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Short Guide to B2B Marketing Careers and Roles

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Very short guide to common roles and responsibilities in B2B Marketing.

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Short Guide to B2B Marketing Careers and Roles

  1. 1. THE SHORT GUIDE TO B2B MARKETING CAREERS Josh Hill MarketingRockstarGuides.com May 2017 Original Post: https://www.marketingrockstarguides.com/careers-b2b-marketing-primer-2833/
  2. 2. The short guide to B2B marketing careers This short guide is a summary of major B2B marketing functions in 2017. Each company may have different definitions and responsibilities. This list reflects my experiences and analysis of job descriptions. Do your research on companies and roles. This guide should not replace research! Small Organizations (Under 100 people): many roles tend to be condensed into 1 or 2 people. Medium Organizations (100-999 people): roles will become more well defined if the firm has made an investment in marketing. Large Organizations (1000-5000): marketing functions more well defined with specializations. Enterprise: (5000+): multiple functions and specializations. Marketing groups may be separated by Product, Solution, and Corporate levels.
  3. 3. Campaign Manager or Demand Gen Manager Specialist/Associate Manager Director Vice President Entry level, all round marketer. Size of company will determine whether this is a general role or specialized on email or cross-channel programs. Typical day may mean setup for events, email coding, simple reports, deduping, checking things with sales. May work on basic SEO, SEM, and direct response. Individual contributor at most firms. (Associate, Manager, and Sr levels). Often a jack of all trades, but may specialize in non-event work. Needs to know how to write copy across channels, email invitations, whitepaper writing, proposals. May work on martech projects when marketing ops function is not present. Will run reports for managers and sales. Expected to know how to use CRM, Email tools, reports. Some vendor negotiation and selection. At small firms this will be “player/coach”. Will lead a small team dedicated to finding leads for Sales. Often responsible for funnel management, reporting, and lead sourcing. Will design systems. Will work with other departments to align strategy and tactics. May be responsible for content and events. Expected to coach junior staff in techniques and brand. Measured on funnel, lead gen, and pipeline. Only large firms have a VP of Demand Gen. Oversees field events, tradeshows, lead generation systems and tools. May oversee marketing operations. Will be measured on funnel targets and revenue.
  4. 4. Email database marketer Specialist/Associate Manager Director Vice President Analyzes email data; may need to code HTML/CSS or does. Loads emails and prepares sends. Manages the list; analyzes data for segmented messaging and sends; often prepares email sends in the ESP. Rare: ecommerce or B2C typically. NA
  5. 5. Event marketer Specialist/Associate Manager Director Vice President Often a jack of all trades to handle tasks from email invitations to list management and more. Manage invoices. Contact venues for pricing lists. Do whatever is needed to make the event a success. May or may not go to the event for onsite support Individual contributor. May manage tradeshows or just field roadshows, often both. Must be skilled in logistical management and project management. Must know how to create the environment to facilitate conversation Skilled at creating an experience. Will train team, conduct ROI analyses; work with leadership to ensure the right brand presence and that the onsite experience is congruent with firm and audience goals. Likely to delegate logistical tasks to team. May work closely with outside event management agencies to create experiences. Very large firms will dedicate teams to large scale tradeshows and possibly field events to aid local salespeople make personal connections. May be a part of Communications team
  6. 6. Field marketing Specialist/Associate Manager Director Vice President Setup local events to aid sales in cities. Assist with custom proposals or brochures. Assist sales with local lead gen and reporting efforts. Smaller orgs may have this role with Campaigns and it will include email work by territory or large scale. Work will often include registration data, shipping, ordering, venue work. Manage territory and multi-territory support for sales. Small organizations will have this role do all of the field setup; may include travel to sites. Manage schedule of events, venue selection, vendor negotiation, data collection, and reporting on success of efforts. Usually Director of Demand Gen, but larger orgs may have an entire team to support local “field” sales efforts. Measured on budget use, pipeline, sales happiness, and lead gen efforts. Expected to train team on becoming more effective lead generators, aligning with sales, and efficiency. Rare, but does exist. Usually combined with Demand Generation in the current market.
  7. 7. Content and Inbound Marketing Specialist/Associate Manager Director Vice President Research, learn about buyer personas, use that English degree to write blog posts, etc. May also fall under PR or Brand. Manage editorial calendar, train junior staff, churn out larger papers in conjunction with Product, Product Marketing, Channels, and Sales needs. What’s missing and what’s attracting attention? Manage agencies and contractors. Measures inbound numbers. Editorial calendar, align teams, ensure content messaging is aligned with company values, goals, and product; ensure audience finds content and uses it. Measured on asset views and possibly pipeline influence if measured accurately. Manage agencies and contractors. May fall under PR, Branding, or Corporate Marketing. • Ancillary roles may include • Brand journalists • Copywriters • Editors • Copyeditors • Content creators/Writers
  8. 8. Corporate Marketer Specialist/Associate Manager Director Vice President Help analyze data and brand. May work on branding decks, designs, and PR. Analyze marketing strategy, branding, and overall efforts. May work a lot with higher level data. Often a VP at smaller firms, but depends. May work on brand strategy with product marketing and product. Establish brand personas. May develop buyer personas. Startups often hire contractors to do this or have the CMO take on the role directly.
  9. 9. Public Relations/Press/Brand Specialist/Associate Manager Director Vice President Tasked with writing press releases, some content. May handle basic press relations and contact work. Learn about brand and how to use it. Work directly with trade press and mass media. May work on inbound content. May help write or manage content production Works with industry press; analysts; prepares communication strategies around new releases. May manage content production. Develops relationships with key Press, publications; industry analysts; strategy for new product releases and competitive info. Sets content strategy and messaging
  10. 10. Search Engine Optimizer Specialist/Associate Manager Director Vice President Analyze keyword traffic to site against goals, content, branding, audience needs. Skills include heavy Excel, Access, and BI tools. May include basic understanding of specialized SEO/SEM platforms and analysis platforms. Analyze keyword traffic to site against goals, content, branding, audience needs Manage technical SEO issues; build connections to collect data. Skills include heavy Excel, Access, and BI tools. May include basic understanding of specialized SEO/SEM platforms and analysis platforms. Set priorities. Manage projects with web team and content to maintain rankings. Skills include heavy Excel, Access, and BI tools. May include basic understanding of specialized SEO/SEM platforms and analysis platforms. Rare. Very large firms or ecommerce firms.
  11. 11. SEM/Digital Advertising Specialist/Associate Manager Director Vice President Analyzes data from ad platforms; prepares ads for distribution; assists with various aspects of Channel. Analyzes data from ad platforms; manages ad systems and spend. Level of responsibility will vary by company size. Take content and deploy it. Oversees budgeting; analyzes data and response information. Manages spend in relation to lead and revenue targets.
  12. 12. Creative / Graphic Design Specialist/Associate Manager Director Vice President Wide variety of roles from graphic designer to copywriter and more. Take messaging and brand guidelines into appropriate visuals for each distribution channel. May manage junior designers; more latitude for creativity. May work with vendors or agencies. Provide brand direction to team. Provide brand guidance to CMO and other teams. Possibly set brand guidelines or re- create brand. Work with outside agencies if needed on all audience facing materials Rare.