wireless sensor networks wireless sensor network sensor networks wireless networks routing qos aodv manet routing protocols throughput wireless security iot networking lte cognitive radio network protocols scheduling wireless multimedia systems 5g networks mobile network quality of service localization zigbee uwb cluster topology hierarchical clustering lifetime satellite communications clustering energy consumption big data wireless mesh network sensor channel capacity wsn wireless network network communication ad-hoc networks multi-path routing wi-fi energy-efficient internet of things mobile networks bluetooth rssi ber simulation data mining 6g networks connectivity and networking cloud computing olsr wireless computing ns-3 ieee 802.11s multi- channel multi-radio. vertical handover bit error rate vanet lte-advanced routing protocol mobile ad hoc networks snr latency cryptography spectrum sensing channel estimation packet scheduling fuzzy logic protocols mimo energy efficiency data aggregation coding maple markov chain wireless & mobile networks mac parameters proverif secure d2d protocol lte-a aka protocol four d2d scenarios 5th generation sensing as a service multi-agent smart-home hierarchical routing cluster heads data fusion air pollution monitoring discrete cosine transform power consumption data compression pdr v2v massive mimo wireless mesh networks mobile environments broadband access networks access networks multimedia systems artificial intelligence 4g transportation of patient health services accessibility emergency medical system riverbed modeler. medium access control (mac) multi-beam smart antennas (mbsas) energy-efficient routing protocol. training protocol self-organization optimization heterogeneous network geographic information system overlap index analytical hierarchy process network performance multiple access channel dna cryptography dna steganography dna computing extended sdn controller heterogeneous communications network low-power wireless technologies sctp cross layer interface multihoming ieee 802.11 ad hoc networks propagation models link adaptation machine learning modulation mobility qos. wireless lan relaying manets architectures distributed algorithms of mobile computing performance evaluation ns-2 networks wireless network quantum computing programming languages entrepreneurship aggregation tree convergecast multi-sink technology fading nsa inter-vehicular communication geocastrouting protocols vehicularad-hoc networks • architectures deep learning signal detection wban ieee 802.15.6 csma/ca analytical model serial number-based authentica authentication computer’s serial number compressive sensing low-latency communication smart systems mobile hotspots ubiquitous computing 5g network temporal redundancy spatial redundancy rfid systems packet scheduling algorithms cross layer design detection phase latency time routing scheme density node mobility design procedure performance analysis tv white space & wireless communication. rf spectrum dynamic spectrum access labeling diversity dual carrier modulation peak-to -average power ratio ofdm modulation functional harmonious self-organization smart hybrid competencies intellectual agent ensembles zone-disjoint channel allocation wavelet linear codes neural network mobility load balancing elementary procedure x2ap load management clustering in wireless sensor networks semantic interoperability semantic distributed systems mean detection time probability of detection sub-band energy detection multiple hop. approximate mgf method cooperative relay networks call admission control metallic plate lens antenna array millimeter wave wireless acoustic sensor network pause time and speed of nodes. zrp dsdv disaster e-pdr ethroughput hwmp-p hwmp-r qualnet eavesdropper mobile computing mobile/wireless systems threshold particle swarm energy detector autonomous adaptive interference autonomic computing algorithms mobile ad hoc mobile & wireless networks wireless sensors networks slam & ro-slam particle filter network security mobile wireless sensor networks network attack triangular network coding diversity coding real time system hop count route planning localization algorithm anchor node beacon-enabled zigbee super-frame energy efficient mac protocol slotted csma/ca error control random channels bandwidth energy-aware routing qos rrouting hybla tcp westwood highspeed tcp newreno tcp congestion control ultrawideband impulse radio. public key cryptosystems public key cryptography ntru certificateless underwater acoustic communication underwater wireless network mobile application inter band carrier aggregation cell throughput fairness index carrier aggregation sensor node machine-to-machine communication and softnet. cognitive radio networks hadoop sdn fabric networks mapreduce optimal power allocation. stego & hybrid cryptosystem. disaster. m2m communications. ran kpis correlation. 