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MILO R2 - APEX Running School Season 6 Invitation

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Inviting folks to join the MILO R2 - APEX Running School season 6 this April 29 to July 20, 2013 at Quezon City Memorial Circle, Bonifacio Global City, and SM Mall of Asia By the Bay. More info at http://www.coachjimsaret.ph/2013/04/join-milo-r2-apex-running-school-2013.html

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MILO R2 - APEX Running School Season 6 Invitation

  1. 1. JOIN THE MILO R2 – APEX RUNNING SCHOOL!http://bit.ly/milor2 April 29 to July 20, 2013
  2. 2. BE STRONGER, FITTER, FASTER, SAFER! RUN, RE-FUEL, RECOVER!http://bit.ly/milor2 MILO R2 – APEX Running School 2013
  4. 4. MILO R2 – APEX Running School 2013   The Countrys Full Program Running Clinic!   FromInjury Prevention Exercises, to Strength and Conditioning Workouts, to Running Drills and now Recovery and Rehabilitation!   The Countrys FIRST and ONLY Total/Complete Running Science Program!   Pre-Hab (Injury Prevention)   Strength and Conditioning Workouts   Running Science    Mileage   Recovery and Sports Physical Therapyhttp://bit.ly/milor2
  5. 5. INJURY PREVENTION   PRE-HAB (injury prevention)   RECOVERY   SCIENCE BEHIND RUNNINGhttp://bit.ly/milor2
  6. 6. STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING WORKOUTShttp://bit.ly/milor2
  7. 7. MILEAGEhttp://bit.ly/milor2
  8. 8. OTHER ACTIVITIEShttp://bit.ly/milor2
  9. 9. JOIN THE MILO R2 – APEX RUNNING SCHOOL!http://bit.ly/milor2 April 29 to July 20, 2013
  10. 10. Testimonials from Season 5
  11. 11. Odyssey Run:“I was able to run the MILO finalsand enjoyed it and saw myclassmates once again. TheM.A.R.S. training and youcoaches really helped me a lot tobe a better runner. See youagain on the next season.”
  12. 12. Ms. Edna Lim- Yao:“It’s a new experience for me... My veryfirst time to join such training program...And I enjoyed it very much...at first medyomaarte pa ako kasi it’s an outdoortraining... Medyo nasanay ako sa airconditioned gym...With regards to Coaches, from Coach Jimdown to the running coach.. they are allvery approachable.. I found a new sets offriends/ family... I am looking forward toenroll next season... Thanks”
  13. 13. Jake Handoy:“Sa program training, magandaat maayos po ang mga ginawanaming workout.Sa mga Coaches magagaling,magalang, friendly, concern, atkun baga bihasa sila pagdatingsa running techniques “
  14. 14. Mr. and Mrs. Santos:“In terms sa program at trainingok po! kami lang po ang maydiperensya.. medyo nag busykaya palaging absent nungmalapit na matapos ang clinic…Sa mga Coaches, LAHAT PO SILAOK AT GUSTO NAMIN, supermababait, spoiled nga kami e.”
  15. 15. Rjay Mercado:“Milo apex season 5 was a blast. Its acomplete package training and runs.Time management was a key in season5. Coaches were very approachableand are at their best effort. Newprograms and destinations gave morereason to go outdoors. And I love dMilo drink.... can we have it everysession nxt tym? Hehe. Thank youcoaches, coach Jim and Milo.”
  16. 16. Mark Belaniso:“We had fun sa training. For thecoaches, wala ako masabi andtalagang dedicated sila and welearned a lot from them.”
  17. 17. Boom Buhay:“Hi Coach! Happy New Year! Angsaya saya! Wish namin na matuloy naang next season! Nakaka miss e.dami ko natutunan, dami nakilala nafriends! The best siempre ang mgacoaches! Talagang ma inspire ka magtrain. Sarap ng feeling nakinabukasan masakit katawan namindahil we liked and enjoyed thetraining the night before. Also, shouldthe next season start soon, a lot of myfriends will join also. Sana by Feb.Meron na ulit sa QC. Hope to see allof us again soon! Thanks!”
  18. 18. Lianne Bacorro:“Nagustuhan ko yung diversity of theexercises. I like how the training focused onother types of exercises aside from running.Hindi kasi boring pag ganun. Natuwa dinako that the coaches constantly updated usand texted us regarding trainings. Na-enjoy ko yung LSD pag saturday.”
  19. 19. Ms. Koi Ramos:“Season 5 is more systematic than theprevious ones..Pagdating sa mga Coaches, two thumbsup!!!I’ve learned to love surprises, bring it onSeason 6!”
  20. 20. JOIN THE MILO R2 – APEX RUNNING SCHOOL!http://bit.ly/milor2 April 29 to July 20, 2013