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PersonaHolidays Business Opportunity

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Outline of the the business model and the business opportunity with PersonaHolidays - The technology that will disrupt travel search, bookings and marketing.

The slides look at several business models.

The game changer is to help Hotel Chains, Associations and Destination Marketing Organization. To give chains a chance to win back market share for direct bookings. This is where the best value can be passed on to travelers.

it is the answer to OTA domination of the marketing channels.

More info: http://FascinatingTravelers.com/business
Live Demo http://FascinatingTravelers.com/barbados

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PersonaHolidays Business Opportunity

  1. 1. Person Holid ys P PersonaHolidays Business Model A Game Changer PersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  2. 2. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Game Changer here is how and why the change is coming We have developed a technology that we believe will have a significant impact on the way travelers search, plan and book holidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  3. 3. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Travelers Love it We know that Travelers love it and they stay longer on site and do more! 500% more Engagement When we installed just the interactive visual search component on our site - engagement went up 500 % 300 % more Conversion Friday, 4 August, 17
  4. 4. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays PersonaHolidays We are calling the application PersonaHolidays - It is the fastest, most interactive, immediately responsive visual system in travel Our advanced search, filtering and personality matching uses technology perfected in nuclear and chemical engineering which has never before applied to travel before. e result is stunning interactions that are explosively fast with pages that dance in immediate response to every click.   Friday, 4 August, 17
  5. 5. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Real Breakthrough is Personality Matching PersonaHolidays’ real breakthrough is that it silently creates a travel persona for every visitor and matches them with holiday experiences based on personality All at the Speed of thought! Friday, 4 August, 17
  6. 6. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Inference Engine e core is an inference engine that analyses travelers every interaction and creates the travel personas. Featuring their individual psychological preferences, likes, needs and moods that are .. matched with hotels of like character Friday, 4 August, 17
  7. 7. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays 98% Spot on Recommendations e feedback we received on test with real travelers had a 98 % accuracy rating - only 2% found it not right for them Friday, 4 August, 17
  8. 8. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Reason to Book It will give travelers a reason to book with the hotel directly rather than OTAs that do not understand them, is not personal and does not match them with holiday that fit their personality Friday, 4 August, 17
  9. 9. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Travelers Want Personal Recommendations Too many times we see reports and studies that travelers want more personalization and are frustrated with SEARCH that show all the same search options; amenities, location & price Friday, 4 August, 17
  10. 10. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Frustrated Travelers Visit 30 sites We know that travelers look at 30 or so sites before making a booking, Frustrating as all option in search are exactly the same. Travelers are looking for experiences that cannot be described by amenities, price and location. Friday, 4 August, 17
  11. 11. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Traditional Search - no Sense of Ambience & Personality Without Personality matching travelers get the same old amenities search that does nothing to understand them This leaves many travelers frustrated with search and unhappy with vacations Friday, 4 August, 17
  12. 12. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays We Know Hotels Personality Most importantly we take the time to understand what makes a hotel truly special, based on personal knowledge, brand psychology assessment, and feedback from real guests Friday, 4 August, 17
  13. 13. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Give Chains a Chance We plan to give hotels chains & destinations a tool to make travelers want to book with them! Something the OTAs don’t offer! Understanding who they are and fitting them perfectly with hotel that match Friday, 4 August, 17
  14. 14. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Only 1% Commission At only 1% of their booking they can afford to give travelers a great value as they will not have to pay the OTAS commission of 15 to 30%. Friday, 4 August, 17
  15. 15. Person Holid ys P Proof Travelers stay longer, do more and love the experience PersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  16. 16. Person Holid ys P Travelers stay longer and do more 0.53 3.44 0.53 3.44 500% Increase in Engagement PersonaHolidays Visual Bookings was installed on barbados.org in 2013 - it had an immediate impact as shown above. The new system was interactive and immediate whereas the old system was iterative. We went from directory lists to a dynamic system that was faster than any hotel search and bookings. This visual bookings system did not have personality matching which would have boosted the numbers. Friday, 4 August, 17
