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P7 advance auditing and assurance

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The P7 slides - more to come in the future since this will be one way to share knowledge

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P7 advance auditing and assurance

  1. 1. Provides skills Improves Higher needed for future work employability audit experience Preferred by Improves IFRS Big 4 application
  2. 2. Risk IFRS ISA Other Audit Ethicalassignments reports issues
  3. 3.  Global pass rates for ACCA P7 is ranging from 30 ~ 40% It is not considered to be the best pass rate paper
  4. 4.  Lisa Weaver Has been examiner since Dec 2007 Has interest in watching series like CSI, True blood, Lost Examination style is reasonably stable with no major shocks Teaches P2 ACCA
  5. 5. Specialised Quality Training• For working • Training room • 8 hours per adults • Lecture day• Intensive material • Focused on• Apllied • Trainer skills development
  6. 6. Dedicated ACCA Training Experience