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2011 PALMY Awards

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2011 PALMY Awards

  1. 1. Fashion12,001 - 35,000 and Over 35,000 Divisions CombinedSECOND PLACEHerald-JournalHailey DillandPrimrose Ring In the Holidays in TOMS Style s004-HJ06601913 www.primrosegalleries.com 864.578.30002011 PALMY Awards
  2. 2. Fashion12,001 - 35,000 and Over 35,000Divisions CombinedFIRST PLACEGreenville JournalKristy Adair2011 PALMY Awards
  3. 3. Jewelry, Florists and Gift ShopsUnder 6,000 and Associate Divisions CombinedTHIRD PLACEThe VoiceAshley GhereandYe Olde Flower Shoppe2011 PALMY Awards
  4. 4. Jewelry, Florists and Gift ShopsUnder 6,000 and Associate Divisions CombinedSECOND PLACEMyrtle Beach HeraldFulton Bune and Karie AmosandTreasures Fine Jewelers Be Charmed by CUSTOM DESIGN, JEWELRY REPAIRS JEWELRY CONSIGNMENT BEACHINSPIRED JEWELRY WE BUY GOLD APPRAISALS 10% Discount 843-692-0346 981-B Hackler Street on any purchase Mon-Fri 10-6 Market Common Townhouses Sat 10-4 Myrtle Beach2011 PALMY Awards *Excludes Loose Diamonds, Select Items and Consignments. Exclusions apply.
  5. 5. Jewelry, Florists and Gift ShopsUnder 6,000 and Associate Divisions CombinedFIRST PLACELexington County Chronicle & The Dispatch-NewsMichael BallandLexington Jewelers Lexington’s oldest jewelry store! Lay-a-way now for the Watch & Diamonds! Holidays! Jewelry Unique gifts Repair for that special someone Custom Estate & starting at Designs! Pre-Owned $18.95 Jewelry 132 E. Main Street | Lexington | 359-6068 | O Open: M Mon—Fri 10-6 | S 10am-5pm (Open ‘til 6:30 p.m. after th L i t Christmas Parade) F i 10 6 Sat 30 f ft the Lexington h2011 PALMY Awards
  6. 6. Jewelry, Florists and Gift Shops Sterling Silver6,000 - 12,000 Division f or Christmas GiftsTHIRD PLACEThe Greer CitizenAngela Mathis andJulie HolcombeandJust For You Jewelers Palmetto Pride Charleston Gates Charleston Oak Just For You Jewelers 806 West Wade Hampton Blvd. • Across from Belks Greer, SC • 848-0652 90 DAYS SAME AS CASH • FINANCING AVAILABLE2011 PALMY Awards
  7. 7. y, , | gJewelry, Florists and Gift Shops6,000 - 12,000 Division 10K & 14 K DiamondSECOND PLACE Earrings, Pendants, Rings & Bracelets 50%Off Refreshments 10K & 14 K Served Color Stone DesignerThe Lancaster News Earrings,Pendants Sterling Rings & Bracelets Silver 50%Off 14K Cultured Freshwater & 10%OffLori Sistare and Vicki Jenkins Salt Water Pearls Kt & 14 ire 10Kt nd Solita Sets 50%Off o t Diamgagemenand & En 50% Off Sterling Silver Citizen 60%OffLancaster Jewelers Watches Warranty 5yr Ecodrive 40% Off All Others 10% Off T-shirts Zippo Lighters 20% 20% Off Off Gift Ideas 20% Off 10K & 14K Gold Chains, Rings, Earrings & Bracelets 50%Off 50% Off Pocketbooks 40% 20%Off Off2011 PALMY Awards
  8. 8. Jewelry, Florists and Gift Shops6,000 - 12,000 DivisionFIRST PLACEThe Greer CitizenAngela Mathis andJulie HolcombeandTate Jewelers Manufacturing Goldsmiths Since 1975 Village Square, Greer • 879-4012 Next to Little Caesars CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS ACCEPTED • GIFT WRAP AVAILABLE2011 PALMY Awards
  9. 9. Jewelry, Florists and Gift Shops12,001 - 35,000 and Over 35,000 Divisions CombinedTHIRD PLACEHerald-JournalHailey DillandPrimrose S004-HJ065453252011 PALMY Awards
