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proyecto sena

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formato en ingles del sena

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proyecto sena

  1. 1. 107950073660Center of the Innovation,the Agroindustry andthe TourismNACIONAL SERVICE OF LEARNINGFORM FORMATION`S PROJECT1.1 Educational Institution: Industrial Technical Education Institution Simona Duque1.2 MUNICIPALITY: Regional: Antioquia1.3 Name of the project:Disabled Transportation1.4 Training Program that responds toStrengthen my profile for the world of work.1.5 Estimated time of execution of the project (months):6 months1.6 Companies or institutions that take part in his formulation or financing : (if exist)There are so far.1.7 Key words of searchTransport, Disability<br /> 2. Structure of the Project2.1 Approaching the ProblemSepretende that disabled people can be transported alone without assistance from others as we want it to fit a wheelchair into a car and can handle custom freely.2.2 Justification of the ProjectWe are doing this project for the disabled to have better quality of life and carrying their ownAnd people aware of the needs of disabled2.3 General objetiveAt a project where we know what they need to transport the disabled2.4 Specific objetive:. Helping the disabled to transportWinged people aware of the need to free them from mind moversCollaborate in the country to have new proposals for social responsibilityLearning from some disabled as is their life and make a proposal to improve them to them.2.5 scope2.5.1 Beneficiaries of the project2.5.2 ImpactSocialThey could go out aloneEconomicWe need to workEnvironmentalWell, it's a car but it could reduce pollutionTechnologicalIt is very technical and useful for the disabled2.5.3 Restrictions or associated risks:They would have to be many days and hours to do a small scale2.5.4. Products or results of the projectA better life for the disabled and excited to be able to transport those2.6:Innovation/ Technological management The project addresses a need of the productive sector yes/noYESThe project improves the process / product / service exists?.yes/noYESThe project involves the use of new techniques and process technologies yes/noYESThe end products are susceptible to industrial protection and / or copyrightyes/no NOThe products obtained in the project can be positioned in the market?.yes/noYES2.7 Productive assessmentWith the development of the project can meet the need for a potential customer. yes/noYESFeasibility of project business planyes/no3. Planning3.1 PROCESS STAGES 3.2 ACTIVITIES OF THE PROJECT3.3. RESULTS OF LEARNING(a partirof the program of formation)3.4 ASSOCIATE COMPETITIONDESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITYTEACHERSTHAT TAKE PARTHOURSEVIDENCESFase 1: Fundamentación TOTAL HOURS OF THE PHASE  PHASE 2: FORMULATE AND CONTEXTUALIZATIONTOTAL HOURS OF THE PHASE   PHASE 3:DIAGNOSTICTOTAL HOURS OF THE PHASE4 PHASE:ANALYSIS AND CONSTRUCTION OF THE PROPOSAL  TOTAL HOURS OF THE PHASE  5 PHASE:FINAL SOCIALIZATION AND EVALUATION OF THE PROCESS OF FORMATION  TOTAL HORAS DE LA FASE   3.5 organization of the project3.5.1 No. Needed instructors 3.5.2 Number of trainees suggested to participate in the project 3.6 Descripción of the learning environment nedded (tecnologies speciall3.7 Project OrganizationACTIVITIES OF THE PROJECT DURATION(MONTHS)Respected resourcesEquipment/toolsHuman talent/instructorsMaterials of formationDescription of equipment QuantitySpecialityQuantity DescriptionQuantity        <br />4. Estimated budget of the projectRESOURCESVALUEITEM PRESUPUESTAL FOR WHICH WILL FINANCE THE PROJECTEquipment ToolsHumant talentMaterials of formationTotal<br />