3g-4g networks radio access evaluation relay-based wimax network throughput capacity coverage hole coverage enhancement reconfiguration cost preemption relay node placement cooperative diversity adaptive modulation optimum power allocation smart grid leach mse sinr k-mean distributed network management system congestion control hetnets intelligent transportation system (its) network lifetime matlab network based applications internet and web applications multipath node-disjoint cellular networks ns2 spatial correlation dsr multipath routing attacks mac underwater wireless sensor networks fairness wireless sensor network. sectorization adaptive antenna system capacity switched beam antenna long term evolution (lte) cir energy conservation mobility models cooperation jitter ofdma tracking wlan frame aggregation fft mobile stream codecs mac protocol machine learning algorithms malware security threats iot networks particle swarm optimization genetic algorithms evolutionary algorithm location-based service photodiode image sensor led visible light communication channel coding decoding deinterleaver interleaver serial concatenated codes polar codes mobile marketing handoff call signal strength mobile assisted handoff guard channels performance of mobile and wire distributed algorithms of mobi throughput evaluation algori robotics brain computing algorithms and bioinformatics aiinnetwork&communications network&communications cybersecurity spectral efficiency t scientific computing problem solving ai in network & communications cybercrime skills development situational awareness blockchain privacy blockchain foundations microstripbandpassfilters(bpfs sirresonator ismandwimaxapplications tribandfilter cstmicrowavestudio compactaslrfractalbpffilter soft computing software engineering automation lc component fr4 substrate inverted f antenna subghz trap software security computing security internet of things (iot) secur e-mail fraud moving average filt orthogonal frequency division locating mobile users security and privacy intrusion detection cyber security hoc networks #relaychannel #powerallocation clustering in wireless sensor wireless sensor networks (wsns s operating systems computer graphics m2m communications multiple hop deployment scenarios sdn; fabric networks mapreduce; hadoop optimal power allocation heterogeneous communications n education bler. bler v2i communication intelligent transportation sys v2v and v2i communication cryptogrophy blockchain biotechnology distributed algorithms comunicación • ubiquitous networks • wireless communications • wireless multimedia systems fault recovery vertical zones deep l information theory asynchronous satellite uplink adaptive pacing mobile wireless sensor network hotspot backbone integrated network wimax-wlan back-haul interference coordination enhanced inter-cell back-hauls coordinated multi-point operat radio resource management transmission power hetnets lte-advanced networks transmission advanced network pinball routing problem cross layer interaction digital signals optimum sampling rate performance indicators analogue to digital converters analog signals digital signal processing opnet simulator. key performance indicators(kpi enhanced wireless sensor netwo trail blaze data mining (dm) cellular vulnerabilities wifi doppler map-bcjr decoder executable security policy security policy radio resource ran slicing microcontroller sensors collision multiple readers. redundancy elimination cellular netwoks night-time environment mobile ad-hoc network iot  iot-enabled innovation load balancing dynamic channel unit allocatio activity type aware routi aware routing consumed energy encryption and decryption pseudo hadamard transform encryption routine geographic routing protocols gps free shared data replicated server allocation flat naming wireless mobile networks handover time malware analysis security properties software testing qam symbol constellation mapping. wireless and mobile networks. qam symbol constellation mapping wireless and mobile networks performance evaluation in cellular networks analytic hierarchy process route discoveries single-path link-disjoint delay. real-time wireless multimedia sensor networks joint-layer design cross-layer design multi-channel multitransceiver cyclic extension multiuser ofdma antenna eaps spectrum mobility and spectrum handof moving average filter orthogonal frequency division multiplexing partial decode and forward. power allocation relay channel wireless sensor networks (wsns) interoperability ontology local and cooperative trust fault recovery. fault detection ahc. vpo long term evolution uplink capacity antenna arrays beamspace channel estimation busy probability & collision probability mac layer packet delay distribution ieee 802.11 dcf standard mobile ad hoc and sensor networks stego & hybrid cryptosystem beamspace channel estimation. cloud transmission distance minimize cost optimization model node deployment energyefficient recognition schema in wasn frequency features extraction animal sound recognition power conservation informationcentric network ring signature participatory sensor network named data networking signal reference received power(rsrp). root mean square error path loss exponent channel models & acoustic modem acoustic physical layer simulators methodological approach heterogeneous seamless vehicular ad hoc networks bi-conical antennas array antennas dme frequency selective channel. interferences rectilinear modulation mean square error widely linear fractionally spaced equalizer mmse ls interpolation channel estimation direct decision pilot allocation pilot-based channel estimation ofdm rerouting communications network protocols & wireless networks adhoc and sensor networks network operations & management mobile & broadband wireless internet mobile networks & wireless lan multimedia networking network architectures measurement & performance analysis