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Jayram resume

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Jayram resume

  1. 1. J ‍ ayram‍Kumar New Delhi, India | +91 9871303236 | jayram.chandan@gmail.com Objective · Seeking a better opportunity in Software Development field Experience SOFTWARE DEVELOPER | TWYST TECHNOLOGIES | JULY 2013 - CURRENT · Working as a developer on MEAN stack for food and restaurant user management product startup · Writing server side code in Express + Node.js framework and client side routes with Angular and mongoDB as database · Developing phone apps with Adobe PhoneGap Education B. TECH | JULY 2009 – JUNE 2013 | KALASALINGAM UNIVERSITY · Major: Computer Science and Engineering · GPA: 7.78 (10 point scale) AREA OF INTEREST · Data Structures, Algorithms, Problem Solving · Helping people on community sites like StackOverflow · Participating in programming contests Additional Experience STACKOVERFLOW · Questioner, Inquisitor, Informant, Respondent with 1700 StackOverflow reputation points HACKERRANK · May challenge 2013: Ranked 75th among more than 1600 participants around the globe · June challenge 2013: Ranked 38th among more than 301 participants worldwide · CodeSprint 4: Hackerrank online Worldwide Programming Competition – Top 100- Feb 2013 CERTIFICATION · IBM Rational Application Developer certified professional GITHUB · Experience with SCM such as git · Profile: https://github.com/jaysingh/ Skills & Abilities LANGUAGES · C++( Intermediate); C(Intermediate); Angular(Intermediate); JavaScript(Intermediate); Bootstrap(Intermediate); Java(Basic); SQL(Basic) TOOLS & UTILITIES · Microsoft Visual Studio; Microsoft SQL Server; Eclipse; IBM RAD; Sublime Text