including France (Burgundy), the US, Germany, New Zealand,Italy, Argentina and Chile. The Wine Societynotes thatpinotnoirgrapesare “responsibleforsome of the world'sbestred wines – and some of the worst.” This is because pinot noir grapes are some of the hardest to grow in the world. If it’s too hot, the grapesripenway too fasthoweverif it’stoo cool, theywon’tripenat all.The pinotnoir grape is also vulnerable to a number of diseases which can render the entire crop unpalatable if they happen to strike. Incomparable wine But whenyou stumble onthe right conditions,the pinotnoirgrape has the abilityto produce a wine that’s incomparable with anything else on earth. Wine Folly’s profile of pinot noir wines notes that the grape produces a pale red vintage, which boasts a medium-low tannin level and a medium-high acidity. It goes on to explainthatthe typical pinotnoir is a standoutvintage that typicallyboastsan array of subtle favours. These flavours include, but aren’t limited to, cranberry, cherry, raspberry, vanilla, clove, liquorice, mushroom, tobacco and caramel. A pinot noir wine is also usually aged in a French oak barrel, lending an extra layer of powerful flavour to the finished product. It’s also important to note that pinot noir is a key grape in Champagne making. It brings the depth, structure and backbone this king of sparkling wines needs to shine. You’ll notice many of the Ideal Wine Company’s Champagnes feature the standout grape. Buy a pinot noir You can’t call yourself a true wine enthusiastuntil you’ve triedapinotnoir wine.Thisgrape’ssubtle balance of tantalisingflavours producesvintages that are belovedaround the world. Buy one of the Ideal Wine Company’sBurgundies todayif youwanttosee what a pinot noir wine really tastes like. Celebrate California Wine Month Have you ever wondered why people love California wines? If so, you should join the Ideal Wine Company this week, as we take some time to celebrate California Wine Month! History of wine in California The US state of California was firstsettled by Spanish colonisers hundreds of years ago. The Spanish settlers were Catholic, and they soon realised that they needed to produce wine for religious purposes.ThisinspiredSpanishmonkstoplantthe GoldenState’sfirstgrape vinesover240yearsago. It didn’ttake producerslongto realise thatCaliforniaisanideal wine makingregion.Thiscausedthe GoldenState’swinemakingindustrytoboom, turningthe regionintothe largestwine producerinthe United States by the end of the 20th Century. Golden State wine making
  3. 3. Today,the GoldenState boastssome of the world’smostfamouswine makesregionsincludingNapa Valley, Sonoma County and Paso Robles. Estates across California produce a wide breadth of grape varietalsincluding,butnotlimitedto,CabernetSauvignon,Chardonnay,Merlot,PinotNoir,Syrahand Zinfandel. Californiavintagesare typical newworldwines.Asthe Ideal Wine Companyrecentlyexplained,“the climatesof newworldwine regionsare oftenwarmer,whichtendsto resultinriper,more alcoholic, full-bodiedandfruit-centredwines.”Withadescriptionlike this,itshouldn’tsurpriseyoutolearnthat California wines are some of the most popular vintages in the world. California Wine Month The Californiawine harvestarrivesinSeptember,andcurrentGovernorJerryBrownhashonouredthe occasion by designated September “California Wine Month.” FINN Channel reported that California Wine Month2015 will be the 11th annual Wine Month.Industryplayersacrossthe state will celebrate the occasion with a series of festivals, wine tasting classes and other events. RobertP. Koch,presidentandCEO of Wine Institute,spoke outonthe imminentarrival of California Wine Month. He said that "we appreciate Governor Brown recognizing the contributions of vintners and growers to our state’s economy, culture and lifestyle.” Koch went on to comment, “whether you’re a novice or an expert, California’s diverse winegrowing regions offer plenty of activities in America’s leading wine destination.” Celebrate with Ideal Wine Company If you’re not planning to fly out to the GoldenState any time soon, you may be wondering how you can celebrate California wine month. You can buy California Wines from the Ideal Wine Company; if you do you’ll soon discover why this sun-drenched region has become the largest wine producer in the United States!