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Nomad life - how to be a nomad and succeed at freelancing

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My digital nomad journey since 2013, how to be a digital nomad, tips to communicate across time zones and 3 key points learned from 6 years of freelancing.

This talk was presented at Nomad Life event, Taipei in June 28, 2017

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Nomad life - how to be a nomad and succeed at freelancing

  1. 1. How to be a nomad + Succeed as a freelancer
  2. 2. Founder of Ladies that UX Amsterdam Digital Nomad since 2013 Freelance UX & UI Designer Jenny Shen Mentor Senior Product & UX Designer at Toptal
  3. 3. Work Process
  4. 4. Communicate Design Deliver
  5. 5. =
  6. 6. Tips for communication
  7. 7. Always talk about the details Don’t just say “ok”. Write out what’s agreed, what’s to be discussed and next steps! When in doubt, ASK Repetition
  8. 8. Tips to communicate ACROSS TIMEZONES!
  9. 9. Everytimezone
  10. 10. How to get started
  11. 11. Design Development Copywriting Marketing Social Media Finance Personal Trainer Virtual Assistant Photographer How do you want to create income?
  12. 12. Freelance Agency
  13. 13. Pros Cons Flexibility Higher income Work w/ multiple companies & projects Work across industries Quicker to hit the ground running No job application process Instability Risks Company of one Multi-tasking Lack of team No clear career path or ladder Shorter project timeframe
  14. 14. Wanna succeed as a freelancer?
  15. 15. How to have consistent income with good clients?
  16. 16. How to have consistent income with good clients? THE HOLY GRAIL
  17. 17. raining money gif
  18. 18. 3 key points
  19. 19. Think about your users and their needs
  20. 20. Where are your ideal clients based and what language do they speak? What skills are clients looking for? If you’re a client, how would YOU choose a freelancer?
  21. 21. Personal brand
  22. 22. Marketing Networking Be public Do good work
  23. 23. Why did clients choose YOU?
  24. 24. Clients choose me because: 1. I seem like someone they can work with 2. I don't do what I’m told
  25. 25. Treat it like a business
  26. 26. What's your marketing and sales funnel? What does your pipeline look like? What does your cash flow and year overview look like?
  27. 27. Treat it like a business Personal brand Think about your users and their needs
  28. 28. Thank you