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Classic parkbench:symbol for recreation and usability for peopleClassic plantpot:symbol for a temporary event, to initiate...
The existing parks and squares (pearls) along the Singel have al-ready a specific quality and function well as leasure area...
One of the two existing wind mills is located on the Lam-mermarkt. It gets to the center of a new Lawn Park. Independence ...
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Latz + Partner, Singelpark Design Competition, poster

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Latz + Partner, Singelpark Design Competition, poster

  1. 1. Classic parkbench:symbol for recreation and usability for peopleClassic plantpot:symbol for a temporary event, to initiate a quick developmentof specific sitesFour Eco-towers are located in the North,South, West and East of the Singelpark andfunction as landmarks for the pedestrian andcyclists along the Singelpromenade but alsoworks as a signage for the traffic which drivesinto the city center.Information boards:Three types of informa-tion boards give histo-rical and actual informa-tions about the site andgive an overview of theSingelpark by showingthe actual location.With the three dimen-sions a flexible usabi-lity is guaranteed. Theboards are integratedin anthracite colouredmetal frames.A new layer of connecting elements (layer of orientation and information) get layed over therich existing structures to create a new identity for Leiden’s Singelpark. A corporate design witha recognizable logo of the Singelpark, specific colours and materials simplifies the orientationfor the pedestrian. Through information boards, specific furniture, lighting of the bridges andthe Singelpark insignia the pedestrian and the cyclists get guided through the park.Singelpark insignia/Branding:As orientation system we propose to use unconventional tools instead of using standardizedorientation signs. The orientation system, as a recurrent structure, provides a high potential tocreate identity. It should be iconographic to get visible and to stay in mind of the pedestrian.The Singelpark insignias are engraved metal plates, which get installed into the existing sur-faces of the site or get attached at existing vertical elements. Like stepping stones they form anorientation ribbon along the Singelpaths. In situations where the direction of the Singel is notclear, the Singelpark insignias are more dense to each other, while the distance between theinsignias get bigger in the parks.Since the first developments of thecity, the Singel has an importantsignificance for Leiden.It changes from a defending ele-ment for the young city in the 17th-18th century (with a moat and pro-tective barriers) into a center ofproduction and industrial growingin the 18th and 19th century.Today, in a generation of indus-tial regression , the Singel gets anew meaning as an important openspace which encloses the historicalcity center.The Singelpark - a string of greenpearls inside and a green prome-nade outside the former defensewaters. The strength of this extra-ordinary composition lies in theindividuality of the pearls and thecontinuity of the outer promenade,communicating over the bluishgreen mirror of water.We propose to further work their in-dividuality and enrich the necklacewith even more different places, al-lowing for appropriation by all citi-zens of Leiden. Wewershuisjes1640Oostenrijk wall towerFormer transformationstation1675Windmolen1771Industrialisation1837Singelpark2013Temporary green pots for immediately positiv effects to emhasize the Singelparkconcept. Later they could bereorganized and reused for other events.Transformation of a typical street entrance situation of the Singelpromenade. The pedestrian becomes more important and our landmarkmakes orientation easy.01LATZ+PARTNEROude RijnWitte SingelWitte SingelHuigparkBlekersparkBegraafsplaats ZijlpoortPlantsoenHortus botanicusRembrandtparkPark de PutLammermarkt CentraleplaatsAnkerparkKatoenparkRijnNieuwe RijnMorssingelRijnsburger SingelMaresingelHerensingelZijlsingelZoeterwoudsesingelSCHEME SINGELPARK ORIENTATIONSCHEME SINGELPARK FACADE TO FACADE SCHEME SINGELPARK METAMORPHOSISSINGELPARKLEIDENELEMENTS SINGELPARK FURNITUREORIENTATION SINGELPROMENADETransformation of a typical hidden entrance situation of the Singelpromenade. Orientation becomes easy to follow the Singelpark.