  10. 10. Jewelry, Florists and Gift Shops12,001 - 35,000 and Over 35,000Divisions CombinedSECOND PLACEThe Post and CourierKim Tortorice and Kathy SimesandGraffito Rossellini | Thad Cline | Qevon | Andrew Hamilton Crawford Rena Luxx | Zia Couture | Ayala Bar | Bora | David Tishbi Andrea Barnett | Coralia Leets Betty Carre | Pono | Uno De 50 1 5 1 E a s t B a y S t r e e t | 8 4 3 . 7 2 7 . 1 1 5 5 | n e x t t o M c C r a d y ’s graffitocharleston@gmail.com R29-6255902011 PALMY Awards
  11. 11. Jewelry, Florists and Gift Shops12,001 - 35,000 and Over 35,000 Divisions CombinedFIRST PLACEGreenville JournalKristy AdairandThe Pink Monogram2011 PALMY Awards
  12. 12. Newspaper PromotionUnder 6,000 and Associate Divisions CombinedTHIRD PLACELexington County Chronicle &The Dispatch-News The most beneficialMichael Ball three hours are awaiting you! In becoming a member of the exclusive Chronicle VIP Club, you will receive: Invaluable ideas and strategies from all of us with years of experience in business. Exclusive monthly business-building advertising opportunities that do not appear on our rate card. Invitations to our Publicity, Advertising & Marketing workshops. A copy of our latest CD, “Why Advertising Sucks and What You Can Do About It”. Many other opportunities to attract more business and make each prospect highly profitable. Our life-changing weekly and monthly real-world fact-filled newsletters conveniently emailed to you. More Info? Call 803-359-7633 www.LexingtonChronicle.com2011 PALMY Awards
  13. 13. Newspaper PromotionUnder 6,000 and Associate Divisions CombinedSECOND PLACELexington County Chronicle &The Dispatch-News Let us help you grow yourMichael Ball business all over the Midlands! Carol McCombs Elaine Bennett Invest in your success! Call 803-359-7633 Annette Briggs2011 PALMY Awards
  14. 14. Newspaper PromotionUnder 6,000 and Associate Divisions CombinedFIRST PLACELexington County Chronicle& The Dispatch-NewsMichael Ball Dr. David Gooldy and his office manager Robin Sightler see results in their Lexington County Chronicle advertising. Our ads gave us a 3 to 1 ROI We started advertising our weight tising doesnt work, you can tell him it loss workshops in the Chronicle a works for us. month ago and it has generated seven With this kind of ROI, we will con- new patients for us. tinue to advertise both our dramatic Thats a 3 to 1 return on our ad in- weight loss programs and our pain- vestment. relieving chiropractic services. Where else can you get back $3 on Our thanks to the Chronicle for every $1 you invest in advertising? helping us help so many overweight If a friend tells you Chronicle adver- patients. Advertise | 359-76332011 PALMY Awards
  15. 15. Newspaper Promotion6,000 - 12,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACEThe Lancaster NewsStaff2011 PALMY Awards
  16. 16. Newspaper Promotion 2010 PALMY AWARDS South Carolina Press Association6,000 - 12,000 Division Grats 2 $ GreerSECOND PLACE Signa ture Citizen U Rock!The Greer Citizen Best 6,000 of Sho :-) -12,0 wJulie Holcombe 00 Div ision Staff High Footb S c h o o l all Co nfiden t ial After need a thoroug throughfurther h investig is the out the review. ation, findingshope next Agents it of this four will was Decemb in Columb agency months be decided sent that er 3, that to to 2010. ia, South we gather the five these cases Joel can Carolin present FOOTBALL further location evidenc s Byrn R. Directo FitzPatr a on the our comple e. It weeken SEASON The High es The r Greer ick d of te Aug Gre Reb Citizen STARTS ust er Citi els 18, 