security cloud computing data mining biometrics wireless sensor network segmentation manet wireless sensor networks. support vector machine (svm) cloud storage pwm mobile ad hoc networks python php gsm privacy preserving shared authority authentication protocol gps fingerprint maximum power point tracking (mppt) matlab confidentiality temperature sensor product aspects sentiment classification. aspect identification consumer review aspect ranking wireless sensor network (wsn) classification encryption ber snr. efficiency selfish node isolation method improved efficient quality of service oriented dis awake and sleep scheduling cryptography energy efficient moment invariant (mi). principle component analysis (pca) ant colony optimization (aco) computed tomography (ct) permanent magnet synchronous generator feature extraction wimax microcontroller modelling clustering minutiae security. colluding fade selective forwarding attacks wireless mesh networks (wmns) energy cost path selection route discovery dynamic source routing. beaglebone black html web server angstrom os (linux) fingerprint authentication raspberry pi. postgresql aomdv source and destination anonymity. black hole attack star disclosure attack collision control gray hole attack fake request fake reply dynamic source routing trust malicious static nodes pipelining dynamic nodes relay nodes adaptive ondemand distance vector client-server database embedded system gsm/gprs raspberry pi attendance record medical data ecg steganography lifting wavelet transform twelve square ciphers. privacy protection low-power design. adders dml ordered statistics decoding normalized euclidean distance turbo code cyclic redundancy check transformer improved trans-z-source inverter boost inversion capability resonant current suppression coupled inductor permanent magnet synchronous generator (pmsg) matrix converter (mc) z-source inverter (zsi). t-source inverter (tsi) path quality quality of forwarding node quality range query minimum bounding region query privacy. fsr-tree k-means clustering. artificial neural network local binary pattern injected harmonics fourier analysis dc-ac converter proportional resonant controller power factor and sspfc harmonic standards ac – dc power conversion five – level converter wind pressure. soil loads sandwich method sap2000v17.0 raker columns geometry lateral pressure piezoelectric sensors self compacting concrete hardening of concrete formwork systems finger print vein recognition sclera vein recognition vein identification features fusion multimodal system link etc eccentrically braced system outrigger ductile seismic performance image authentication image hashing image forgery perceptual hashing global and local properties arithmetic coding reversible color transform hierarchical prediction linear feedback shift register context adaptive losslessimage codec cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverters solar panel. secure data transmission id based online offline digital signature cluster based wsns id based digital signature tlp algorithm. logistic maps diffusion tent maps permutation confusion order soft-switching coupling inductor zero-current turn on pulse width modulation (pwm) electrolytic capacitors zero-voltage turn off long interconnection system on chip (soc) on-chip bias current generator. repeater silicon intellectual propertiy(ip) blockage mac digital filter lns lut computer arithmetic interrupts estimating device small-scale industries counter. defect node reformation (dnr) least troublesome topology repair (lttr) wireless sensor actor network (wsan) scratch pad memory cache memory peg-c real-time systems embedded web server arm 7 gprs dacs modelsim verilog xilinx routing algorithm cartesian networks noc fpga kit femto cells and macro cell dual decomposition resource allocation sub channel interference management audit service por data integrity dynamic audit masking effect selective trigger circuit-under-test (cut) power dissipation first-level gates arm cortex m3 microcontroller smart device. lpc1313 nxp semiconductor lower emission fuelinjection small engine motorcycle carburetor higher performance balancing machine l-angle plate. alignment impeller drag downforce cfd lift cad rear wing traction turbine blades. blade angle micro gas turbine engine catia fluent stir casting bue. reinforcement feed rate depth of cut microstructure machining matrix cutting speed auxetic materials auxetic foam negative poisson’s ratio novel behavior. formation of dome shape taguchi technique surface roughness en8 die steel material removal rate thickness light emitting diode wireless communication optical modulation techniques visible light spectrum optical communication free-space optics vein recognition filtering infrared light. ann algorithm airport runway detection textural features ibid hamming distance iris atm slab formwork systems conventional buildings shoring towers static analysis neural network retinal images diabetic retinopathy gray level and moment invariant activity