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Роман Яворский "Introduction to DevOps"

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Роман Яворский "Introduction to DevOps"

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Роман Яворский "Introduction to DevOps"

  1. 1. www.luxoft.com Introduction to DevOps Roman Yavorskiy 2016 / 04 / 28
  2. 2. www.luxoft.com DEFINITION
  3. 3. www.luxoft.com DevOps Definition  Fancy name for SysAdmins  Dev doing Ops job  Having CI in place  Using Chef (or similar tool)  Automated Deployment What is DevOps?
  4. 4. www.luxoft.com DevOps Definition  DevOps integrates developers and operations teams in order to improve collaboration and productivity automating infrastructure, automating workflows and continuously measuring application performance A good attempt of DevOps definition
  5. 5. www.luxoft.com PRINCIPLES
  6. 6. www.luxoft.com DevOps Principles  Collaboration  Automation  Self service  Holistic system view Most common principles
  7. 7. www.luxoft.com DevOps Principles  DevOps movement starts from people  Improved communication  Silo’s elimination  Common ways of doing things Collaboration
  8. 8. www.luxoft.com DevOps Principles  Not about having CI  Starts from automating infrastructure  All the way up to automated testing, deployment  Doesn't mean automate everything Automation
  9. 9. www.luxoft.com DevOps Principles  Eliminate intermediate links  Having buffer/shared resource over request  Make possible to dev’s to do on their own Self service
  10. 10. www.luxoft.com DevOps Principles  Not all problem should be solved with code  Infrastructure is also part of application  Think about product not application “Holistic system thinking is about, as a member of an organisation, being able to think about how that problem can be solved in as many ways as possible, and taking into consideration every aspect of the product, the customer, the infrastructure and so forth” Holistic system view
  11. 11. www.luxoft.com PRACTICES
  12. 12. www.luxoft.com DevOps Practices  Configuration Management  Continuous Delivery  Monitoring and metrics collection  Version Control Useful practices
  13. 13. www.luxoft.com DevOps Practices  Infrastructure as a code  One source of truth  Idempotence Configuration management
  14. 14. www.luxoft.com DevOps Practices  Automate build/testing/integration/deployment  Every commit should build on an integration machine  Test in a clone of the production environment  Iterative  Visibility Continuous delivery
  15. 15. www.luxoft.com DevOps Practices  Live view  Quick reaction on unavailable service  Time + value + name  Events  See performance changes in dev Monitoring and metrics collection
  16. 16. www.luxoft.com DevOps Practices  Keeping history  Incremental changes  Versioning  Backup  Track differences  And much more Version control
  17. 17. www.luxoft.com TOOLS
  18. 18. www.luxoft.com DevOps Tools  Infrastructure as code  Built-in modules and custom scripts  Provision multiple servers  “Solo” mode  Push/pull Configuration management
  19. 19. www.luxoft.com DevOps Tools Configuration example
  20. 20. www.luxoft.com DevOps Tools  Run with “ansible-playbook <PLAYBOOK_NAME>.yml“ Configuration example
  21. 21. www.luxoft.com DevOps Tools Comparison
  22. 22. www.luxoft.com DevOps Tools Workflow example
  23. 23. www.luxoft.com WHEN DO YOU NEED DEVOPS
  24. 24. www.luxoft.com When do you need DevOps  Works in dev environment, but doesn’t work in production  Complicated deployment procedure  Took long time to recover  Can’t deploy as frequently as feature  Load testing in production  Retrieving information from prod is complex procedure Signs
  25. 25. www.luxoft.com BENEFITS
  26. 26. www.luxoft.com Benefits of DevOps  "Analysis of more than 20 000 people (from 110 countries), technical professionals around the world, making this the largest and most comprehensive DevOps study to date"  "Respondents came from organizations of all sizes: from tiny startups to 10,000-employee companies"  High-performing IT organizations experience 60X fewer failures and recover from failure 168X faster than their lower-performing peers. They also deploy 30X more frequently with 200X shorter lead times.  “Job satisfaction also highly correlates with DevOps practices and culture”  “DevOps practices increase employee satisfaction, which leads to better business outcomes“ State of DevOps
  27. 27. www.luxoft.com Benefits of DevOps  Faster delivery  Lower failure rate  More stable infrastructure  Reduced costs  Happier lives for everybody Why does it worth
  28. 28. www.luxoft.com THANK YOU
  29. 29. www.luxoft.com QUESTIONS ?