2010 zen Divisio n of Footbal FRIDAY, l Affairs AUGUST 20 Professional Services – Third Place Special Section – Second Place $ Angela Mathis and Julie Holcombe Greer State Bank e-Bonus Checking Greer Citizen Staff Making Music Fashion – Third Place Special Section – First Place Angela Mathis and Julie Holcombe Greer Citizen Thompson’s Famous Brand Shoes Staff Re-Boot this Fall High School Football Confidential Fashion – Second Place Innovative Concept – Second Place Angela Mathis and Julie Holcombe Greer Citizen Thompson’s Famous Brand Shoes Staff Largest Selection Dansko Sing it Loud, Sing it Proud Fashion – First Place Innovative Concept – First Place Angela Mathis and Julie Holcombe Greer Citizen Thompson’s Famous Brand Shoes Staff Kick Up Your Heels Small Business, Big Impact Jewelry, Florists & Gift Shops – Drug, Beverage, Grocery or Food – Second Place Third Place Angela Mathis and Julie Holcombe Angela Mathis and Julie Holcombe Tate Jewelers Greer Quality Foods Wear Your Palmetto Pride Thinking Picnic Signatur e Merchant Group or Signature Page - Use of two or more spot colors or Third Place process color – First Place Greer Citizen Suzanne Traenkle Staff Lichtenfelt Nurseries Welcome to Spring Find Us Newspaper Promotion – Third Place Ad ¼ and up to ½ page – First Place Julie Holcombe Angela Mathis and Julie Holcombe Greer Citizen Thompson’s Famous Brand Shoes Making a Splash Summer Sandal Sale Newspaper Promotion – First Place Use of Advertising for Non-Profit Julie Holcombe Community Service – Third Place Greer Citizen Angela Mathis and Julie Holcombe Taking Care of Business Riverside Booster Club R you a Warrior?2011 PALMY Awards CMYK
  17. 17. Newspaper Promotion6,000 - 12,000 Division FIRST PLACE The Journal Staff and Vicki Tymon and The Journal2011 PALMY Awards
  18. 18. Newspaper Promotion By promoting our event in the Moultrie News we filled up the Wando PAC12,001 - 35,000 and Over 35,000 community saw the ad and they responded; we had a packedDivisions Combined house that night for the concert! In fact one of the musicians spoke with me after the concert and said it made their week to have a full, receptive audienceTHIRD PLACE like the one at Wando. We only used the Moultrie News to promote this event and as it turned out, we didn’t need to use another medium because with the Moultrie News, we totallyThe Moultrie News filled the auditorium. Thank you to the Moultrie News for helping us fill the Wando PAC. You helped make this a successfulVickey Boyd and event and provided us the Rebecca Imholz season and wondered how we would find the time to promote opportunity for future concerts Co-President of this event successfully enough to that will benefit our students and bring in a large crowd so the community. Bands of Wando band would come back and doAmber Dumas "Recently we had the opportunity to bring in The United States Army Field Band Jazz Ambassadors. It is an amazing concerts in the future. We are so fortunate that the Moultrie News agreed to co-sponsor this event with us. As a result the professional group of musicians. “I like We hosted them at the Wando Performing Arts Center, as it was to advertise a Booster-Sponsored event. We were busy with the marching where I know people trust and respect the marketplace.”2011 PALMY Awards IP01-436170
  19. 19. Newspaper Promotion12,001 - 35,000 and Over 35,000 Divisions Combined SECOND PLACE The Times and Democrat Carla Hall and The Times and Democrat2011 PALMY Awards
