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Enterprise Gamification by itzCorinne

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Is Gamification legit or a leap of faith? Presentation investigates whether (or not) there is real business value by looking at case studies, market data, enterprise use cases and best practices. Includes user adoption impact and potential to improve brand loyalty and brand visibility.

Enterprise Gamification by itzCorinne

  1. 1. E NTERPRISE G AMIFICATIONREAL VALUE OR LEAP OF FAITH? Corinne Schmid, ECMM Director, Solution Marketing | OpenText cschmid@opentext.com | Twitter: itzCorinne
  2. 2. Forbes The Gamification of SAP, Wall Street Journal Gamification: Hype or Game-Changer?, I‟ve been reading a lotabout Gamification lately. Business Week CEO Guide to Business Gamification InformationWeek Dell Hopes to Score with Gamification, Financial Post Gamification – Games Business Play Los Angeles Times Businesses are using game mechanics online to rev up sales BBC News Gamification time: What if everything were just a game? Imediaconnections 15 Brand Examples of Gamification Mashable 5 Predictions for Game Mechanics in 2011
  3. 3. Was this legit?Or a leap of faith?I needed to investigate:• Who‟s using Gamification?• Why?• What is Gamification?• Why would I want it?• Does it drive business value?• How do I get started?
  4. 4. I quickly found companieswho had taken the leap…
  5. 5. Buffalo Wild Wings They generated 100+ million social impressions via Facebook and Twitter First three weeks After three months - 30,000 players 184,000 players Users completed 1 in 3 players 7 challenges returned to play again.Source: http://mashable.com/2011/07/18/gamification-marketing/
  6. 6. Green Giant & Farmville gamified vegetables! The campaign generated 420,000+ „Likes‟ on FacebookSource: Farmvillefreak.com
  7. 7. Playboy crowned „Miss Social‟ illustratingthat sex sells, even more, when gamified…
  8. 8. Playboy doubled its consumer base within 4 months  85 % rate of re-engagement  60 % improvement in revenues from one month to the next.  December 2010 – March 2011, grew active user base by 80,000. Errr, I just read it for the articles, of course…Source: VentureBeat
  9. 9. American Express Nextpedition„Travel sign‟ racks up over 2 million „likes‟ Source: Facebook
  10. 10. The US Army gamified recruitment.America‟s Army was more successful than all other recruiting programs combined.
  11. 11. SAP + Fun + Gamification? “Had the most fun I’ve had at an analyst event…”SAP Plays Games with the Analysts, and the Gamification of the Enterprise BeginsJosh Greenbaum, Posted on February 28, 2011I went to a preview showing of a new SAP product last week, and had about the most funI’ve had an analyst event since….well, if I had more fun than I had at last week’s event, Ican’t remember… That’s because SAP chose to “gamify” the presentation Michael Krigsman, on March 1, 2011 at 2:49 am said: I was at the same event and must agree strongly with Josh’s positive impression. The entire setup was designed to be engaging, substantive, and thoughtful….
  12. 12. It certainly looked promising. But what exactly is Gamification?
  13. 13. Gamification The use of game play thinking and mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences. Typically applied to non-game applications; particularly consumer-oriented web and mobile sites, in order to encourage people to adopt the applications. Source: Wikipedia
  14. 14. Huh?
  15. 15. I found it easier todefine whatgamification isn’t…
  16. 16. It‟s not monkey business at work…
  17. 17. Or turning work into a fantasy landNo knights No dragons No aliens…
  18. 18. No virtual farms….
  19. 19. And no (mis) leading employees...
  20. 20. So what is Gamification?
  21. 21. Source: Gameinformer.com (Feb 2011)
  22. 22. I think I‟ve got it!It‟s about applying theprinciples of gamingto non-games.
  23. 23. But why would a business want this?
  24. 24. Enterprise Gamification can increase user engagement, influence behavior and motivate participation.
  25. 25. I‟ll paint a picture to seeif I understand…
  26. 26. Enterprise gamification would help me gofrom this…
  27. 27. and this…
  28. 28. to this!!
