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Kelmser poetryanthology

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Kelmser poetryanthology

  1. 1. MyPoetryAnthologyBy: Jenna Kelmser
  2. 2. ODE TO NATUREThe water washes on the shoreTeasing all of the gulls galoreBringing them worms and so much moreI think it’sreally fun towatchWhen all of themcan’t get a catchI think I mightjust stay awhileAnd walk alongthe beach formilesWe watch thepeople leave ingleeI’m really glad it isn’t meI want to stay and watch the seaI wish it would just stay with me
  3. 3. LimerickI like to eat my mothers foodShe cooks a lot when Im at schoolIt fills me up after the dayI hope it never goes away
  4. 4. Why oh why are roses red? Could it be all just in my head? Or tweedledee and tweedledumb Painted them for a green thumb Maybe the sun changes their looksWhat if it its just from all the books My imagination swirlsI hope it stops before I hurl Why oh why are roses red?
  5. 5. I rotate I hold water I hold dirt But what dose that do I hold lava I hold sand I hold fire All for you I hold windThe currants of the ocean I hold Animals Galore I wish I held the moonI wish I held the universe Id give it all to you
  6. 6. I really love this popsicleIts really yummyI wonder what it looks like in my tummyMy sister says is looks real funnyBut shes just jealousShe doesnt understand that my popsicle is a living manHe walks with me at the fairI wonder if he could grow hair?I decided to name him ToddWhile I was listening to my iPodThe walk home was hot and longI couldnt find Todd by the end of the song