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Maria álvarez música-inglés

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Maria álvarez música-inglés

  1. 1. The music in... ...Galicia ...Laubach ...Kladno ...Lulea María Álvarez
  2. 2. Traditional music Galicia ·Many Galician folk musicians have considered Galician music to be at least partially "Celtic" in origin. ·Its more famous instruments are the galician bagpipe and the pandeireta. ·Sometimes, music was used to accompany the agriculture, at fairs or to honor the kings.
  3. 3. Galician bagpipe Tambourine
  4. 4. Germany: ·In this country, famous music compositors like Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner... were born, ·Germany has got its own bagpipe, called sackpfeifen , ·Its traditional dances are the polka, the vals and the Schwertertanz or dance of swords.
  5. 5. (Up) Polka dance. (Left) Sackpfeifen.
  6. 6. Sweeden: ·The Sweedish traditional instruments are from the vikings. An example is the lur , similar to a trumpet, some simple stringed instruments, wood flutes, the Sweedish bagpipe and some drums. ·Its tipical dances are the schottis , the polka and the hambo.
  7. 7. (Left) Viking lur. . (Right) Säckpipa, sweedish bagpipe.
  8. 8. Czech Republic: ·It has got some famous musicians like Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana, and Mozart wrote there Don Giovanni. ·There are a lot of instruments and a big production of this because it has a really good wood to make instruments in a forest in the south of the country.
  9. 9. Bedřich Smetana Antonín Dvořák
  10. 10. Modern music Galicia: ·Folk: the most importants are Luar na Lubre (photo) and a bagpipe player called Carlos Nuñez. ·Other styles: -Los Piratas from Vigo( pop-rock ). -Los Suaves from Ourense( rock'n'roll). - Siniestro Total ( rock ).
  11. 11. Germany: ·Udo Lindenberg (German rock'n'roll ). ·Rammstein ( heavy metal , photo) . ·Tokyo Hotel ( pop ). ·In Extremo( folk metal) . ·Karat, ( pop in German).
  12. 12. Suecia: ·ABBA, really importan sweedish pop band (photo). ·Europe( hard rock) . ·The Cardigans( indie-pop). ·Opeth( death metal progresivo) .
  13. 13. Czech Republic: ·Jazz Q ( jazz) . ·Iva Bittová ( folk photo). ·MCH Band ( rock and roll). · Karel Gott, singer and painter. ·Olympic ( rock and roll).