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A keynote presentation looking at where the current sports and entertainment industry is in terms of social media, and a look to the future for 2012 and beyond. well worth a flick, and pls use as you would. i hope you 'like' it.

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Fanographie keynote jez jowett 270312

  1. 1. Social,  Sport  &  Entertainment   What  next  in  2012?   #Jezmond  (400  SoMe  campaigns,  2billion  engagements)  ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment  
  2. 2. Tomorrow  is  Here   Says  almost  everyone   Social media is the on-going conversation of the planet. As time goes on, it is my home on the internet. It is my home page, the place where I spend the most time. It is where I do business. It is where I hang out with my friends. It s where I find out about new movies, television and products. Kurt Sondregger, VP Marketing, Ploom, 2008 ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   2  
  3. 3. Social  conversa8ons  since  1999   Using  the  internet   Hi, Jez here. I love Travis - I hear they are doing a live gig from Boston tomorrow night at 2100GMT that is going to streamed on AOL Live and then available on DVD Jez ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   3  
  4. 4. Earned  media  could  not  be  bought   Fans  and  passions  first   FUCK OFF YOU MARKETING TWAT. This is a forum for fans not sales! 58 other people liked this comment ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   4  
  5. 5. Earned  through  ‘value  exchange’   Honesty,  personality,  content,  relevance.   Hi there, Marketing Twat here. Thought you might like to know that Travis are doing a gig from Boston tmw night at 2100GMT on AOL Live 458 other people liked this comment ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   5  
  6. 6. Conversa8on  leads  to  rela8onship   Influencer  +    social  currency   Thanks for the info! :-)  ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   6
  7. 7. Quickly  up  to  yesterday…   The  $15k  Mexican  Tweets  ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment  
  8. 8. 1.  Content  is  Elvis   Content  fuels  conversaSons  ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   8  
  9. 9. 2011  sport  clips  &  virals   Sport  +  WOW  factor  (or  humor)  =  entertainment   2nd  most   viewed  in  2011   hVp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt4X7zFfv4k  ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   9  
  10. 10. 2011  most  viewed  clip   How  far  will  a  fan  go  ?   No  1  most   viewed  in  2011  ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   hVp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=smtROJs-­‐8BU   10  
  11. 11. 2.  Conversa8ons  always  on   ConversaSons  around  content  ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   11  
  12. 12. 3.  Power  of  Communi8es   Content  &  conversaSons  é  communiSes  ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   12  
  13. 13. 4.  Connectors  &  Influencers   WOM  and  genius  ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   13  
  14. 14. 5.  Technology  Fascina8on   What  the  toys  can  do  ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   14  
  15. 15. 2012  A  World  Record  Year?   The  year  of  Sports  and  Entertainment   1.  Social  media  confidence          ✔           2.  SoMe  analysis  and  science      ✔       3.  Smartphone  penetra8on  &  free  wifi    ✔     4.  Stories  and  events  worth  sharing    ✔    ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   15  
  16. 16. Social  Media  2.0    Beyond  Fans  and  Likes  with  engagement  scores     AXer  heavy  flir8ng  with  social  media  in  2011,  brands  will  go  beyond  merely  looking  at  Likes  and  Fans,  and  start  caring  and  measuring  engagement   and  community  building  The  value  of  a  meaningful  rela8onship  will  be  properly  appreciated  to  build  strong  communi8es,  CRM  programs,  loyalty   and  integrated  transac8ons  To  prove  the  effec8veness  of  social  media  campaigns,  brands  will  develop  more  sophis8cated  measurement  algorithms   to  prove  the  ROI,  more  commonly  to  be  known  as  ROSS  (return  on  social  spend)  By  the  end  of  2012,  successful  brands  in  social  media  will  have   focused  more  upon  increasing  their  levels  of  engagement  with  fans,  than  the  number  of  fans  ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment    
  17. 17. Social  Media  Strategy  &  Commitment    Not  just  tacScs     Thanks  to  Flickr.com-­‐  crea8ve  commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/dm74/3312147063/     Brands  will  commit  to  their  social  presence  with  dedicated  teams,  processes,  resources  and  guidelines.    Every  company  will  have  a   Social  Media  Director.    There  will  be  a  SM  strategy  aligned  for  all  stakeholders,  not  just  for  tac8cal  campaigns.  No  longer  here  today  and  gone   tomorrow,  but  always  on,  listening  and  responding.    Especially  at  the  weekends  and  when  people  are  social.    ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment      
  18. 18. Sports  Social  Subscrip8ons   Fans  using  micro-­‐payments  or  credits     Sports  federa8ons  will  face  a  huge  challenge  in  2012:  “How  to  evolve  their  (tradi8onal)  broadcas8ng  rights  package,  when  many  of  their  audience   are  no  longer  tuning  into  tradi8onal  broadcast  channel,  and  in  some  countries  don’t  even  own  a  TV  anymore?”    With  more  and  more  fans  watching   mainstream  and  niche  sports  on  the  web;  on  social  networks;  on  mobile  devices,  successful  federa8ons  will  embrace  the  opportunity  The  ability  to   watch  catch  up  and  real  8me  spor8ng  events,  will  increasingly  be  consumed  on  Facebook  and  YouTube.  Social  media  subscrip8on  packages  will   provide  new  revenue  streams  and  help  reach  and  engage  with  young  and  new  fans    ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment    
