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The importance of cloud-native core services in a Telco World, Carsten Bock

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The importance of cloud-native core services in a Telco World
Carsten Bock, Managing Director CTO, ng-voice GmbH

We all know the telco industry is facing several challenges: Exploding data usage driven for example by video streaming, new competitors entering the market like WhatsApp, offering voice services for free, 3G networks are getting decommissioned. All of these developments increase the pressure on operators to reduce costs while still investing in innovative infrastructure solutions. Furthermore, IoT has turned from a buzzword into a reality, becoming more relevant each day, forcing operators to offer connectivity at a fraction of costs compared to traditional voice and data.

Many of these new services such as WhatsApp, Zoom or NetFlix utilize the cloud at it’s best, possible way, allowing them to offer their services at a fraction of the price traditional Telecom players would charge their customers. The Telco Industry needs to learn from them and take advantage of innovative infrastructure solutions to compete in this new industry dynamics.

Building cloud-native core services is much more than running existing services on virtual machines. It’s about utilizing the cloud in the most effective way, which for example allows you to scale the services on demand as requested by your subscribers rather than to rely on inaccurate usage forecasts.

In this talk, I will walk you through the key principles of cloud native services and how we apply them in the Telco world, focusing on both the benefits they bring to the operations of Telecom-Infrastructure, and the challenges of deploying Telco-Services as cloud-native infrastructure.

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The importance of cloud-native core services in a Telco World, Carsten Bock

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