  20. 20. Newspaper Promotion12,001 - 35,000 and Over 35,000 Divisions CombinedFIRST PLACEGreenville JournalKristy Adair2011 PALMY Awards
  21. 21. Merchant Group or Signature PageUnder 6,000 and AssociateDivisions CombinedTHIRD PLACELexington County Chronicle CHRISTMAS ON MAIN-DEC. 4& The Dispatch-News Lexington is throwing a Christmas party Sunday plans a block party on Main Street during and afternoon, Dec. 4. after the parade until 8Joshua Thorp The annual Christmas parade will start at Haygood and West Main Streets at 3:30 p.m. p.m. Shops and offices will be open to the public and music and refreshments with bands, floats and are planned. dignitaries, Santa among The Town of Lexington them. has agreed to block off the The Historic Lexington courthouse block of East Business Association Main until 6 p.m.2011 PALMY Awards
  22. 22. Merchant Group or Signature PageUnder 6,000 and Associate Divisions CombinedSECOND PLACE 2011 Elves ReportLexington County Chronicle 12 Days of Christmas Sale New special each day Our elves have been hard at work to help you find the perfect gift for your special someone, not to mention all you might need for the holidays! SANTA KNOWS WHERE VITES you to visit their show 30% Off Selected Items Closed 12/25 & 12/26& The Dispatch-News TO buy the best toys - Caro- room of wonderful fans! They lina Honda! Jim Wertman have styles for every room REAGIN and his staff have all the lat- est ATVs, jet skis, motorcy- and for everyone on your list. Stop by today at 275 AA Har- CLOTHIERS cles, power generators and bison Boulevard in Irmo. Monday - Friday: 9am-7pm Saturday: 9am-5pm many other quality products Mention their ad and theyll 803-359-4545 Sunday: 1pm-5pm that Honda is known for. Visit take off 20%! 803-785-7848 them today for a great deal FRANKS CAR WASH IS on a new Honda. always giving your car that AFTER 30 YEARS IN showroom shine! Take advan-Staff business, CONNELLS BAR- tage of these incredible deals BER SHOP knows a thing or for the Holiday season. After two about cutting hair. Its a all, no one wants to go to a great place for first time hair- Christmas party in a dirty car! cuts and all haircuts use a Clean it up at Franks Car All Full Service Locations straight-razor shave on the Wash! Buying Gold, Silver Or Trade For Double $50 $100 back of the neck – the old- LEXINGTON FLORIST Value Of Anything In The Store Great Selection Of Estate And fashioned way. Walk-ins are AND FLOWER Center is lo- Pre-Owned Jewelry Book of 5 Full Book of 5 Turtle Wax welcomed with very little cally owned and operated by Diamonds And Custom Designs Service Washes Ice Deluxe Washes waiting. the Worthy family. They sell Quality Presents Starting At $18.85 WANT TO SAVE MONEY beautiful Christmas arrange- Free Gift Wrapping Express Locations on your holiday purchases? ments and wreaths. When LEXINGTON’S OLDEST JEWELRY STORE! Gift Card — 5 washes for $20 Check out the all new COST- planning for the holidays, go 132 E. Main Street | Lexington | 359-6068 Open: Mon—Fri 10-6 | Sat 10am-5pm LESS OUTLET now in Lexing- by the best personal advice ton on Columbia Avenue and the largest selection in across from Franks Carwash. town at 1100 West Main Santa knows where to shop! You will find amazing deals on Street in Lexington. Connell’s electronics for holiday giving. The stock changes daily so come in often to see what