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Athabasca University [infographic]

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The infographic outlines the immense success Athabasca University had with an IntelliResponse Virtual Agent deployment.

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Athabasca University [infographic]

  1. 1. IntelliResponse Success Story: Athabasca University The millionth query is a milestone at Athabasca 500% ROI 20,000 QUERIES PER being answered MONTH are now by AskAU with well over 95% Athabasca University has saved over $5 for every $1 invested in IntelliResponse Because the staff no longer spends so much of their time answering routine calls, they can now have higher quality conversations that are more consultative in nature. of all queries recieving One Right Answer 31% INCREASE in average call length means more one-on-one time for students Despite a 42% increase in students, emails have virtually been eliminated while selfservice queries through AskAU have grown dramatically. Since the implementation of IntelliResponse, total queries from prospective students have gone up by 52% but staffing has only increased by 13%. SPONSORED BY: www.IntelliResponse.com