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Death of a loved one: 7 Tips to Console a Grieving Friend

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The first thing you can offer to your friend on the loss of their loved one is your sympathy and condolence. Follow these worthy tips to console your beloved friend at their time of grief.

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Death of a loved one: 7 Tips to Console a Grieving Friend

  1. 1. Death of a loved one: 7 tips to console a grieving friend Death is an inevitable reality of life and no matter how much we hate it we have to face it someday. Loss of a family member can make you really feel sad for a long time and it really becomes difficult to get out of the situation of grief when there is nobody around you to show their condolence and remind you about the pleasant memories of the departed. If you have ever gone through the feeling of losing a special family member who was really close to your heart, or a friend who was always near you, it is really difficult to accept their absence and you will really feel lonely without them until someone shows his affection and care to you. There is a number of people who want to help their friends get out of the situation of grief and sadness but they don’t know how to do it. Most of the people try to make them happy and cheer up by reminding them about the positive memories of the deceased but it is not a good thing to do at all because it will do nothing more than putting them under more and more pressure.
  2. 2. Here are some simple and easy to follow tips to help your friend feel better after having a period of grief after the loss of his loved one. 1. Time of grief The time period of the grief and sadness for your friend can be longer or shorter based on the cause of death of their loved one and many other factors. For example, if the person died an accidental death, the period of grief may be longer as compared to expected death. So let them shed tears over their loss and just stay near to them to help them at any time they need and show your presence so they realize you were always near to them at the hard times. 2. Memorize the time Making the bereaved realize about the pleasant memories of the deceased can also help your friend to cope with the sadness and grief of the loss of loved one. Reminding them about the positive memories of their loved ones will surely make them feel good after a long period of grief over their loss. However, don’t try to make them extra happy or cherishing because it can make the situation worse instead of better. Also be careful with the selection of the words you make to make them reminded because if you unintentionally mention something wrong, it can make them more sad and grieving instead of feeling good and forget their grief and sorrow. 3. Make them feel strong When you are trying to pull them out of the intense grief, make them feel strong will surely help to put a positive energy in the environment. It will also make them realize about the pleasant memories of the loved ones and when they start to feel strong, they will not remain grieving for a longer period of time. 4. Don’t make them over smile Making the family members feel more and more happy will cause of problems for you because if they feel extra cheered and happy, it will simply ruin the nature of
  3. 3. the ceremony. Also, if you keep telling them useless jokes, the will consider it a foolish tactic instead of a pleasant feeling. 5. Provide help and assistance If the friend have to do the arrangements or work while the grieving period, providing them with any possible assistance and help for the things they had to do will help them get out of the grief period. Also they appreciate your presence as a helping hand to get out of the sadness of their loss. 6. Keep helping If you ask the bereaved at the time of the ceremony or arrangements for your assistance, they will not give it any importance because at that time, you are not the only one to provide them with assistance. They will only consider it as a formality. On the other hand, if you offer your assistance and help beside the ceremony arrangements and even after the ceremony and final customs, they will simply start to think about you and it will leave a good impression on them for you. 7. Make them chat with you It is a simple fact that if you share your problem with someone else, it will simply help you to get a solution. In the similar way, share the grief and sorrow with someone else makes us feel good. Ask your bereaved friend to share his thoughts and memories with you and if they consider sharing it with you, they will surely feel relaxed and better. When they tell you about the pleasant memories of the deceased, don’t forget to assure them of any help or assistance if they need it. Funeral Parlour: is one of the best online resources for premium funeral program templates, obituary memorial formats, thank you cards, funeral keepsakes, family remembrance calendars and much more. https://funeralparlour.com/templates/