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Solicitation letters

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Solicitation letters

  1. 1. Department of Education Region XII Division of Sultan Kudarat District of Central Isulan ISULAN CENTRAL SCHOOL SPED CENTER IsulanMarch 01, 2013DANDY TABAT JR.BusinessmanPablo Ko, Kalawag IIsulan, Sultan KudaratSir:Greetings of Peace and Prosperity!Isulan Central School SPED Center was one of the 2012 Brigada Potential School Champion-Big School Category in the Division of Sultan Kudarat. Thus, we are making utmost effort in thepreparation for this school year 2013-2014 in order to show the best in all aspects for the goodof the school community.In this connection, we are planning to establish the Isulan Central School SPED Center GradeFive Projects like Reading Center, Pathway, and FAITH Garden with your full support to makethese into reality for the benefits of all the pupils and teachers and serve as the highlights forthis Brigada Eskwela 2013.Thus, we would like to solicit the following items that will be utilized for the said Projects:___________ Bags of cement___________ Hollowblocks___________ Gallons of paint___________ Loads of sand___________ Ceiling fansMay this request be extended from your kindness and consideration.We much appreciate your good hands extended to us.Thank you and God bless!Truly yours,NIDA R. NABORAsst. to the Principal in Physical AspectsNoted:SAMBRA HADJIESMAEL-CAMSA, MAEdPrincipal I
  2. 2. Department of Education Region XII Division of Sultan Kudarat District of Central Isulan ISULAN CENTRAL SCHOOL SPED CENTER IsulanFebruary 28, 2013_______________________________________________________________Sir/ Madam:Greetings of Peace and Prosperity!The Isulan Central School SPED Center will be celebrating “Recognition Day” this coming March18, 2013. The pupils’ honorees and conduct awardees will be given medals to uplift their self-esteem as honor pupils and be able to recognize parents’ effort and full support to theirchildren.In this connection, we humbly ask at least 20 (twenty) pieces of gold medals as a sort ofdonations from your good office or personal support to this matter.We really appreciate your help and full support to our school program.Thank you and God Bless.Respectfully yours,IRIS C. NAVARROTeacher AdviserNoted:SAMBRA HADJIESMAEL-CAMSA, MAEdPrincipal I