high speed networks heterogeneous wireless networks radar communication curved microstripline attenuation emergency beacon positioning underwater positioning system son multiuser code shifted quadrature chaos shift keyi code shifted quadrature chaos shift keying quadrature chaos shift keying differential chaos shift keying clustering. dynamic protocols wmsns buffer segment chaining video video-on-demand roht pso – roht algorithm epidemic flooding delay dv-hop (distance time of arrival bounded-box multilateration trilateration modeling and simulation ubiquitous computing ad hoc and sensor networks mobile users computing and networking exponential decay curve round average energy factory automation. software defined radio parallel sequence spread spectrum zero forcing algorithm minimum mean squared error decoder quadriga space-time code industrial communication networks and systems hoc and sensor networks enhanced cffs wsn lifetime extension fabricated report verification wsn security selective forwarding attack self-organizing networks (son) machine learning (ml) coordinated multipoint (comp) gated recurrent unit self-organizing networks coordinated multipoint propagation mod secure multicasting cooperative localization localization algorithms mobility tracking vehicular position information location-aided routing (lar) and hamming distance. vehicular networks (vanets) cooperative diversity schemes. cooperative communications distributed spatial modulation distributed stbc space-time block codes geocast region geocast dac adc oam fpga geocas wireless communication path length neural networks. fbmc isdb-tb two-hop relay network. outage probability energy saving strategy energy harvesting energy cooperation conferencing relays capacity optimization smartphones opportunistic routing protocols opportunistic communication mobile data offloading content service provider and mggr aquatic communication uwsns in-body application wireless nanosensor network cdma hiperlan\2 ieee802.16e ieee802.11a multipath rrouting lt riverbed modeler medium access control multi-beam smart antennas lte. health investment application localization. wsn (wireless sensor network) qos parameters video-on-demand system network architecture productivity longevity data collection body area nanonetworks wake-up node selection power divergence ip networks chi-square syn flooding mobile agents sketch technique hellinger distance spectrum mobility and spectrum handoff. mimo systems lr-aided complexity lattice lll flops. ann sc-fdma lte-a throughput evaluation algorithms spectral efficiency. cdca algorithm v2v. v2i frft cfo cazac sequences sto emergency and rescue. proactive protocols reactive protocols d2d 3gpp 5g. inband d2d outband d2d cellular system call-blocking rate qoe ami smart meter dynamic control backoff time algorithm contention window threshold equilibrium point analysis backoff algorithm multi-hop κ-µ bfsk gaussian mixture direct component positioning nlos wcdma/fdd data transmission modified algorithm fnd received signal strength (rss) and mobile sink data collection algorithm smart antenna antenna array radiation energy constraint window network simulation unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) the shadowing model rrm handover rsrq rsrp optimized dsr; routing protocol; broadcasting; ove node degree connected dominating set stability simulations static nodes pause time steady state stochastic. queuing systems blocking probabilities congestion lms white gaussian noise tap size color noise number of iterations adaptive noise canceller cellular structure multi-interweave calendar queue (cq) counterfeit mode protocol steganography network steganography channel quality estimation link quality estimation over awgn channel uncoded ser/ber estimation methods ber. ola zps ecma-368 mb-ofdm delay tolerant network communication overhead. adaptive routing. physical environment monitoring feature selection lte-a; comp; mimo; joint transmission; codebook; c broadcast storm flooding protocols spatial data multiplexing time reversal. ofdm/oqam congestion control; depth potential field; queue l channel aware and uplink scheduling connection admission control mobile wimax broadband wireless access interference avoidance interference randomization resource block total communication distance low level energy & cluster energy mobile adhoc and sensor networks k-x-connectivity watchdog adaptive routing network management managed objects (mo) mib deep space communication forward error correction codes low rate channel codes concatenated codes. packet lost. multi-macrocells microcells and macrocell rsaodv the resource planahead tool techniques in realistic implementation glrt method ansoft hfss antenna parameters estimation method random walk optimized link state routing protocol end-to-end delay energy efficient shortest hop path (sh) algorithm policy-driven supervision vsn vehicular sensor rach; congestion; lte; human to human (h2h);machin fls exp rule m-lwdf log rule pico macro scheduling algorithms & lte-sim lte &lte-a vehicle to infrastructure (v2i) mobile ad hoc network (manet) vehicle to vehicle (v2v) vehicle ad hoc network (vanet) random access channel (rach). wireless sensor networks (wsns); mathematical anal uhf antenna yagi-uda polarization stacking distance array antenna radiation pattern gain pre-distortion linearizer schottky diode pin diode old trace file new trace file. high