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Video presentation

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Video presentation

  1. 1. Creating “homemade” instructional videos to “flip” a class.
  2. 2. You don’t have to use video to flip a class or lessonBefore class, students might –• Pre-read material• Answer questions online• Participate in an online discussionBut video does have its benefits –• Multi-modal• Can be paused, rewound, and watched again• It is consistent with the way kids learn
  3. 3. You don’t have to flip a class or lesson to use videoVideo can be used for –• Instruction/Review• Complex demonstrations• News, interviews, documentaries, etc.Video is great because –• Video exists on YouTube for almost any topic• Most students can access YouTube video from their phones
  4. 4. My students are overloaded• One or more team sports each year• Band, orchestra, chorus, etc.• Plays, Musicals, Forensics, Academic Decathlon, Fed Challenge, MSG Challenge, etc.• Student Government, RAM Page, Yearbook, various Honor Societies• Multiple AP classes• 7 or 8 classes with HW, projects, field trips, etc.
  5. 5. My students are overloaded• Work, church and community activities• God forbid they get sick or have family tragedies“Students realize that they are responsible forany missed work”Regardless of how good this sounds, it reallymeans I am responsible to teach them again
  6. 6. “Race to Nowhere” vs. “Tiger Mom”• College admissions are increasingly competitive• Students need extra-curricular specialization and strong academics• We are all working together for their success• Their success = Our success
  7. 7. For Me, Video = Survival• Video allows me to record basic classroom instruction for students who miss class or for those who just don’t get it• Video allows me to record explanations to important concepts for repeated reference• Video allows me to record solutions to homework problems so that I don’t have to answer all of them• Video allows me to cover a rigorous curriculum without racing through• Video allows me to use class time for activities that I never had a chance to get to before
  8. 8. Tools for Video Creation• Computer• Microphone• Screen Cast Software (free) - Jing