jayant isaac chhattisgarh jayant simer durg isaac strategies strategy strategic competitive advantage management mats university training and development strategic hrm strategic hr shrm strategic human resource management organization training india organisational behavior raipur bhilai education and training leadership theories leadership leader group dynamics group theories of motivation motivation theories of personality personality hrm climate change organizational climate culture jayantisaac resistance organization change change management change mats leadership development group formation individuals persona groups ob history enviornment contingency history technical system training implementation training policy and plan elements of program design designing the training program developing an hrd strategy od strategy and training strategic planning training and hrd problems and future trends of training how training benefits the organization? beneficiar career planning training-role and relevance training process and methodology - need and object strategic crm relationship strategic customer relationship management customer relationship management customer crm scrm growth growth strategies growth strategy loyal advocates innovative strategies innovation innovative distribution distribution strategies distribution strategy distribution management services product and services strategy service strategies product product strategy product and services competitive advantage. strategic marketing marketing human resource planning(shrm) strategic role of human resource management human resources valuation of assets(human capital) leader 360 conflict conflict management od dynamics teams theory x and y movere .id ego and super ego author locus of control loc attitudes sr model learning organisation organisational adaptation knowledge management behaviour organisation mars model ob hr human resource management
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