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Powerful beliefs to create a new life


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Powerful beliefs to create a new life

  1. 1. Powerful beliefs to create a new life IMAN RASHID SHIJA +255 786910514 12/16/20151
  2. 2. Set Intention: For the next two hours we are going to focus on what we need to in order to identify or banish the limiting beliefs from our lives and replace them with beliefs that empower us to be the best that we can be. By setting an intention we say to ourselves we are serious about what comes next. 12/16/20152
  3. 3. Perceptions 12/16/20153
  4. 4. The mind: David Hawkins  The mind is contaminated by emotions, feelings, prejudices, blind spots, denials, projections, paranoias, phobias, fear, regrets, guilts, worries, anxiety, old age, sickness, death, failure, rejection, loss and disaster.”  In addition to all the foregoing, the mind has also been innocently programmed by endless propaganda, political slogans, religious and social dogmas, continual distortion of facts, falsifications, errors, misjudgements and misinformation.” 12/16/20154
  5. 5. Beliefs  Emotions, feelings, thoughts and imagination are based on beliefs  We feed our beliefs daily with the memes of our inner dialogue and with memes from the view of others  We view outside reality through the filters of our beliefs  Our reality and our bodies mirror our beliefs  Life may not follow your conscious desires, but it follows your beliefs  The most efficient way to change your behaviour is to change your beliefs 12/16/20155
  6. 6. Beliefs and memes Beliefs consist of coherent sets of memes:  Being, identity: “I’m a good person”  Potential “I can do good”  Descriptive categories “I have green eyes”  Cause-effect relationships “I’m a good person because I do good; I do good because I’m a good person”  Conditional relationships “If I do good, I am a good person; If I’m a good person, I do good” 12/16/20156
  7. 7. Beliefs that create identity Self: I am……… Others: The others are…….. Quality of life: Life is………. 12/16/20157
  8. 8. Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. “Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a MEANING that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.” - Tony Robbins Beliefs are POWERFUL 12/16/20158
  9. 9. POTENTIAL ACTION RESULTSBELIEFS How do we interpret? 12/16/20159
  10. 10. What is a limiting belief? 12/16/201510
  11. 11. 1. A limiting belief is one that causes life to be less than completely satisfying. 2. Limiting beliefs have more of a negative impact on your life than any other factor 12/16/201511
  12. 12. Discovering Your Limiting Beliefs  To change anything, you first must identify it.  It's important to stay relevant. We all have tons of limiting beliefs, but the truth is that many of them are irrelevant.  Only worry about the limiting beliefs that are going to have the greatest impact. 12/16/201512
  13. 13. Limiting beliefs  I can’t…..  I never….  I always…. What aspect of your life would you like to change? 12/16/201513
  14. 14. The current state STORY ACTIONS RESULTSTHOUGHTS FEELINGS 12/16/201514
  15. 15. Story The reason I believe ___________________________ is:  Education  Family  Work  Money  Health 12/16/201515
  16. 16. Thoughts and feelings My story makes me think: ____________________________________________ My story makes me feel: ____________________________________________ 12/16/201516
  17. 17. Current actions and results  Because of the way I feel and think, I do this: _________________________________  And experience the following results _________________________________ 12/16/201517
  18. 18. The future state STORYACTIONSRESULTS THOUGHTSFEELINGS The only way to achieve different results is through change 12/16/201518
  19. 19. Desired state - GOALS ACTIONS What can I do to get the results I want? 12/16/201519
  20. 20. Thoughts and feelings As I change my actions and achieve different results, I expect to think: ____________________________________________ And I expect to feel: ____________________________________________ 12/16/201520
  21. 21. A NEW story I’ve put away the thoughts and feelings that were holding me back, I’ve changed my actions and mindset and this is my NEW EMPOWERING belief:  I can…..  I’ll always….  I never…. 12/16/201521
  22. 22. One of the main ways that limiting beliefs have a significant negative impact on our lives is that they short- circuit the success process 12/16/201522
  23. 23. 1. Decide clearly what you want. 2. Do something to make it happen . 3. Adjust your approach as you gain new expertise 4. Keep going until you're successful Four Steps of Success Process 12/16/201523
  24. 24. What’s important for you today? Align your life with your values Take action Celebrate results Pay it forward 12/16/201524
  25. 25. P A Process W 12/16/201525
  26. 26. If you have an area of your life that displeases you and you're not actively doing something to fix it, then it's a pretty good bet that you have a limiting belief (finances, relationships, health, fun/adventure, & any other aspect of your life in which you're experiencing dissatisfaction.) EXERCISE: 1. Make a list of the areas in your life where you feel challenged 2. Identify the beliefs that are contributing to your challenges Make a list of all of your beliefs, good and bad, regarding the challenges you identified above. Don't attempt to filter them as while doing this; just get them all listed 12/16/201526
  27. 27. Think about which beliefs are having the greatest negative impact on your life. One way to do this is to consider how your behavior would change if that belief were eliminated from your life. Don't just guess which beliefs are the most damaging. Really examine it and consider the change that your life would experience if you weren't held back by that belief. EXERCISE: 3. Identify the beliefs that are holding you back 4. Put the negative beliefs in order Start with the limiting belief that you feel is creating the most challenge in your life. Put them all in order from the belief having the greatest negative impact to least. It makes sense to spend your time where it's going to do the most good. Prioritizing your time is always a valuable strategy 12/16/201527
  28. 28. 1. Ask yourself if the belief is true 3. Your declaration 5. Replace the belief 4. Imagine being free from the belief 2. Determine the source of your belief Steps of change 6. Find evidence for the new belief 7. Test yourself 12/16/201528
  29. 29.  Limiting beliefs really do put our lives in a stranglehold. They can lead us to believe that we have limited options to deal with our challenges or that we’re limited in doing new things.  These beliefs have profound negative consequences and eliminating them is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.  By systematically going through all of your limiting beliefs, it’s possible to dramatically improve your life. Always remember that new limiting beliefs will occur over time, and it's important to check yourself for these new limiting beliefs.  Life can be relatively easy and simple. Deal with your mental obstacles and you'll see those are the biggest obstacles you have.  Look at your limiting beliefs today – your life will never be the same! Conclusion 12/16/201529
  30. 30. THANK YOU! CHANGE TODAY! GOD BLESS YOU 12/16/201530

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