is THE OLDEST JEWELRY STORE in Lexington still of- fers the kind of service a cus- new. The prices are so good tomer wants – personal ser- even Santa shops here! vice. Whether you need a “Serving Lexington for over 30 years” Check them out! Costless watch battery or a custom Outlet is ready to help Santa jewelry piece designed and $3.00 off out! WHY NOT LOOK GOOD made, you can trust Barnette Scott to come up with excit- this Christmas and New ing designs that will become Years with an entirely new family heirlooms to cherish. wardrobe from Craig Reagin See the collections of beauti- Clothiers? They offer quality, ful jewelry at LEXINGTON name-brand clothing and can JEWELERS. get you looking great this Hol- MAES ON MAIN IS the iday Season. place to go for new dress (or CREEKSIDE OFFERS several!) for this holiday sea- DINE IN, take out and cater- son. Connie Stuckey and her L F F FREE $10 Gift Certificate ing. They also have a large staff will help you with free room available for parties, gift wrapping, too! Come see When you buy $50 family gatherings, church the new shipment of scarves worth of Gift Certificates. meetings, etc. Gift certificates and winter gloves - just in with this ad are also available. They are time for winters cold snaps. located at 711 East Main GOT AN EYE FOR PHO- Street in the Lexington Old TOGRAPHY? Join Sally Tay- Mill. Business hours are lor at Natural Images for 6am–3pm Monday through fun, outdoor classes to train Sunday with extended hours your eye to caputure the best on Fridays until 9 p.m. Phone images. Schedules are flexi- 808-0546. ble and Sally is a pro! DANS FAN CITY IN- Santa Shops Here! The Perfect Gift! Beginner Photography Classes Deco Breeze Fans! 15 styles Available Ladies Only Great Selection! Fantastic Prices! Makes a great gift for the person in your life who loves taking photos but wants to learn more. Taught by a local, professional photographer! Monday-Saturday 10-6 Gift Certificates Available Contact: Sally Taylor2011 PALMY Awards Email: sally@naturalimagesphotos.com 275-AA Harbison Blvd. Columbia, SC 29212 www.naturalimagesphotos.com
  23. 23. Merchant Group or Signature PageUnder 6,000 and Associate Divisions CombinedFIRST PLACEThe VoiceAshley Ghere2011 PALMY Awards
  24. 24. Merchant Group or Signature Page6,000 - 12,000 Division Breast cancer is the #1 cancer diagnosed among women in America today and the second leading cause of cancer death. More than 39,800 women will die from the disease this year. These facts and figures are disheartening, but by raising awareness and promoting early detection, we can help reduce the numbers.THIRD PLACE To lower my risk for breast cancer, I PROMISE TO: schedule my annual mammogram perform a monthly self-exam schedule an annual physical start exercising regularly follow a healthy, low-fat diet quit smokingPickens County CourierEmily Wenzel Dacusville Pawn, LLC 864.246.1000 864.220.5100 - Easley/Powdersville Office - 1909 E. Main St. Easley 3786A Farrs Bridge Rd, Easley SC 119B Beacon Hill Court | Easley, SC Attorney At Law SPECIALIZING IN FAMILY LAW 864-242-4995 TC Bearies Hallmark bmann@greenvillelaw.net 819 EAST NORTH STREET 859-1411 GREENVILLE, SC 29601 Town & Country Shopping Center Easley I Love You Mom... Love,Nicole We Love You Grandma! xoxoxo Ella & Emerson Dreaming, dancing, singing, creating, The g Artist Ca and making friends! tarvin S fe Praying For A Cure Easley Dance