  2. 2. The existing parks and squares (pearls) along the Singel have al-ready a specific quality and function well as leasure areas for theliving and working population of Leiden.They don’t need to be redesigned. What they need is enhancedvisibility by taking out clutter and connecting them, a strengthenedidentity by naming and exaggeration, and completion by takinggiven spatial opportunities at former bulwarks.CREATING CONTINUITYThe two-way-road along the Singel should betransformed to a slow one-way system, givingmore space for a continuous promenade withgenerous access to the water. Places to staytransform the visual appearance of the givenspaces to an easy to use green area.It is not about their size but about a recogniz-able continuity of a fixed set of elements.Tree rows get completed.Surfaces of the streets which pass throughthe Singelpark get changed into clinker brick.It slows down and marks the entrance intothe city center.Oostenrijk wall towerVan der WerfparkHortus Botanicus1e BinnenvestgrachtThe Singelpark bridges will be emphasized through effectlighting and will be visible from far away.While the orientation system and the furniture navigates thepedestrian at daytime, a green illumination of the bridges atnighttime identify them as elements of the Singelpark.The Rembrandtpark a new pearl in the singelpark. Ecotower, pontoon and furniture makes it part of the ensemble.02LATZ+PARTNERenverZijlssingelZijlpoortHuigparkBegraafsplaats ZijlpoortAnkerparkBegraafsplaats GroenesteegJan van HoutkadePlantagelaanHoge RijndijkFruinlaanZoeterwoudsesingelZoeterwoudsesingelPlantsoenLammenschanswegHerenstraatEAST ECOTOWERTREETOPWALKSOUTH ECOTOWERGARENMARKTNORTH ECOTOWERHaarlemmerwegMaresingelHerensingelKooilaanKoningstraatOudeHerengrachtMarnixstraatPEARL CENTRALEPLAATSLangegrachtRijnsburgersingelMorssingelStationswegSteenstraatNoordeindeHaagwegMorswegPlesmanlaanWitteSingelWitte SingelBoisotkadeWEST ECOTOWERUNIVERSITY PONTOONCONNECTION THROUGHTHE HORTUS BOTANICUSGARDEN BOATGARDENBOATGARDENBOATGARDENBOATGARDENBOATGARDEN BOATPONTOONPONTOONGARDENBOATPONTOONPONTOONNEW WATERGATEPONTOONPONTOONPEARL LAMMERMARKTPONTOONNEW BRIDGENEW BRIDGENEW BRIDGEPEARL LAKENPLEINMEELFABRIEKPEARL KAARSENMAKERSPLEINPONTOONPONTOONJan van GoyerkadeSchelpenkadeMolen de ValkMolen de PutMorspoortMuseum VolkenkundeSITEPLAN SINGELPARK 1:2500SCHEME SINGELPARK LINKSPROMENADE DEVELOPMENT „OUTSIDE“ SINGEL
  3. 3. One of the two existing wind mills is located on the Lam-mermarkt. It gets to the center of a new Lawn Park. Independence on the historical protective barriers the lawnareas get folded up and create introverted and extrovertedspaces. A multifunctional park is been developed to providespace for recreation and activity, for events and as a mee-ting point under the landmark mill.WATER ACTIVATIONBeside the huge pearls – public squares andparks – small interventions get added to acti-vate the water edge and to create a connec-tion between water and parks. Swimmingpontoons, swimming gardens on top of theold barges and footbridges get developed.PEARLIMAGE CENTRALEPLAATSThe site of the existing central power station changes into the newfairground for Leiden - the Centraleplaats. With it’s broad opensquare it provides space for events, fun rides and other activities.It gets a frame of trees which create a treetop-roof. Under this roofthe activity slows down, benches invite for relaxing and watchingthe activities on the square. Waterbound surfaces provide spacesfor playing boule or other games.PEARLIMAGE LAKENPLEINTwo neighborhood squares/parks get developed at the easternpart of the Singel. One of them is shown underneath. Treerowsframe the square. The heart of the square is a deepend area.With a step of 45cm the edge of this area prevents a seating stepwhere parents can sit to watch their children play in the securedarea. A combination of lawn and a water playground provide manypossibilities for the children to play. The water theme which is om-nipresent around the whole Singel gets to an usable feature forthe children.Gardenboats as spacemaker in the houseboatlines. New direct connection through the hortus botanicus courtyard.03LATZ+PARTNERPEARLIMAGE CENTRALEPLAATSPEARLIMAGE LAKENPLEINPEARLIMAGE LAMMERMARKTPARK FURNITURE „OUTSIDE“ SINGEL