  29. 29. HOW?By applying gaming principles - gamemechanics and game dynamics
  30. 30. What on earth are game mechanics and dynamics?! I needed a quick run through… GAME DYNAMICS GAME MECHANICSStrategies commonly used in Tactics commonly used in games game design based on to encourage gameplay. Thispsychological motivations to includes Badges, Points, Leader drive behavior. boards, Levels, Challenges, and Achievements
  31. 31. Getting warmer.. But I still wasn‟t 100% clear… I didn‟t see the real value it would bring to the business… I looked to industry experts
  32. 32. http://lithosphere.lithium.com/t5/Building-Community-the-Platform/What-is-Gamification-Really/ba-p/30447
  33. 33. http://lithosphere.lithium.com/t5/Building-Community-the-Platform/What-is-Gamification-Really/ba-p/30447
  34. 34. Michael also says, “Rather than speak corporatese and gobbleygook, start using game mechanics.”http://gamificationofwork.com/2011/09/gamification-is-not-a-game/
  35. 35. http://lithosphere.lithium.com/t5/Building-Community-the-Platform/What-is-Gamification-Really/ba-p/30447
  36. 36. SocialCast sees 5 Ways it can strengthen your businesshttp://blog.socialcast.com/e2sday-adding-play-to-the-enterprise/
  37. 37. 1. Energize Your Workforce2. Drive Performance Improvement3. Innovate Organically4. Motivate Teams5. Identify Emerging Leaders http://blog.socialcast.com/e2sday-adding-play-to-the-enterprise/
  38. 38. Quite compelling! I knew that many experts come from software vendors… …Would industry analysts share their enthusiasm?
  39. 39. Gartner seems to! Webinar hosted by Mark Raskino, VP & Gartner Fellow, February 2011
  40. 40. Gartner also added Gamification to its Hype Cyclefor Emerging Technologies, 2011. Source: Gartner (July 2011)
  41. 41. M2 Research forecasts rapid market growth –from $100m (2011) to nearly $3 BILLION in 2016! (in $100m) $3,000 $2,500 $2,000 $1,500 $1,000 $500 $0 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
  42. 42. Gartner predicts significant adoption from the Global 2000. Gartner Says By 2015, “By 2014, a gamified service More Than 50 Percent of for consumer goods Organizations That marketing and customer Manage Innovation retention will become as Processes Will Gamify important as Facebook, Those Processes eBay or Amazon, and more than 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have at Press Release least one gamified Egham, UK, application,” April 12, 2011 Gartnerhttp://www.gartner.com/it/page.jsp?id=1629214
  43. 43. The analysts see potential and huge growth! What about B2B? And could it be effective for non-marketing applications?
  44. 44. OpenText gamified its internal Social Mediaprogram and increased adoption by 250%
  45. 45. Cisco gamified its annual sales kick-offhttp://www.nomimes.com/casestudies/hunt/
  46. 46. Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon taught the company that the more users leverage additional portions of the platform, the more it leads to retention and customer satisfaction.http://blog.junta42.com/2011/07/gamification-examples-content-marketing/
  47. 47. SAP gamified their Las Vegas TechEdConference
  48. 48. SAP‟s Gamification Strategy “Unite 1 billion Earthlings within 48 moons to defend the empire against the dark hordes.” Their words, not mine. I‟m a frog and not part of any dark horde.Source: SAP Gamification Overview
  49. 49. IBM saved millions by gamifying product manual translation and localization. The IBM Social laboratory is also using gamification and crowdsourcing principles to reduce the cost of internal projects….[Jeff] Schick cited a language translation and localization effort for product manuals that typically cost the company millions. Yet IBM was able to significantly reduce the expense and increase accuracy by awarding points to employees who helped translate the documents. Employees with the highest point totals earned money for their charities.”http://gamification.com/post/7903026979/the-ibm-social-laboratory-is-also-using
  50. 50. MetaStorm gamified their community to providebetter support for their customers and partners.
  51. 51. That‟s legit! Enterprise Gamification improves engagementand participation amongemployees, partners and customers.
  52. 52. All together, I‟ve seen three ways thatGamification can benefit the business…
  53. 53. Gamification is being used to build brand loyaltyand awareness plus engage end users. Brand Awareness Brand Loyalty User Engagement Brand Awareness, User 22% Engagement, 44% Brand Loyalty, 33% Source: M2 Research
  54. 54. Wait!What about VALUE ?
