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  1. 1. Rebecca’sAnthology
  2. 2. Sir Alvin Lee!Alvin is really super cool He swims inside a super pool Until one day When he floated away And woke up in a Cuban school
  3. 3. Untold Stories She can’t be afraid to hit a high note He can’t be afraid of getting up after he falls Forgetting what to do shouldn’t be the hard part It’s up to me to get started after all She can’t stay underwater even if she messes up We all make mistakes no matter how small He probably won’t get it right the first shot But if he doesn’t start trying, he never will at all. Her name is Susan and she’s been living a lie This is her first wedding but she really wants to tryI’m going to knock their socks off when I show them how high I can fly Hey kiddo, I know this sounds cheesy but take my hand and teach me How to gaze into the midnight sky. Unless you’d rather be blind… Speaking of which, where were Pacman’s eyes?Hey kiddo, keep me in mind because it’s always the quiet ones who are full of surprises. I’m ready to be unforgettable.
  4. 4. Admit it: We all have insecurities no matter what they may be I worry where my future lies and can’t confess when I’m in need You’ve got insecurities too so go to sleep tonightAnd dream of a picture perfect world and a picture perfect life I’m not saying I don’t like who I am, because I do I’m only saying sometimes I’d like being someone else too And if, for any reason you wanted to, you couldTurn yourself around and transform everything inside of you.There comes a time when the question must be asked, and it should: Would you change who you are if you could?
  5. 5. Desperation Looking wearily into the sun Pondering questions left by some I ask myself why all is lost For all I’ve said what will it cost? I watch the light begin to fade Tonight is it, all debts are paidIt’s easier to die when you know you’ve lived We can’t leave yet until we forgive.
  6. 6. Suburban Perfection Fishing for answers in the lake of dreams Looking for a way to silence the screams Of the yellow and black trash can Full of wonder but lost on a certain unappreciative young man They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree But then why doesn’t Rick look like his family? Sugar, spice and everything niceI don’t think the simple life will suffice for Someone who wants so much more in life Than lonely nights alone making rice.
  7. 7. Ode to Nature Nature is really swell I love that sweet pine smellRivers move super fastCamping is such a blast Hanging with reindeer Under stars I lay here Viewing breath taking sightsNature makes my heart take flight
  8. 8. Ethnic Groups Oh, Ninja Turtles, Feels like I’m jumping hurdles when we’re flipping gerbils. A poem is more than just flying herds of rhyming words, It’s about knowing your feelings right when they occur. I’m going to hit you so fast and leave a stick in your back When you listen to that and I’m referring to this It’s ludicrous to eat too much tuna fish.So, Pope Benedict the 16th, I scope derelicts who bring beef. So, don’t push me cause’ I know heavy weights who fix teeth. Dear Brittney Spears fell down the rickety stairs when she sang me cheers And fed him beers. Dear Mr. Obama, I’m not your mama so please stop the drama Because I won’t make you any taco lasagna so do me a fa- vor and don’t expect a llama.