  19. 19. Sports  &  Technology  &  Social  Sharing   Real  Sme,  live  from  and  interacSve       Sport  will  con8nue  to  become  more  scien8fic,  and  technology  will  bring  the  most  drama8c  imagery  and  revela8ons  to  both  big  screen  and  likle   screen  Enjoyment  of  sport,  even  from  an  armchair,  will  become  a  thrilling  experience.    No  longer  a  lean  back  and  enjoy,  but  lean  forward  and   immersion  Sports  cam  technology  will  bring  footage  to  our  screens  that  we’ve  never  seen  before.  From  3D  to  4D;  slow  mo8on  to  split  screen;   helmet  cam  to  ball  cam;    adrenalin  sensors  to  heart  monitors…  ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment      
  20. 20. The  Social  Olympics  2012   Record  Breakers     London  2012  will  be  swamped  in  social  media  More  Tweets,  shares,  Likes,  posts,  comments,  views  will  take  place  in  1  month,  than  ever  before.   News,  scandals,  records  &  exclusives  will  all  be  read  on  Twiker  first.    Then  on  the  news  channels  and  papers.  Footage  we  aren’t  supposed  to  see,   we  will.  Thanks  to  Facebook,  bit.ly  and  YouTube.  There  will  be  more  Likes  and  friends  for  London  2012  than  any  other  spor8ng  event,  ever.  It  will   remain  one  of  the  top  5  trending  topics  in  Twiker  globally,    for  1  month.  During  the  100m  final  there  will  be  more  messages,  images  and  videos   shared  via  social  media,    than  at  any  other  8me  since  the  dawn  of  the  world  wide  web  ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment      
  21. 21. Loca8on  Based  Entertainment   Check  in  and  win.     Spor8ng  venues  and  stadiums  are  the  second  most  checked-­‐in  places  worldwide.  The  most  popular  checked-­‐in  places  are  airports  Brands,   sponsors  and  rights  holders  will  leverage  this  opportunity  to  geo  target  fans  with  compelling  and  shareable  content  and  promo8onal   messages.    Having  iden8fied  a  physical  fan,  data  will  provide  an  on-­‐going  and  customized  rela8onship  back  to  their  home  2012  will  see  a   huge  increase  in  the  connec8ons  between  these  akending  fans,  virtual  fans  and  brand  messages.  2012  will  become  the  year  of  social   currency  –  more  shareable,  more  entertaining  and  more  personalized    ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment     21  
  22. 22. Live  Events  Get  Greener   Carbon  neutral,  sustainable,  fun  recycling.       Stronger  corporate  social  responsibility,  combined  with  increased  consumer  awareness  of  recycling  and  the  need  for  a  cleaner   environment,  will  result  in  more  environmentally  friendly  events.  Sponsors  will  require  event  producers  to  have    commiked  to  make  the   event  as  carbon  neutral  as  possible.  Sponsors  will  consider  this  ‘green  score’  just  as  much  as  the  number  of  akendees  and  media  value.   Recycling  will  have  high  visibility  at  each  event  and  be  a  crea8ve  and  entertaining  ac8vity  that  akendees  warmly  embrace.      ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   22  
  23. 23. Social-­‐Commerce   The  High  St    on  Facebook     The  new  ‘year  of  mobile’  =  ‘year  of  social  commerce.  Confidence  in  place.  Technology  in  place.    E  commerce  in  place,  now  social  commerce.   Facebook  (and  Pinterest)  as  a  traffic  driver,  through  to  ‘owned  media’  or  preferred  partner  (ie  Amazon).     Shop  and  share  for  a  social  discount  to  be  exploited  this  year  by  early  adopters.    ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment  
  24. 24. Digital  Concierges   Your  own  social  PA.  The  new  ‘Chief  Listener’  job  Stle      More  data,  more  sources,  more  oXen,  more  interests  and  likes,  will  require  8ghten  filtering.    Not  enough  8me  in  the  day  to  read  even  a  half  of  those   you  follow.  Aggregators  of  informa8on,  and  curated  content,  will  charge  subscrip8ons.      A  service  will  be  launched  to  have  your  own  Social  PA  (  I-­‐ Google  in  person).  Your  PA  for  info,  to  avoid  info  meltdown.      ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment      
  25. 25. Million  Dollar  Bloggers   SyndicaSon  and  retreaSng     Cyber  PR  will  become  more  challenging  across  online  influencers  who  tradi8onally  would  blog  or  tweet  about  a  campaign  for  free.  This  will  change   in  2012.  The  world’s  first  million  dollar  blogger  will  be  created  Already  in  LATAM,  and  especially  in  Mexico,  it  is  not  un-­‐common  for  a  blogger  to   request  $15,000  for  a  Tweet  or  blog  post  men8oning  or  linking  to  a  brand.  This  emerging  trend  will  spread  across  the  globe  Accessing  a  blogger,  will   in  some  instances  require  contac8ng  a  blog  management  agency.  Blog  networks  will  manage  the  syndica8on  of  posts  across  a  diverse  range  of   interests  and  passions    ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment    
  26. 26. Digital  Amnesty  Day   Switch  off,    have  a  conversaSons,  face  to  face.   1  day  a  year,  everything  will  shut  down,  almost.    Companies  will  ask  all  their  staff  to  ‘switch  off  and  unplug  for  24  hours’.  At  first  employees  will  be   scared  and  confused.  They  will  scratch  their  heads  wondering  how  they  can  perform  their  job  or  task,  without  a  digital  connec8on.  AXer  3  hours  a   smile  will  spread  across  their  faces.  It  will  be  a  beau8ful  day  or  real  rela8onships  and  friendships  the  old  fashioned  way,  face  to  face.  We  will  re-­‐ discover  social  skills,  beyond  Facebook.  We  will  put  into  perspec8ve  the  role  of  digital.  It  will  become  a  yearly  event.    ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment  
  27. 27. ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment  
  28. 28. ©  Havas  Sports  &  Entertainment   28