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Ecommerce websites from cts

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Visit Crest Technosoft for your next E commerce website at a affordable price.

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Ecommerce websites from cts

  1. 1. We Build Responsive Ecommerce Websites
  2. 2. Features Involved in Ecommerce Websites developed by Crest Technosoft ➔ Featured Products ➔ Related product ➔ Product Zoom ➔ Categories ➔ Good Navigation ➔ Good Payment Gateways like PayPal, Stripe etc. ➔ Customer login & registration ➔ Add to wishlist ➔ Shipping Calculator ➔ Shopping Cart and Search Box
  3. 3. Why Choose Crest Technosoft for your next project? ★ We create Bespoke Ecommerce Websites We build an ecommerce store for our clients from scratch and always involve our clients in the development process because client is the only person who has full information related to their business. ★ Mobile Friendly eShop eShop designed and developed at Crest Techno soft is made fully responsible and compatible with all the mobile devices available in the market so that customers have access to website from any of the device they are using. ★ Attractive visuals and result oriented website From the main page of website to the check-out page, we design every page with cool graphics so that we can engage the customer to your website.
  4. 4. What makes Crest Techno soft Special from other competitors : - 1) Unlimited Genuine Design revisions 2) Access to add unlimited products 3) Different platforms to choose for your eShop ( ranging from Woocommerce to virtual cart and Open-cart to Magento) 4) 24 x 7 technical support from Business and Sales team
  5. 5. Five secrets our Ecommerce websites :- 1) Eye-catching Visuals 2) Complete website design package ( Logo design + layout design + final Integration) 3) Easy to manage admin area 4) Cost-effective website 5) Bug free website
  6. 6. To discuss your next Ecommerce website Project You can give us a CALL @+91 9646545846 or visit our website http://cresttechnosoft.com/ ADDRESS: Crest Technosoft, E-203 1st Floor,Phase VIII-B Industrial Area, Mohali, India