  17. 17. Person Holid ys P 3 times more clicks 0.924 2.989 300% Increase in Conversion PersonaHolidays Conversion was when a travel clicks off to the hotels website.We do not know what their close rate was, but we did increase the leads by 300% at that time. Or aim now is to test all this out with a live hotel chain and track all to completion of a successful booking. Friday, 4 August, 17
  18. 18. “This system knows me better than I know myself” Person Holid ys P User Feedback Survey - Reliable Experience - Spot on Uniquely fast No one does what it does User’s Comment - Intelligent PersonaHolidays “This system knows me better than I know myself” In our survey, 587 voted that it captured their interest; 7 did not Travelers Stay Longer, do more and love personalization Traveler considered delaying wedding: “The choice was perfect. But it was going to be closed for the dates.” In our speed tests, it was 7 times faster than the competition “This system knows me better than I know myself” Friday, 4 August, 17
  19. 19. Person Holid ys P Team PersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  20. 20. Person Holid ys PNoted for out-of-the-box thinking, Ian won e Atlantic Canada Business Innovation Grant for geographic data sharing (info-atlas) between private sector, education and government. PersonaHolidays Ian moved the idea of an info-atlas to the Caribbean and started the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia in 1994 (3 million unique visitors/year). e company developed one of the first dynamic packaging systems using matchmaker technology. It created one of the first booking engines for independent small hotels on Facebook and was featured in the New York Times for its use of social media in tourism. Graduated Concordia University - First Class Honors; B.Com. Marketing & Business Systems Concordia and McGill University - Masters Computer Science M.Sc ABT Kathy-Lynn Ward has been leading a team of web developers and programmers at AXSES SCI Tourism Development from its inception in 1995. Kathy is the creative genius responsible for development of the arcRes Bookings Platform, the Facebook Booking Engine, Bookable-ads, Visual Bookings and the new PersonaHolidays. Kathy-Lynn Ward won the Award of Excellence for Tourism Services at the Barbados Tourism Awards in 2009. She is considered to be one of the brightest minds in computer programming in the Caribbean. Graduated University of the West Indies - First Class Honors; B.Sc. Computer Science Advanced Google Analytics Certified Professional Kathy-Lynn Ward, COO AXSES Author: Marketing Hotels and Tourism Series (i)| Rogues in Paradise* Publisher/Manager of the West Indies Cricket section of the international website Rivals.com Ian R. Clayton CEO AXSES, Author/Publisher i. Website, Digital Media*, Technology* * coming soon AXSES AllCast Marketing & Production Friday, 4 August, 17
  21. 21. Person Holid ys P Case Study PersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  22. 22. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Implement a Real Destination or Hotel Chain We need a real life reference - with an authority Destination or hotel chain that we can showcase as successful example Also we need live 3rd party hotel data to refine our matching systems and automate hotel branding assessment Friday, 4 August, 17
  23. 23. generates the travel matchwords and updates supplier data Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Suppliers Hotel Resort Villa Apartment B&B Attractions Activities Fascination Advantage® Branding acRes Systems behaviour analysis matches travelers and hotels by personality immediate, intuitive, visual personalized travel planning Immediate Personal Recommendations Matchwords Engine dynamic friendlyfun-loving serene adventure quietstylish Friday, 4 August, 17
  24. 24. Person Holid ys P Business Model PersonaHolidays Friday, 4 August, 17
  25. 25. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays ere are 3 major business options 1. Partner with Destinations, Hotel Associations & Chains - is the primary market - it is where will refine the technology and assumptions. It is a low cost of entry as chains have established traffic we will tap into. e technology transferred is Matchmaker.Travel 2. Setup our Own PersonaHolidays Channel - is is most expensive as we will be competing for business with OTAs - Priceline and Expedia spend $8 Million pa in advertising - more that the 5 largest chains together. We may well enter this market in stage 2 using the metasearch, SEO and paid ads. 3. Sell Technology to OTAs - We feel this is the least disruptive option. OTAs dominate marketing and hotel are seeking ways to compete as OTAs largely commoditize hotel rooms. e technology Matchmaker.travel is unique and OTAs are a potential buyer. Business Models Friday, 4 August, 17
  26. 26. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays Prospective  Market  Sector  Model  1  -­  Hotel  Chains ere are 1 million hotels worldwide with annually revenue of $550 billion (i) e top 10 hotel Chains account for $70 US billion in revenue (ii) Conservatively if Persona is able to do business with 1% of just this market we are looking at 700,000,000 gross revenue (ii). - At a license of 1% = 7 Million Revenue PA Notes 1.  http://www.hospitalitynet.org/news/4073336.html 11.  https://www.statista.com/statistics/273064/revenue-­‐of-­‐the-­‐largest-­‐hotel-­‐groups-­‐worldwide/   Destinations/Chains Potential Friday, 4 August, 17
  27. 27. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidays More Info e Travel-MatchMaker Engine http://Matchmaker.Travel Powering PersonaHolidays and Destinations Brand Marketing Live Installation: Personaholidays Application http://Start.PersonaHolidays.com Friday, 4 August, 17
  28. 28. Person Holid ys PPersonaHolidaysContact US Please contact iclayton (at) axses.com Friday, 4 August, 17