Conservatory 864.850.0580 864.644.8450 Call 442-1133 to reserve your spot today! www.5pointchurch.com www.starving-artist-cafe.com 114 North West Main Street, Easley www.easleydance.com | 900 E. Main Street #II | Easley, SC Dr. Hinton Dr. Marler ~ FINE HATS & ACCESORIES ~ Dr. Armstrong SHIRLEY YOUNG, PROPRIETOR 864.442.6391 878.7915 TUESDAY - FRIDAY 10:30AM - 5:30PM SATURDAY 10:30AM - 4PM Located at the corner of Main & Pendleton Bring this ad in to receive a 10% discount off your total purchase Good thru October 29th. 100 EAST MAIN STREET EASLEY Complete Auto Repair Center 864.878.0095 ROBINSON’S www.SomethingSpecialEasley.com2011 PALMY Awards DOWNTOWN EASLEY 855-0017 (In the old Norris Ford location) 864.855.3525 | 231 West Main Street | Easley
  25. 25. Merchant Group or Signature Page6,000 - 12,000 Division Christmas in Downtown Easley Please Support Your Local BusinessesSECOND PLACE on orders of $50.00 or more from our Holiday Catalogue Fun Casual Dining Free Dessert with Entrée With this ad thru 1-31-12 864.859.0687 107 West Main Street | Easley For the Antique Lover In Your Life... Our Gift CertificatesPickens County Courier Make the PERFECT GIFT for CHRISTMAS! With $50.00 Gift Certificate Purchase ~ Auction ~ Saturday, December 10th at 11:00AM Receive $5.00 Gift Certificate This Old House Antiques & Boutique LIQUIDATING EVERYTHING! 131 West Main Street, Pickens, SC | SCAL # 4136, # 4137 ART & WINE CLASSESEmily Wenzel Tuesdays, Dec. 6th & 13th at 7PM with Artist, Dale Stone See the magic and wonder of Easley Dance Conservatory’s production The g Artist Ca tarvin of the Holiday classic... S fe The Nutcracker www.starving-artist-cafe.com 864.644.8450 December 17th @ 7pm 114 North West Main Street, Easley December 18th @ 3pm Young dancers from across Pickens, Anderson, and Greenville counties will perform in this year’s production at Easley High School Auditorium Tickets: $7 - Advance $10 - The Door For more information or tickets email Suzanne@easleydance.com or call 442-1133 900 E. Main Street #II | Easley, SC 15% OFF All Dressy Hats & Fascinators! ~ FINE HATS & ACCESORIES ~ 864.442.6391 100 EAST MAIN STREET EASLEY Please Help Us Celebrate Our 35th Anniversary... Where CHRISTMAS is Always… With Special Savings This Christmas!!! ...Extra Special with Designer Decorations At Affordable Prices Custom Florals, Wreaths, Gift Certificates & More! Albertson Enterprise 864.855.3525 859-2031 246-9078 885-9446 231 West Main Street | Easley2011 PALMY Awards 118 East Main St. Easley 2410 W. Blue Ridge Dr. Greenville 825 West N.First St. Seneca 855-2141 www.SomethingSpecialEasley.com ~ 112 E. Main Street | Easley (1 Block Up From Joe’s) ~
  26. 26. Merchant Group or Signature Page6,000 - 12,000 DivisionFIRST PLACELake Wylie Pilot y yCorey Anderson &Leigh BakerandRivergate2011 PALMY Awards
  27. 27. Merchant Group or Signature Page12,001 - 35,000 DivisionTHIRD PLACEThe HeraldStaff andJessica Donaldson2011 PALMY Awards
  28. 28. Merchant Group or Signature Page12,001 - 35,000 Division SECOND PLACE The Summerville Journal Scene Chris Zoeller and Graphic Design Staff2011 PALMY Awards
  29. 29. Merchant Group or Signature Page12,001 - 35,000 DivisionFIRST PLACEFort Mill TimesSherry Avant &Leigh BakerandMerchant Group2011 PALMY Awards +