  55. 55. We know that useradoption is key to the ROI of technology investments.Let‟s take a look a the state of end user adoption…
  56. 56. 2010 Survey asked, What is the greatest factor preventing end-users’ from deriving value from software?60% cited “slow adoption/transference of best practices” Source: NeoChange (2010)
  57. 57. The same study cited the average effective usage rate was 54% Source: NeoChange (2010)
  58. 58. Up to 25% of end-users application face- time can be lost productivity. Ho-hum Source: NeoChange (March(2010) Source: NeoChange 2011)
  59. 59. Gamers tend to be moremotivated than non-gamers to beconnected to others, and theydisplay a higher than averagepropensity to interact with brandson social networks... Adam Kleinberg for Mashable
  60. 60. That‟s cool. User Adoption creates business value by improving ROI and lowering TCO.That‟s important stuff for IT and the business.
  61. 61. And gamification impacts user adoption (by improving user engagement). That will drive ROI and TCO. That‟s real value.
  62. 62. Brand loyalty is related tocustomer satisfaction and retention.If customers are satisfied and loyal – this reduces churn rates.
  63. 63. Research shows that SaaS companies experience between 8.5% to 60% churn rates. If Gamification can reduce churn rates, that impacts real dollars.Sources: Cloudave.com
  64. 64. I understood the value. Now, I just needed to skate through HOW one applies gamification.Sources: AIIM and Cloudave.com
  65. 65. Remember these guys?
  66. 66. It‟s about staying in the „Game Mechanic Zen‟ zone Source: Mashable
  67. 67. And there‟s method to design…Source: Gabe Zichermann (Loop) and Gamificationofwork.com [Logo] . Note: Gabe is a Gamification super hero.
  68. 68. Gamification gurus from Bunchball recommend these 11 stepsSource: http://www.bunchball.com/
  69. 69. Know the Rules and Considerations – avoidgetting into deep Sheep! Source: Davis Wright, Tremaine, An Introduction to Gamification, April 2011.
  70. 70. To evaluate „readiness‟ for gamification, I needed to look into the state of our… Content Strategy Social Media Program User Experience & Design (UXD) Strategy! Yep, you’ll need one of those with clear objectives and performance metrics.  Oh yeah, don’t’ forget that budget and resource thing too! Commitment from executive sponsors and key stakeholders Project management: experienced at coordinating multiple departments, deadlines and diverse personalities.  Could also include agencies, vendors and/or contractors.
  71. 71. I had found answers: Who‟s using Gamification? Why? What is Gamification? Why would I want it? Does it drive business value? How do I get started?I used many sources to find this information…
  72. 72. Far from an exhaustive list, these are someof my fav‟s Gamification Gurus: • Gabe Zicherman, gamification.co • Mary Jo Kim, shufflebrain.com • Michael Wu, Ph.D, Lithium.com • Seth Priebatsch, SCVNGR.com • Adam Kleinberg, Traction.com Cool Companies: Many out there - these ones have great information online. • Bunchball • Gamify.it • Lithium • Shufflebrain • SCVNGR
  73. 73. I liked these books; Amazon has many, many more.Game-Based Marketing: Total Engagement: Using Fun Inc.: Why GamingInspire Customer Loyalty Games and Virtual Will Dominate the Through Rewards, Worlds to Change the Twenty-First CenturyChallenges, and Contests Way People Work and By: Tom ChatfieldBy: Gabe Zichermann and Businesses Compete (Nov 15, 2010) Joselin Linder By: Byron Reeves and J. (Mar 29, 2010) Leighton Read (Nov 2, 2009)
  74. 74. Slideshare has lots ofpresentations.
  75. 75. You can contact this nice lady too. • She‟s the Director of Solution Marketing at OpenText, • With over 15 years in B2B software marketing, • And is a master, an AIIM certified ECM master, that is. • She writes editorial and is a columnist with CMSWire.com • And she presented on Gamification and Content strategy at the EU Content Strategy Forum, Europe, 2011SHE‟S PASSIONATE ABOUT • Marketing 3.0, Apps (software & marketing automation) combined with the consumerization of IT – and how it‟s blazing a trail for new B2B marketing practices. • Keeping up with the Joneses and writing | blogging | sharing info on Content Strategy, Marketing and Mgmt. • Managing an insatiable obsession for shoes. • Certified Yoga Teacher and aspiring Yoga Therapist
  76. 76. That‟s it. Thanks!