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Lessons Learned in Playing Empire Avenue

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Janette Toral shares how to enjoy Empire Avenue as a social capital game. She also shared its inherent tools available that can be useful for social media performance monitoring.

Lessons Learned in Playing Empire Avenue

  1. Lessons  Learned  in  Playing   Empire  Avenue   Jane6e  Toral  h6p://www.empireavenue.com/jane6etoral  
  2. If  I  can  restart  and  play  the  game  all   over  again,  this  is  how  I  will  do  it.  
  3. Spice  up  your  Profile   •  Add  a  photo,  website,   and  your  bio.   •  Connect  your  social   networking  profiles.   •  Update  your  status   regularly.  
  4. Invest  Strategically  •  Use  1000  porKolio  limit   to  invest  in:   –  Leaders  (Share  Price)   –  Index  CEO  /  President  /   CFO  /  Vice  Presidents   –  Reciprocate  buyers  •  Do  a  few  shares  first  (10   to  25)  and  grow   incrementally  from   there  to  spread  your   footprint.  
  5. Look  for  AcVve  Members   •  Join  communiVes  to   meet  and  learn  from   others.   •  Invest  in  members  who   interact  on  the  topic   you  are  in.   –  They  will  noVce  you  and   likely  to  reciprocate.  
  6. User  AdverVsing  •  Opportunity  to   introduce  yourself  •  Promote  your  porKolio.  
  7. Shareholder  Message  &  Missions   •  Send  out  updates  and   incenVve  missions  that   rewards  shareholders   with  eaves.   •  Crowdsource  to  an  elite   audience.   •  ParVcipate  in  missions   to  observe  and  learn   what  works  and   doesn’t.  
  8. Recover  from  slump  •  Review  porKolio   –  Remove  those  who  did  not   invest  back.   –  Remove  low  bracket  investors   (per  batch)   •  Below  10  shares   •  Below  20  shares   •  Below  30  shares   •  and  higher  Vll  you  recover.  •  Last-­‐in  First-­‐out   –  View  “Shareholders”  and  click   on  “Purchase  Time”   –  PrioriVze  acVve  traders.   –  Invest  in  new  buyers  who  meet   minimum  investment  desired.  
  9. Are  you  acVve  in  Social  Media?   Your  daily  dividends  is  Ved  to  your  acVve  use  of   social  media  in  and  outside  of  Empire  Avenue.  Use  Empire  Avenue  to  monitor  your  social  media   performance.  
  10. 7  Ways  to  Engage  via  Facebook  Profile  Use  Winston  to  monitor   •  Post  and  Reply  to  status,   photos,  videos,  links  updates   •  Like  an  arVcle  or  share  links   (useful  or  odd)   •  ParVcipate  in  Groups   •  ParVcipate  in  Pages   •  Join  Events   •  Chat  with  peers  and  greet  on   special  occasion.   •  Create  a  Facebook  Page  for   your  Brand.  
  11. 7  Ways  to  Engage  via  Twi6er  Use  Kesley  to  monitor   •  Reply  to  or  post  an  opinion  and   interact.   •  Tweet  snippets  from  event  talks   and  books.   •  Answer  /  ask  quesVons.   •  Join  /  organize  meet-­‐ups   •  Retweet  other  interesVng  tweets.   (I  use  Klout  and  Paper.li  to  scan   tweets.)   •  Follow  or  create  list  to  filter   connecVons  and  content.   •  Recognize  followers  who  reply  to   your  tweets  or  retweets.  
  12. 3  Ways  to  Engage  via  Flickr  Use  Leonard  to  monitor   •  Share  photo  sets  from   events,  places,  occasions.   Describe  photo  and  tag   people.   •  Join  Groups.  Comment  on   photos  and  share  via  blog.   •  Use  apps  to  share  and  get   photos  (E.g.  Share  photos   via  Tumblr  or  blogs.  Photos   from  Foursquare  check-­‐in)  
  13. 3  Ways  to  Engage  via  YouTube  Use  Pixel  to  Monitor   •  Upload  interesVng  videos   (tutorials,  talks,   performance,  1-­‐minute,   funny  stuff)   •  Subscribe,  like,  and   comment  on  other  videos.   •  Share  interesVng  videos   through  your  social   network.  
  14. 6  Ways  to  Engage  via  Facebook  Page   •  Status  updates  (sharing  or   asking)   •  Photos  /  videos  (group  or   interesVng  stuff)   •  Links  (useful  or  odd)   •  Minimal  replicaVon  of   your  profile  page.   •  Organize  offline  and   online  acVviVes.   •  Recognize  your  acVve   followers.  
  15. 6  Ways  to  Engage  via  LinkedIn   •  Keep  your  profile   updated.   •  Give  recommendaVons.   •  ParVcipate  in  Group   discussions.  (or  create   one)   •  Give  tesVmonials.   •  Add  applicaVons   (events,  Slideshare,   Bloglink,  Tweets,  etc.)   •  Reply  to  interesVng   status  updates.  
  16. 4  Ways  to  Engage  via  Foursquare   •  Check  in  /  Share  what  you   are  doing  with  photo.  (let   others  know  what  you  like   or  doing  in  that  place.)   •  Share  a  Vp  (be6er  if  with   link  to  your  blog  post)   •  Follow  /  Create  a  List  (add   your  favorite  spots  and  Vps   to  other  visitors.)   •  Follow  /  Create  a   Foursquare  Page  for  Brands   or  PersonaliVes.  
  17. 6  Ways  to  Engage  via  Blogs   •  Comment  on  blogs  (create  profiles   in  Wordpress,  Blogger,  Tumblr  and   use  your  id.)   •  Share  interesVng  content.  (I  use   Tumblr  for  photos,  Wordpress  for   hobbies,  and  Blogger  for  work   related  stuff)   •  React  on  other  blog  post  by  blogging   about  it.   •  Join  wriVng  projects,  blogger   contest  and  promoVons.   •  A6end  blogger  events  and  meet-­‐ ups.   •  Connect  with  fellow  bloggers  via   social  media  (Facebook  Group,   Twi6er,  etc.)  
  18. 3  Ways  to  Engage  via  Instagram   •  Like  and  comment  on   other  photos.   •  Use  Instagram  ediVng   tools  to  make  your   photo  standout  and   share.   •  Share  your  photos  (also     to  Twi6er)  with  catchy   descripVon.  Use   hashtags  for  themaVc   groupings  with  others.    
  19. 4  Ways  to  Engage  via  Google+   •  Use  Circles  to  group  your   contacts.  Share  your   circles  with  others.   •  Reply  to  and  post   interesVng  content   (status,  photos,  links).   Share  if  others  can   benefit  from  it.   •  Join  acVve  Hangouts  and   interact.   •  Create  Google+  Page  for   your  brand.  
  20. Why  Use  Empire  Avenue  for   Monitoring?  •  Have  not  encountered  free  tool  to  monitor   YouTube  and  Flickr  performance.  •  Has  moVvated  me  to  pay  a6enVon  to  other  tools   where  points  are  also  taken:     –  LinkedIn   –  Foursquare   –  Google+   –  Blogs   –  Instagram  •  Cross  check  with  other  free  tools  like  Klout,  Peer   Index,  and  CrowdBooster.  
  21. What  to  Watch  Out  For…  •  Set  a  Vme  limit  (it  can   get  addicVng)  •  Have  a  clear  goal  on   why  you  are  playing..   –  For  me,  done  with  the   game  when:   •  Max  200  shares   investment  in  1000  highly   compeVVve  porKolio   roster  
  22. Let’s  Connect!  h6p://www.empireavenue.com/jane6etoral