availability dgw protocol weight settings. virtual machine auto default gateway cluster head energy saving algorithm packet delivery fraction r-aodv latency. phr-aodv grade of service end user satisfaction network optimisation user equipment (ue). reference signal received power (rsrp) handover hysteresis margin (hmm) evolved nodeb (enb) signal to interference plus noise ratio (sinr reference signal received quality (rsrq) femtocell access point (fap) ledir aodv. wireless communications; nb-qc-ldpc; vhdl; perform dtn simulation mobility modelling delay tolerant networking resource management in networks ll-wrr wrr position triangulation zone prediction bandwidth. quality of service & computer simulations call blocking probability reduction data publishing patient healthcare wearable monitoring voip ad hoc networks · point process · stochastic geo mobile element mobility models. average end-to-end delay aomdv packet delivery ratio ad hoc network synchrony directed diffusion algorithm cross layer eigen value. 1 introduction tr fuzzy genetic agents network coding; crystallographic signature; homomo spray and wait store and forward fifo. epidemic buffer management queue modes dtn forwarding strategies threats radio channel channel model reconfiguring antenna amount of fading schedule wi-lem duty cycle. ct wireless communication; electromagnetic pollution; labview low-cost voice recognition low power smart home long-term evolution orthogonal frequency division multiple access. video streaming scenarios density& fqm. node position uwsn hierarchical greedy forwarding strategy restricted directional flooding geographic routing redundancy reliability wireless sensor networks; geographic routing; loca timeliness query processing k-nn algorithm link quality indicator fingerprint jennic. virtual node (vn) received signal strength (rss) (lqi) zigbee protocol wireless sensors node (wsn) interpolation function weight function application program (ap) cell selection lte; proportional fair scheduling algorithm simultaneous handover random step. simultaneous mobility quizzing applications educational applications handoff; backpropagation; artificial neural networ attack denial of service (dos) cluster-based ids ids architectures signature based ids&hybrid ids anomaly-based ids intrusion detection systems (ids) scheduler a-mpdu a-msdu. ieee 802.11n advanced antenna techniques dual cell high speed downlink packet access. cache resolution cooperative caching wireless networks. adjacent channel interference th roughput co-channel interference coverage performance 802.11g network worms &trojon virus traffic control energy efficient congestion control resource control event detection optimal path identification aco ad-hoc network multiple optimal paths 3d ray tracing model cost efficiency area spectral efficiency macrocell densification spatial multiplexing (sm) additive white gaussian noise (awgn) bit error rate (ber). multiple input multiple output (mimo) advanced antenna te chniques dual cell high speed downlink packet access . multicasting mimo-ofdm; peak-to-average power ratios; space-tim resource management . access protocols wireless sensor network; network lifetime; shortes orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) complementary cumulative distribution function (cc bit error rate (ber) channel hopping emd eemd mobile tracking wi-fi; captured packets overbooking sla uni handoff mobile backhaul carrier ethernet cognitive radios fusion centre tunnel wireless sensor network ant colony optimization biological inspired techniques metamorphosed automata session key imperfect cqi kalman filter mac protocols ieee802.11ac beamforming compression logs frequent patterns microstrip line feed offset feed. patch antenna poisson distribution pareto distribution matlab simulation mobile nodes distribution arrival patterns resource block allocation intercell interference coordination transmit power allocation cellular mobile network location management (lm) reporting center location update (lu) registration mobile terminals (mt) paging. and algorithms to cope with mobile & wireless netw and communication primitives in ad-hoc and sensor os and middleware support for mobile computing and neighbor bonus points retaliation grade isi multi-carrier dvb elliptic butterworth orthogonal ifft psd dvb-t chebyschev awgn mai nakagami fading. mud cms swim wimax. decentralized qoe and heterogeneous network umts wimax eigen value decomposition. parks- mcclellanalgorithm impulse radio interference rejection ieee 802.15.4a anycast mobile wireless ad hoc networks block acknowledgement (ba) reverse direction grant (rdg) carrier sensed threshold (cst) wireless mesh networks (wmn) dct papr ieee fdm ccdf block cipher hopping feedback mode of operation amplify and forward coded cooperation cooperative communication decode and forward quality of service (qos) management allows differe mobile sink mutual authentication scheme. pair wise key establishment id encryption random key pre distribution apriori algorithm intrusions intrusion detection system voice over ip (voip) vehicular traffic generator vehicular ad hoc networks (vanets) quality of service (qos) information assurance load balance fault tolerance (ft) — wireless sensor network (wsn) multipath routing. fair queuing bursty traffic mobile ad-hoc networks; manet routing protocols; a
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