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Increasing Conversions Through Content

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Increasing Conversions Through Content

  1. 1. How to Create a Winning Content Strategy to Increase Conversions
  2. 2. Our Housts Khalid Saleh CEO of Invesp A recognized expert of marketing strategy, Khalid has been a frequent guest in key media outlets, including CNN, BBC, SKY, France 24, MSNBC, New York Times, National Public Radio, and more. He is an in-demand speaker who has presented at marketing conferences across the globe. Joe Sinkwitz Prior to joining CopyPress to take ownership of everything sales and marketing, Joe spent the last 11 years co-managing a boutique SEO agency focused on hypercompetitive industries; prior to that he worked throughout the search marketing world, sold software and services, and was even a tax software developer for a while. This destroyer of nachos and connoisseur of fine wine holds a dual BSBA in Operations Management and Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona and a MBA from Arizona State University.
  3. 3. Join the conversation @invesp #invespCRO
  4. 4. How Do You Develop a Winning Content Strategy? 1. Get a sense of the overall topic of the website and the theme; 2. Identify the top players currently in the market, where they're ranking, what they're ranking for, where they seem to be getting most of their traffic; 3. Segment data into topical buckets: evaluate domain's rankings within those specific phrases to the various competitions.
  5. 5. Determine Which Pages • Need to create from scratch that are not currently being covered; • Really need to be rewritten; • Need to be completely overhauled; • Need to be combined; • Need to be interlinked better throughout the domain; • Need some degree of external link love in order to rank better
  6. 6. Tools to Help You Develop Good Content Strategy • SpyFu • Ahrefs • ScrapeBox • Xenu
  7. 7. What Are Search Engines Looking For? • They are measuring links in some capacity (the velocity, where they're coming from, what they are saying when they point to you); • They are looking at the content in terms of whether it's good or bad; • They are looking into that overall user engagement.
  8. 8. How Do You Measure User Engagement? o Pre-experience and that's the click through rate into your site as compared to the other potential listings on that page; o How quickly is the user leaving; o Time on site; o One view session VS. multi view session.
  9. 9. A Good Content Plan A year out if possible (Depends upon the industry): • Enough to develop the different types of content you might want to deploy; • A fair amount of time to fix what needs to be fixed. Two golden rules: • Be really obsessive about your analytics; • Set up broad match PPC campaigns.
  10. 10. How Long Does it Take to See The Impact of New Content/Links? o It could be very quick or it could take weeks and weeks and weeks; o Google changed how quickly they're indexing certain types of pages; o The higher the authority of link source, the quicker the impact; o If the new content is just a page you've got on your domain, but it's linked/ promoted anywhere, the chance of it having an impact is going to be very low; o Real synergy = much quicker and more impact.
  11. 11. “Getting Obsessive About You Analytics” 1. Dig deep into your analytics looking for: 1. Low conversion phrases: • Spend more time developing up this topic • Add more calls to actions 2. high conversion content, that is not promoted appropriately off page. 3. A very high click through rate page.
  12. 12. Setting Up Broad Match PPC Campaign • Setting it up by creating a campaign with a single phrase at the broad match. • That allows you to discover possible new words online users are searching for • When having a large enterprise website: any type of praise or topic can be approached • But for a smaller entity, basically do the same way, just on a slower pace.
  13. 13. Crafting That Content That Captures Visitors. Trial and error: 1. Based on experience : • The overall historical data of your domain • Other projects from the past. 2. Run a test.
  14. 14. Four Signals of Good Quality Content • Is it getting links? • What are those links coming from? • How long are visitors staying on that particular page? • Is it extremely relevant content?
  15. 15. Blogging For Small to Mid-sized Business Must create a strategy: • Blog on a schedule, and cover a specific topic completely. • Focus on the depth of the content and the satisfaction of that particular's query. • Mix other content types. Using multiple content types because you can tie it back to blog posts or have a blog post reference it. In short: try a certain strategy based on the data you have and then reformulating that strategy as data comes in.
  16. 16. Increasing Conversions Through Content - Case Studies
  17. 17. Increasing Conversions Through Content - Case Studies
  18. 18. Increasing Conversions Through Content - Case Studies
  19. 19. Examples of Interactive Content
  20. 20. Examples of Interactive Content
  21. 21. Takeaways Whether in Strategy or Tatics 1. Understand that if you're considering creating content, you have to understand: • why you're creating it? • who you're creating it for? • and what your promotional tactics are going to be? 2. Start by understanding who you're creating things for and where they live, then dive into creating your content strategy and determine what tools you might need to build it. 3. Whatever strategy you come up with, pay very close attention to your analytics.
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