  30. 30. Merchant Group or Signature Page SPARTANBURG HERALD-JOURNAL ◆ GOUPSTATE.COM FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2011 C3Over 35,000 Division Good Things Come In Small Packages...THIRD PLACE A family-owned funeral home Inman, SC with deep roots in the community. Come See All Of The InmanHerald-Journal Merchants HUGE YARD SALE! Rain or Shine - 8am until Saturday, Sept. 24 S004-1460610 During Clothing • Furniture • Antiques and Much More! Harvest Day! 11068 Asheville Hwy, Ste B-16 - Inman, SC 864.472.3399 New Fall Hours ! Tues 10-5 • Wed-Fri 12-7 • Sat 10-3 S004-1460608 Dawn Pike, Owner 864-472-6836 Fax 864-472-7930 26 East Main Street, Inman, SC Call for our free brochure. Why Choose A Family-Owned Firm?Hailey Dill T Tu Tuesday - Saturday 5pm till close www.seawright-funeralhome.com Live Entertainment This Week L I NMAN • Fri. Sept. 23rd Hands Down 8:00 S004-1460611 • Sa Sept. 24th Marc Higgins Band 8:30 S Sat. QU I L T • Wed. Sept. 28th Trivia & Where Great Karaoke Hosted by Coffee 7:30 TRUE TIMBER S004-1460618 Food & Music FACTORY OUTLET COT T AGE BEAUTIFUL FABRICS AND SAMPLES Come Alive 32 S. Howard St. • Inman tapabeat@yahoo.com 864-473-0404 4 Huge Selection of 25 South Main Street • Inman Hunting Clothes! 1460612 2 S004-1460612and 472-0888 • inmanquiltcottage.com Great Selection of Carolina Boots Sizes 8-13 (Safety Toed - $86 & up - In-Stock Only) Gumpy’s Farm NEW! We Now Carry Fishing Tackle! NEW! Snake Chaps & Goards FALL AND SuperMag Tree Stands - Cadillac 17 1/2 lbs. $189 Dog Beds • Hunting Blinds • Spy-Point Cameras GIFTS FOR ALL SEASONS WINTER SALE! 30% OFF 50 lbs. Bag Oats - $18 each Come See UsInman Downtown Association Select Items NEW! CoreTec Jackets - Pants - Vests S004-1460615 At Harvest 19 Mill St. • Inman TRUE TIMBER® FACTORY OUTLET - INMAN, SC Intersection of I-26 & Hwy. 176, Exit 15 472-8099 Day! Tues-Sat 10-6pm • www.truetimber.com 864-472-1720 ONE COMPANY. ONE AGENT. 20% Off MANY WAYS TO SAVE. Inman Mills Rockie Bull, LUTCF Lamps! Allstate Insurance Company 12821 Asheville Highway Agency Owner Inman, SC 29349 Monogrammed Rockie Bull Insurance Agency, LLC Baptist Church Phone 864-473-0509 Garden Flags S004-1460606 Fax 864-473-1345 rockiebull@allstate.com Are Back! www.allstateagencies.com/RockieBull S0 0 22 B Street, Inman, SC 864-472-6324 472-5204 • 13 N. MAIN STREET - INMAN Auto, Home, Business, Life S004-1460607 10:00am Sunday School 11:00am Traditional Worship Service 6:00pm Sunday Evening Worship Service 6:45pm Wednesday Service and Children/Youth Classes Harvest Be sure your business Classes and Activities for all ages! Day is featured on the next Sale!Special Selections publication of the Inman Page! Call Hailey Dill at S004-1460609 Ask About Our Services Serving Polk, Spartanburg & The Missy Shoppe 562-7372 or Email Greenville counties for 30 years! 7 Main St. Inman, SC 864-472-2791 hailey.dill@shj.com Palliative Care for those with a serious Hospice House for those who need Harvest Day Sale Saturday, September 24 • 8:30 am - 5:00 pm illness who want to live short-term, well and plan wisely for round-the-clock care Thousands of Prints to Choose From! the future in a homelike setting Hospice Care Bereavement Care SAVE 50-90% OFF! for individuals and for those who are families living with a grieving and learning Join Emcees Mark & Jerri Ferguson celebrating terminal illness to live with loss 20 Years of Sunday In The South Hospice of the Carolina Foothills Live Gospel & Bluegrass Concert S004-1460616 on our Front Yard! It’s about living! hocf.org 828-894-7000 (NC)2011 PALMY Awards 864-457-9122 (SC) S004-1460603 28 Mill Street - Inman, SC 29349 - 864.472.4270 864-457-9100 (HH) www.artgallerypictureframespartanburgsc.com S004-1460605
