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11 Must Dos For The Serious Blogger

Comprehensive tips and advice for creating a thriving blog community from scratch, including specific examples and case studies. Blogging advice and how tos for serious bloggers.

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11 Must Dos For The Serious Blogger

  1. 11 Must-Dos for the Serious Blogger
  2. Jay Baer Social Media Strategy @jaybaer www.convinceandconvert.com
  3. fiskfisk We’re All In This Together
  4. History Launched July 1, 2008 225 posts 1 Redesign 6 Copy Changes
  5. Patience Pays 312 visits/week 3,577 visits/week 46 visits/week 949 visits/week
  6. strategy
  7. Specificity Who Is Your Audience, Really? What Is Your Blog About? What Similar Blogs Exist? What Does Success Look Like? It’s Okay if You’re Not Sure. Your Results Will Change Your Strategy g y a te s tr
  8. Consistency Joe Lanman More = More Create a Blog Schedule g y Blog in Advance a te Consecutive Days Builds Traction s tr
  9. content
  10. Variety Mix Feature-Length and Short Mix Timely With Timeless Mix Text With Video Mix Positive With Negative Mix Personal With Professional Don’t Over-think n t n te fotographix.ca c o
  11. Imagery Include Images in Every Post flickr.com/ creativecommons/by-2.0/ shutterstock.com Sometimes, It’s not a Picture, it’s a presentation or a video n t n te c o
  12. Utility Don’t Just Ramble, Be Helpful Create Tools Give Your Ideas Handles n t n te c o
  13. Gravity Build An Anchor A Post Series You Write Routinely n t n te c o
  14. personality
  15. Humanity Show Yourself Tell Stories i ty Your Real Life Is Interesting a l s on p er
  16. Community W = Welcome F = Facilitate A = Answer C = Connect T = Thank Ask Questions Ask For Help i ty a l s on p er
  17. marketing
  18. Searchability Google is Your Most Important Reader Every Post is Bait in the Water Pick Good Search Terms and Incorporate Them In URLs, Headlines, Subheads n g e ti a rk m
  19. Searchability #55 to #17 in Google in One Day for “social media strategy” Now, #4 n g e ti a rk m
  20. Extensibility Commenting on Other Blogs is Critical For Every Hour You Spend On Your Blog, Spend 3 on Other People’s blogs Being First Helps n g e ti a rk m
  21. Extensibility How Can You Expand and Repackage Your Work? E-Book www.crowinfodesign.com Newsletter n g e ti a rk www.thesocialmediamessenger.com m
  22. Virality n g My Business Model e ti a rk m
  23. Virality To Be A Good Blogger, You Must Be a Great Headline Writer 120 Characters or less Challenge Wisdom Numbers/Lists Unexpected, Action Words Keywords n g e ti a rk m
  24. Jay Baer Social Media Strategy @jaybaer www.convinceandconvert.com