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Digital Media Bigger than TV - Get Onboard

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Advertising On Digital media has overtaken TV and the trend is accelerating- If you don't have digital as part of your marketing strategy you are missing the boat.. Get on Board now. This book gives you a simple and easy to follow explanation of whats happening and what you need to do.

This is Ian R. Claytons second book in the series Marketing Hotels and Tourism online is Digital Media. It is for business managers, owners and marketers.


The illustration and examples are taken from the hotel, hospitality and tourism industry but the insights and strategies apply to any business. This book follow Ians best seller WEBSITE, the first in the series Marketing Hotels & Tourism Online.

See more at http://marketinghotelsandtourism.com/digitalmedia-marketing/

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Digital Media Bigger than TV - Get Onboard

  1. 1. DIGITAL MEDIA MARKETING HOTELS Book Review Chapter 1 
  2. 2. Chapter 1 Review This a quick summary of what to expect in the book Chapter 1 - Introduction An introduction to the book, its Author and what is the purpose and motivation for the book. Ian R Claton is an award winning digital pioneer and a best selling author for his previous book in the series - WEBSTE. Ian has been featured in the new York times and many media. He has written 3 books and is work on a 4th and 5th now. His mission is to provide useful practical help to small business and his practical passion in travel and tourism. With over 20 years in the industry he has a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share. …… 
  3. 3. Table of Contents All of the major topics in digital market are covered in this book. A more advanced level of analysis will be presented in the next book, TECHNOLOGY. The topics are explained in simple language that does not require great knowledge of the internet. Important aspects are explained in a way that will help owners and managers understand what they need to do and what to outsource. The book shares deep insights and links to external sources and resources throughout all pages. Digital Leads all Media Advertising
 “Digital Media is the new media. It has become the new way of communicating and influencing others. Traditional media is still very much alive and well, but it too is adjusting to the new format, where digital is an imperative. Today we are looking at digital media as a reality for all media. Digital advertising in all forms has now surpassed TV - unthinkable just a few years ago. Their are fundamental shifts in the way we communicate and market in the digital world and the book shows how to adjust and succeed in digital. DIGITAL MEDIA CHAPTERS - 1 !3
  4. 4. Programatic The new word in the digital age is “Programmatic”. This simply means that content can be programmed, manipulated and customised on the fly. It is making advertising more available, not just to larger marketers but also to local and smaller advertisers. This means are message are entirely different and must be targeted to the right audience where they prefer to be. Audience are frequenting all social media and can be far better identified today than ever before. DIGITAL MEDIA CHAPTERS - 1 !4
  5. 5. 
 Old way was all Push Marketing Today we communicate personally, one-on-one, peer-to-peer and deliver messages on demand. We have moved from pushing content out to consumers, to having it pulled from the Internet via searches, channels and action that consumers choose and the question they ask. Pull & Push DIGITAL MEDIA CHAPTERS - 1 !5
  6. 6. Why, What, How The book explains the why - what- when and how of digital media marketing. The Author Ian R. Clayton shares his 20 years of experience with deep insights into what works and why. Sharing Insights, Tool and Resources
 In this book Ian will share his insights, the tools he likes and the resources he has found most effective and reliable. He provides links to outsources and marketing services that he has used and to statistics and trends that are useful in planning a marketing strategy. DIGITAL MEDIA CHAPTERS - 1 !6
  7. 7. Contacts Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Digital-Media-Marketing-Hotels-Driving/dp/1980271259 short code http://digitalmediaebook.com DIGITAL MEDIA CHAPTERS - 1 !7