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Poster Design Tips

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This pdf is made by http://www.brochure-design-india.com generating the ideas for poster design tips.

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Poster Design Tips

  1. 1. Poster Design –Tips & Techniques By http://www.brochure-design-india.com
  2. 2. What is a Poster ?  Posters conveys a message of your product visually. It is also an advertising tool for drawing the attention of customers. Posters must capture the people’s attention at a glance.
  3. 3. Common Poster Design Tips Getting Attention Make it Simple  Use of realistic realistic fonts and periods. Proper placement of information. Proper use of Colors.
  4. 4. Getting Attention !!! Make choice of good photograph or graphic element to work on your poster design. Make your choice in such a way that it must be noticeable. May also make use of proactive questions in bold fonts  It draws people’s attention.
  5. 5. Make Posters Simple  Must avoid too much text. Make usage of columns, sections, headings and blocks to give it a simple look.  Must focus your ideas using color and graphic text.  May also make use of URL’s for the audience to get more details.
  6. 6. Use of realistic fonts and periods  To design your own fonts is a great idea. The sans-serif fonts is better for headline.  Better not too use different fonts on a poster.  It creates bad impression to the viewers.
  7. 7. Proper placement of Information  Information priority must be mainted.  Most important information must be placed first and then the next priority.  The eyes of the viewer must draw attention of your information.
  8. 8. Proper Use Of Colors  Choose colors carefully. Must pay attention in contrast. Use of dark colors over light background is the best one.
  9. 9. Brochure Design India www.brochure-design-india.com Y8,Block EP,Sec – v Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091,India PH : +913340200838 Email:info@brochure-design-india.com