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  1. ERIN BROCKOVICH GROUP – 5 G22030 Pooja Mahindrakar G22063 Ankeet Rai G22007 Anurag Yadav G22080 Kitty Kar G22051 Tarun Tulsiyani G22042 Shrestha Anchan G22112 Vivek Kumar
  2. PLOT START – Erin, a desperate mother of three, lands a job in a law firm and investigates a pro bono case MIDDLE – Erin faces several obstacles such as a lack of funds, threats, and work-life balance END – Erin is able to find some incriminating information against PG&E and victims of Chromium 6 poisoning are compensated
  3. CHARACTER ANALYSIS - ERIN WHAT MAKES ERIN A CHANGE AGENT? Initiative – Takes responsibility for investigating the case. Consistency – Sees completion of the task at hand Assertive – Communicates clearly Empathy – Puts herself in the shoes of victims and tries to understand their point of view.
  4. CHARACTER ANALYSIS - GEORGE Supportive – Takes responsibility for kids and extends emotional and financial support to Erin. Reliable with noble intentions. Understands the role Erin is playing.
  5. CHARACTER ANALYSIS – ED MASRY HOW ED MASRY IS A TRUE LEADER Gives chance to Erin to prove herself. Guides and supports Erin. Keeps her in the loop. Acknowledges and appreciates efforts.
  6. CHALLENGES • Money Overrun • Uncertainty in Legal battle • Difficulties in collecting Evidence • Threat to life • Managing the work-life balance • No Govt. Support
  8. THEME • Portrays consequential incidents in a light-hearted way • Relatable, realistic & inspiring. • Learning – What you should not do as a manager.