  31. 31. Merchant Group or Signature PageOver 35,000 Division SECOND PLACE Herald-Journal Sadhana Patel and Downtown Spartanburg2011 PALMY Awards
  32. 32. Merchant Group or Signature PageOver 35,000 DivisionFIRST PLACEGreenville JournalKristy AdairandAugusta Commons2011 PALMY Awards
  33. 33. Drug, Beverage, Grocery or FoodUnder 6,000 and 6,000 - 12,000 Divisions CombinedTHIRD PLACEClarendon CitizenJoanne Taylor andIva Jean DeOliveiraandManning Wine and Spirits Located in the walmart Plaza 803.433.90002011 PALMY Awards
  34. 34. Drug, Beverage, Grocery or FoodUnder 6,000 and 6,000 - 12,000 Divisions CombinedSECOND PLACEMyrtle Beach HeraldFulton Bune and Karie AmosandHarry’s Thanks for flipping over our pancakes! HARRY’S BREAKFAST PANCAKES Join us for breakfast, brunch, or lunch Open 5:30 am - 2 pm 2 Eggs, 2 Pancakes, 2 Bacon or Sausage $3.69 “We loved the strawberry flapjacks, and theyʼre priced right too. Three buttermilk pancakes topped with strawberries and whipped cream: itʼs the best breakfast on the beach-period.” ~Quoted by magazine 2306 North Kings Hwy. Locals (17 Business) Myrtle Beach • 843-448-8013 10% OFF2011 PALMY Awards
  35. 35. Drug, Beverage, Grocery or FoodUnder 6,000 and 6,000 - 12,000 Divisions CombinedFIRST PLACEClarendon CitizenJoanne Taylor and Carol DowellandLyles Package Store NOW 2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU!2011 PALMY Awards
  36. 36. Drug, Beverage, Grocery or Food12,001 - 35,000 and Over 35,000 Divisions CombinedTHIRD PLACE ar olina Sweet Endings C Discover the new sweet taste in Fort Mill!The HeraldSherry Avant and Leigh Baker Open Houseand Saturday, November 26th 6:30am - 5pmCarolina Sweet Endings Come by and see how we are making the holidays even sweeter! We have sweets for every occasion from weddings to birthdays to that special holiday party! Come early before your Christmas shopping for coffee and pastries for breakfast! Carolina Sweet Endings 108 SPRINGS STREET FORT MILL, SC 297302011 PALMY Awards 980-422-1883
  37. 37. Drug, Beverage, Grocery or Food12,001 - 35,000 and Over 35,000 Divisions CombinedSECOND PLACEGreenville JournalKristy AdairandTony’s Liquor Stores2011 PALMY Awards
  38. 38. Drug, Beverage, Grocery or Food12,001 - 35,000 and Over 35,000 Divisions Combined 8A The Herald Wednesday ● November 30, 2011 +FIRST PLACEThe HeraldDonna Pontus andJessica DonaldsonandCompare Foods2011 PALMY Awards +
  39. 39. EntertainmentUnder 6,000 and Associate Divisions Combined THIRD PLACE The Cherokee Chronicle Jon Martin and Stick’s2011 PALMY Awards
  40. 40. EntertainmentUnder 6,000 and Associate Divisions CombinedSECOND PLACENews and PressJessica RossandC. Boan’s Steakhouse2011 PALMY Awards
  41. 41. EntertainmentUnder 6,000 and Associate Divisions Combined The Pee Dee’s First & Finest Gentleman’s ClubFIRST PLACE Over 50 of South Carolina’sNews and Press Hottest EntertainersStaff You’re Just Minutes from 50 of America’sand Most Erotic Showgirls.Trophy Club Let our Pit Crew Dance for You Tonight! new hours: monday - saturday 3 p.m. until 1617 West Lucas St. Florence (843) 629-09072011 PALMY Awards call for directions
  42. 42. Entertainment6,000 - 12,000 Division THIRD PLACE The Journal Marcia Adkins and Vicki Tymon and Just Burgers2011 PALMY Awards