factor. clock gating quantum-dot cellular automata transistor size stopwatch carry select adder ripple carry adder vertical mining parallel and sequential data distributed database association rule mining horizontal mining microstrip patch slot antenna microstrip patch antenna pin diode. antenna array articulated robot prismatic joint nuclear power plant articulated inspection arm trust. context information policy mobile ad-hoc network misbehavior detection dram ate bist spst pdp image processing noise reduction bilateral filter eeg. circuit optimization least mean square (lms) algorithms fixed-point arithmetic adaptive filters sleep transistor full adder ground bounce noise ptl wind turbine. simple boost control t-source inverter voltage gain memory scheme immigrants scheme genetic algorithm (ga) dynamic ga dlbcp rayleigh channel diversity inter symbol interference cyclic prefix electroencephalogram braincomputerinterface characteristics of jaundice bilirubin level hepatitis-b identification bilirubin risk factor medical algorithm usage medication management in-home health care services internet-of-things(iot) delta sigma modulator sdr oversampling. pdsm activity labeling infrared camera image moments fuzzy clustering wavelets intruder. watermarking dynamic switching network delay background multiscale color gradients color filter array (cfa) interpolation directional interpolation. demosaicing bec with mux and modified sqrt-csla rca accident alert ticket vending. ignition control maximum power point tracking solar photovoltaic (pv) space vector modulation (svm) quasi z-source inverter (qzsi). zigbee. analyzing module (am) smart grid(sg) clonal rate(cr) daq: data acquisition system elvis: educational laboratory virtual instrumentat gui:graphical user interfaces labview:laboratory virtual instrumentation enginee virtual dual energy (vde) chest radiography (cxr) multi segment active shape model (m-asm). fuzzy c-means (fcm) computer aided diagnosis (cad) peltier effect wearable jacket. heat dissipation arm7 lpc2148 microcontroller thermo-electric cooler (tec) module monitoring and controlling temperatures ir sensor. pir zigbee arm7(lpc2148) temperature sensor lm35 k-svd dwt compression histogram dct sparse representation. distinct local binary pattern (lbp) first ordered compressed image triangular pattern gray level co-occurrence matrix (glcm) and probabi psim. pure sine wave inverters fet standard cell leakage current hdl cloud services quality-of-service and location prediction. cloud rank all pass filters warped filter command signals decoder variable digital filter cloud performance multi cloud. cloud security resource description framework (rdf); customizable satellite communications stochastic differential equations weibull distribution brownian motion. hitting time statistics test data classification model document class text categorization training data one-pass clustering k nearest neighbor classifier photovoltaic (pv) system. dual–axis tracking incremental conductance (inccond) finger vein technology gsm sim 300 technology personal authentication. smart web sensors signal analysis power system transient voltage measurement distortion power quality steganography wavelet ecg point of care system turbidity sensor gsm wireless module. light detecting resistors fp- growth algorithm huiwim frequent item -set infrequent item set visual cryptography visual secret sharing. size invariant vss halftone error diffusion antimalware transformation attacks android app security forward error correction (fec) redundancy reed-solomon (rs) code low- density parity check (ldpc) code. error control coding (ecc) cloud database securedbaas feature ranking and feature re-ranking feature subset selection side-information. effective feature selection (efs) tpg- test pattern generator. cut- circuit under test bist-built in self test cbu- concurrent bist unit networks on chip router architecture adaptive weighted routing shared buffer. deployment network lifetime artificial bee colony (abc) coverage information retrieval ontology wordnet sparql rdf query processing semantic web jena api. color conversion acute myelogenous leukemia (aml) push-pull cycloconverter fuzzy logic controller (fc) and sinusoidal pulse w multipath routing topology hiding node-disjoint route topology exposure. naive bayes classifier clinical decision support privacy. k-means fitness function aco fuzzy mse mc-cdma ia precode mimo ib dfe big data hace theorem subset selection. wireless sensor networks security distributed protocol node replication attack detection resilience. recommender system; fuzzy set; fuzzy tree-structur image quality biometrics security liveness detection. kernel methods classification. weka support vector machine test case prioritization. software engineering regression testing test cases model based testing cluster based certificate revocation with vindicat fuzzy relevance degreeand security. certificate authority (ca) elliptic curve asymmetric cryptography elliptic curve cryptosystem(ecc) bilinear pairing