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Theories on the origin of the filipinos

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Theories on the origin of the filipinos

  1. 1. Theories on the Origin of the Filipinos
  2. 2. Migration theory proposed by H. Otley Beyer The ancestors of Filipinos came in “wave of migration” First to reach the archipelago was “Dawn man” Next to settle are the Negritos (25,000-30,000 years ago) - Were described to have black skin, dark kinky hair, round black eyes, flat noses, usually height of 5 feet.
  3. 3. Third to arrive were the Indonesians -they were seafarers and tool-users INDONESIAN A -was tall, slender with light complexion, and thin lips INDONESIAN B -shorter, with bulky body, dark complexion and thick lips
  4. 4. The last to reach the archipelago were the Malays -they reached the Philippines by the use of “balangay” -they introduced the iron age culture
  5. 5. Pre-colonial Philippines Cultural Evolution of the Early Filipinos It was believed that the first settlers of the Philippines came by land bridges from Mainland Asia during Pleistocene era Western historians assume that the aborigines of the Philippines were the Negritos
  6. 6. Mainland Origin Hypothesis Proposed by Peter Bellwood and K.C. Chang Posited that early inhabitants originated from South China and Taiwan They gradually replaced the hunting and gathering populations
  7. 7. Historians presuppose that between 300 and 200 B.C inhabitants of Malay- Polynesian descent settled in Philippine archipelago. -they were mainly an agricultural and fishing people. -there were 30 to 100 families known as the “barangay”
  8. 8. The structuring of the early society has been achieved in response to the needs of prehistoric Philippine communities  “A country’s past history unveils its cultural tradition.”