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Project Humix overview

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Humix, an open-source robot framework based on IBM's Bluemix, IoT foundation, Watson API and a few open APIs.

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Project Humix overview

  1. 1. Human 。 Bluemix Humix
  2. 2. An open-source robot framework based on Bluemix, IoT foundation and Watson Artificial Intelligence
  3. 3. It all starts from a hackathon …
  4. 4. What would happen when Watson meets Hue ? #IRC IBM Watson APIPhilips Smart Light
  5. 5. So lets see what we have composable services flexible platform versatile channel
  6. 6. Leveraging composable services
  7. 7. Loosely-coupled architecture with IoT Foundation
  8. 8. Realtime Data Visualization
  9. 9. after 8 hours coding session, First generation of Humix was born Listens IRC communication Feels the sentiment of discussion Says basic Chinese
  10. 10. Hundreds of SensorsThousands of API/Services MeetsWhen
  11. 11. Temperature Sensor Humidity Sensor Light Sensor Programmable LED (NeoPixel) Text to Speech API NoIR Camera NFC Sensor Watson Sentiment API Translation API Alchemy Face Detection API Ant+ Signal Receiver Speech to Text API Speaker / Mic
  12. 12. Building Humix with micro-service architecture
  13. 13. Program the brain is just as easy as Drog-n-Drop
  14. 14. Humix Features Sensors • Report current temperature • Report current humidity • shadow mode : Heart-rate sync with owner • wake up or sleep triggered by NFC Instinctive Behavior Cognitive Computing • Close eye with the environment is too bright • The eye will enable idle mode when no activity Communication Channel • IRC (input/output) • Facebook messenger(input/output). This is a new node we added on NodeRed • Speech-to-Text (input) . Text-to-Speech (output). Support English and Chinese today. • Monitor the message received from Facebook (comments or messenger), turn eye color to green if received positive message, otherwise turn the eye color to blue • How old am I : when asked for age from messenger, humix will take a picture and report the estimated age of the people in the picture
  15. 15. What is YOUR recipe ?
  16. 16. NEXT STEP .. 1. Building Humix Mini : 
 Lightweight Robot form-factor with all the key feature today
 2. Make it Fly : 
 A robot that can follow you or run with you if you are interested in join the project, please send mail to jeffffrey@gmail.com Something like this
  17. 17. Any Suggestion ? https://www.facebook.com/humixomega
  18. 18. Referenced Projects https://www.facebook.com/humixomega http://nats.io http://nodered.org http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.net http://tts.itri.org.tw/index.php Message Bus Flow Editor Bus Voice Recognition Text-To-Speech Service
  19. 19. Appendix : Bluemix Howto Get Started Here : https://console.ng.bluemix.net
  20. 20. Bluemix’s Free-Tier https://console.ng.bluemix.net/pricing/