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Visual Storytelling with Data

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Running up to their big Storytelling Lab Day this October, Ogilvy London asked some of its key partners to come in and talk about the many different aspects of storytelling week-by-week in the form of a Lab Lunch. This week JESS3 presented Visual Storytelling with Data to the Ogilvy team.

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Visual Storytelling with Data

  1. Visual Storytelling with Data Presented by: Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez, Information Design Director
  2. Humans areVisual Creatures
  3. Every Dataset has a Story to Tell78% 123 ABC
  4. The Rise ofData Journalism
  5. Infographic = Information Graphic Data Medium 0010011010101100111Audience + Purpose Organisation Narrative Visual Approach
  6. Core ComponentsHave Integrity Educational Snackable Valuable Beautiful Timely Entertaining Optimized
  7. CASE STUDY 1: Amex OPEN
  8. CASE STUDY 2: Samsung Smartwall
  9. CASE STUDY 3: Eloqua s Blog Tree
  10. CASE STUDY 4: Google Politics
  11. Thanks for listening Keep in touch: @JESS3 JESS3.com