secure id based signature. cur decomposition singular value decomposition. latent semantic indexing latent dirichlet allocation document clustering principle component analysis random projection obligatory compensation virtual environment superfluous authorized. payment sophisticated dispensation filtering svac firewall dual steganography frames steganography. original video embedding dsr link state olsr psr dv signal to noise (snr) azimuth antenna pattern (aap). repetition frequenc image processing. synthetic aperture radar (sar) rfid. isotropic radiation pattern planar antenna rotated field secret sharing access policies abe data sharing scene text detection. machine learning classifier connected component (cc)-based approach cc clustering gradiant vector flow method non-text filtering sobel edge map shoulder surfing attack. relay attacks online guessing attacks carp e-mail attacks mean filter wiener filter. logarithmic transform alpha trimmed mean filter homomorphic filter exponential contra harmonic mean filter harmonic plus noise model frequency cepstral coefficient maximum voiced frequency spectral envelope estimation pitch detection leach sensor nodes cluster head frequent item set association rules apache hadoop. trust management. direct and indirect observation attack database as a service (dbaas) encrypted data data security. cloud database wind turbine fault current limiter optimization superconducting magnetic energy storage power fluctuation energy function method total harmonic distortion harmonic current coolmosfet power factor npc energy saving dynamic source routing routing overhead. probabilistic rebroadcast scheduling mobile sinks wireless sensor networks (wsns). data collection empirical mode decomposition (emd) electroencephalogram(eeg) seizure detection. extreme learning machine (elm) bgwa. call admission control ieee 802.16e variable frequency drive vector control flow control water treatment. offset cancellation (oc) phase detector (pd) signal to noise ratio (snr) charge pump (cp). output offset storage (oos) inverter and pv module . photovoltaic management system power line communication cuk converter fuzzy logic controller utilize the wasted kinetic energy. four quadrant operation brushless dc motor (bldc) regenerative braking grid computing job completion job scheduling grid computational meta-heuristic. ant-ga elicitation protocols. brain rhythms eeg network-aware power – aware virtualization thermal – aware data centers quality of service green cloud computing migration. resource-aware dark solitons; generalized variable-coefficient no location information geographic routing and local topology. node mobility beacon update ad hoc on – demand distance vector (aodv). throughput robustness intermittent delay tolerant network (dtn) csi zsi. uninterruptible power supply vsi hysteresis controller dq algorithm point of interest itinerary plan mapreduce fuzzy c-means clustering multiday itinerary link adaptation rate energy efficiency optimization power allocation (e multiuser mimo (mu-mimo) energy efficiency multiple input multiple output ofdm (mimo-ofdm) qos social network service composition logistics path planning big data. homophily confounding influence incompatibility social forces. compatibility social media data redundancy particle swarm optimization optimal data assignment online availability generalized flow connectivity cocitation measurement. source initiated frame restoration detour paths quality of experience video on demand. internet protocol television secure data sharing algorithm cipher text attribute based encryption key policy attribute based encryption. disruption tolerant network secure hash function data mining; fuzzy clustering means algorithm; ass deadline task scheduling. multi-objective genetic algorithm cloudsim and hidden markov model (hmm). finite state machines (fsm) false positive (fp) markov chain monte carlo (mcmc) particle filter (pf) true positive (tp) orientation pattern hashing searching and steerable filter. principal palm line consistency motor speed control. mosfet heart rate monitoring pattern recognition gene selection microarray gene expression profiling mahalanobis classifier sql injection; xss cross site scripting; prepared pwm. time-to-threshold nm cis bmd vb. asm graph cuts compact amplitude balance out-of-phase power divider. ads isolation multi sensory learning low cost autonomous navigation rescue alert. android server application pre-collision warning system embedded unit auto smart sensing unit weighted probability residual energy network lifetime. heterogeneous minimum biometric cross validation false acceptance rate. binarization latent fingerprints minutia cylinder code and minutia score matching. graphic processing unit plurality of heights. planar laser beams photo detector fresh sub assembly sitekey. hvcs e-shopping spear phishing attacks identity theft hierarchical visual cryptography scheme route discoveries link breakages overhead rebroadcasts.
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