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Tnpsc tamil study materials

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Tnpsc tamil study materials

  1. 1. More Materials Visit : www.kalvikadal.com More Materials Visit : www.kalvikadal.com 1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE AND CURRENT EVENTS 2. Concisely define Geopolitics. Geopolitics is the study of political and economic interactions in the world with a eye to understand the effect of geography, demographics and culture on those interactions. 3. Name one fungible commodity. Define fungible. Oil (crude). Fungible goods are those which one unit is the same as any other unit of the same commodity so they are of equal value. 4. Concisely define terrorism. The use of violence or the threat of violence to influence politics through fear and intimidation. 5. Concisely define geosynchronous orbit. An orbit of the earth where the orbiting thing is essentially in a fixed position relative to the earth. 6. Concisely define balance of trade. It is the total value of your exports minus the total value of your imports. 7. Who is Sergei Ivanov? Russian defense minister 8. Name three of the world’s top natural gas producers. Russia, US, Canada 9. Who are the current leaders of China, Russia, Zimbabwe, Turkey and Mexico? Hu Jintao, Medvedev, Mugabe, Erdogan, Calderon 10. Who was the first sitting U.S. president to visit the PRC? Nixon 11. Name two major heroin-producing countries. Afghanistan Turkey 12. Name two landlocked countries in South America. Bolivia, Paraguay 13. Name the five former Soviet Central Asian states. Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Krygyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan 14. Where are the Spratly Islands? Contested islands in Southeast Asia 15. What countries border Iraq? Iran, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia 16. Expand the following acronyms:
  2. 2. More Materials Visit : www.kalvikadal.com More Materials Visit : www.kalvikadal.com VBIED FARC FSB IAEA ASEAN 17. When was the Asian economic crisis? July 1997 until early 2000s. 18. When was the Six Days War? Approximately 1950 19. What year was the Cuban Missile Crisis? 1962 20. Name the last three U.S. Secretaries of State Rice, Powell, Albright 21. Where is the only permanently forward deployed U.S. aircraft carrier based? 22. Name three naval shipping chokepoints. Suez Canal, Straights of Malacca, Panama Canal 23. Name three nations with indigenous manned space programs. China, US, Russia 24. Name three undeclared or aspiring nuclear powers. North Korea, Iran, 25. Differentiate briefly between a ballistic missile and a SAM. 26. Name three major non-OPEC oil producers. Venezuela, US, Russia 27. Name the top five countries in terms of GDP, in order from greatest to least. US, Japan, Germany, China, Russia 28. Name four of the top six oil producers. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, US 29. Name four of the top six oil importers. US, China, UK, Japan 30. How do governments deal with rising inflation?
  3. 3. More Materials Visit : www.kalvikadal.com More Materials Visit : www.kalvikadal.com 31. If the U.S. president and Vice president are incapacitated, who takes over? Secretary of State 32. How many seats are there on the United Nations Security Council? 15 (5 permanent) 33. How long do non-permanent members serve on the UNSC? 2 year terms 34. Who currently holds the rotating EU presidency? Sarkozy - France 35. Briefly define oligarch. An oligarch is a business magnate, someone with significant wealth, multiple interests in the business world and influence through a country’s economic and political landscape. 36. Name the two major branches of Islam. Sunni Shia’a 37. What is meant by the term “graying population?” A population who has a demographic trend where the average age of the population is increasing. 38. What are the Sunni Awakening Councils? Tribal councils organized with the help of the United States military to fight off insurgents in localities throughout Iraq. 39. Who is the Supreme Leader of Iran? Khamenei 40. What does the name “Al Qaeda” mean? The base 41. Who are the MEND? 42. Define GDP. Gross Domestic Product is the value of all services and goods produced in a country in a given year. 43. What valley lies where Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan meet? 44. With which countries in Latin America does Russia have close ties? Nicaragua, venezuala 45. Briefly identify two key problems facing Chinese economic planners. Avoiding unemployment and reducing income inequality. 46. Which countries were most significantly affected by Russia’s Jan. 1, 2005 shutdown of gas supplies to Ukraine?
  4. 4. More Materials Visit : www.kalvikadal.com More Materials Visit : www.kalvikadal.com 47. Who is the current director of the Central Intelligence Agency? Hayden 48. What is the main problem the United States currently has with the Inter-Services Intelligence agency? 49. Name the members of the GCC Kuwait, oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, qatar 50. Who has recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia? nicaragua