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  1. Power of Attorney Assigning Your Decision-Making to Someone Else
  2. JamesMorgan.Attorney wants to help everyone in our community make sound legal decisions based on: •truth •legal statute and •facts
  3. We strive to do this by offering only professional legal advice onlin in the comfort of your own home
  4. Sometimes, however, our legal professionals are put in a position where they do have to give legal recommendations for an individual to sign a Power of Attorney (POA). . .
  5. …especially when circumstances begin getting difficult for that said individual
  6. to make sound legal decisions in specific matters or might not otherwise have the capability of doing so.
  7. What is a Power of Attorney?
  8. A Power of Attorney (POA) Is a legal document or letter giving another person the written authority to make decisions for a particular individual.
  9. The individual signing the POA is known as a guarantor, principal, or sometimes called a DONOR
  10. The person receiving these said rights is called an “agent” in most jurisdictions. This particular person is given the decision-making right over an individual for matters specified in the POA letter or document.
  11. A POA can have several limitations or governing regulations, mainly in terms of time and legal areas of representation.
  12. For example, Ms Gonzalez can sign over the decision- making rights to her sister, for all purposes of renting her property in Los Angeles, California, while she is away in France.
  13. The time limitation is based on her being away and the legal representation of decision-making reflects only on her property as specified in the POA.
  14. When do you need a Power of Attorney?
  15. There are several circumstances that you will consider having a Power of Attorney.
  16. Here are several examples…
  17.  if you have to be away for extended periods of time out of the state or the country, and cannot be present to sign legal documents;
  18.  if you have rental property but live in a different state or country;
  19.  if you feel that you might become physically and/or mentally disabled to make sound legal decisions;
  20.  if you have property, assets, minor children, or other legal concerns, and are not capable of making these decisions.
  21. A word of caution . . .
  22. Not everyone can handle making legal decisions on behalf of someone else.
  23. When assigning a Power of Attorney, always consider who and why you have chosen a particular person to make legal decisions for you.
  24. JamesMorgan.Attorney provides professional, sound legal advice online in the comfort of your home.
  25. We strive to take the annoyance out of law and order, while maintaining a high standard and quality of the help, advice, and services we offer.
  26. Our online service is provided only by qualified legal professionals and attorneys who have the expertise and experience in a particular area of law in your community.