feature extraction artificial neural network back propagation network least mean square wide area networks feedback packet-switched shape features color features vision-based entomology machine learning capacity optimization survivability cost wireless access network big data hadoop mapreduce network traffic. pig netflow partitioned variable adaptive map k-map boolean function entered variable carrier-image covert- communications stego-key steganography stego-image. steepest descent algorithm steepest descent algorithm steepest descent algorithm bandwidth stability and congestion control bandwidth stability and congestion control bandwidth stability and congestion control dependable algorithms and bioinformatics reliable and autonomic computing distributed and parallel systems & algorithms database and data mining computer architecture and real time systems multidimensional design wsn olap data warehouse network protocols routing protocol qos micro-electro mechanical systems (mems) routing protocols (rps) end-toend delay real-time routing (rt) void avoidance dead line miss ratio (dmr) energy consumption wireless sensor networks (wsns) promiscuous mode switched environment network monitor spoofing and intrusion non switched environment tutorial. artificial intelligence markup language (aiml) artificial intelligence chatterbot pattern recognition gaussian filter neural network canny algorithm edge detection software testing platform aco distributed job scheduling 3d integrated circuits thermal effects cmos. modeling and simulation
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