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Blogging: Creative and personalised ways of engaging and extending your pupils in the MFL classroom

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Blogging: Creative and personalised ways of engaging and extending your pupils in the MFL classroom

  1. 1. Blogging: Creative and personalised ways of engaging and extending your pupils in the MFL classroom www.joedale.typepad.com [email_address]
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  3. 3. + + Blog or Weblog = web + log
  4. 4. MFLE Modern Foreign Languages Environment PiECAST Partners in Excellence language learning podcast VERBCAST Learning French verbs using relaxation techniques TGS Vocabulary Guide Podcasts
  5. 5. Language Show November 2005
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  7. 8. “ Blogging is a whole new world to me. PowerPoint, Word, websites, freeware, this is my comfort zone, my bread and butter, but blogging? Well that’s something new to explore. As my first blog contribution I thought I’d start with the familiar and go from there”. My First Post
  8. 9. Blog comments Posted by: Helen Myers on 07 February 2006 at 21.01 Dear Joe Thanks ever so much for this ... really helpful. Keep up the good work! Helen Posted by: Michele on 09 February 2006 at 17.51 Great stuff. I am really pleased to see blogging in action. Merci Joe. Michele Posted by: fanel on 21 February 2006 at 15.14 very useful ideas thank you so much, Bravo!! Posted by: RParker on 19 February 2006 at 18.00 I try to keep fairly up to speed with ICT in MFL ... but Teacher's Pet is new to me. Thanks for that Joe. With all the discussion forums we have(mflresources, linguanet, one might think that a blog like this was overkill ... but Joe's blog posts have been well thought out and researched, as have the comments. Cheers Joe, keep up the good work. Posted by: PierreImport on 07 May 2006 at 12.02 Yes, well, what do you know, Joe, I downloaded the software Photo Story 3, and created, within 10 minutes, a cheesy show about my family's recent day out in the Lakes...complete with tinny background music and a barely audible narration....all in English... It now remains for me to do the same thing for a school 'audience' Merci pour l'inspiration!
  9. 10. Entering the blogosphere Languages ICT Update article on blogging Blogosphere programme on Teacher’s TV Primary bloggers in West Blatchington School in Hove Scottish Primary examples: Woodhill Primary (Susan Buchanan), Inchinnan Primary (Pam McDowall), Kirklandneuk Primary
  10. 11. Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom – the blog
  11. 13. How to set up a blog
  12. 14. Purpose Audience Content Before you start …
  13. 15. Blog rules I will only use my first name I will never give out my email address I will never give out my home address I will never give out my telephone number I will respect others I will not use rude or threatening words I will not use text talk or chat language I will not copy other people’s work I will be responsible for everything I write I will check my spelling before posting
  14. 16. Two Stars and a Wish Purpose, audience and content one-click publishing Real communication EAL theme Assessment for learning Secure environment Promote global citizeship Pupil voice Celebrate your pupils’ work Feedback Comments
  15. 17. Pupil comments from Two Stars and a Wish I think this is going to help us learn and it's fun learning. It's good to hear us speaking in French in partners and I think all of us should speak a little louder. It's an EXCELLENT idea !!!!!!!! Jade Hello! It's really weird listening to myself speak, but at the same time I think it's awesome! I think it's good that our teacher has put us on the internet. It feels like a bit of a priviledge! It also helps with homework. To make the blog better I think that Mr Dale should do videos, not of us but like puppet type things, while we talk. Brogan I think this a good way to learn how to speak and practice your French. I also think that it is a good way to let people show what they can do. Sophie Hello (bonjour)(salut) Mr Dale. I saw how many people are looking at the blog. It tells us on the left hand side. There are lots of people from different countries because we are doing well. Thank you for letting us use this idea. It is good to learn I think. I have learnt more this year because of the blog. Thank you very much. See you later. Sadie This is a really fun way to learn as we can listen to ourselves speak. I MIGHT download the podcasts onto my MP3 player. This would help me do homework as I can look at the sentences in our class category. J'adore, J'adore, J'adore. Hi, this was very interesting. My sister is sitting next to me saying "It's boring" but I don't think it is. I think it is great. My favourite thing about the blog is listening to all my friends speaking French. Merci Monsieur Dale and all my class well done !!! Samantha
  16. 18. Well done Sophie. I love it. Keep on talking in that voice. You can practise with granny Sue. Just keep it up from Emily in 5GB I thought it was really good and the rest of my family loved it! Bryony I liked the bit where I heard myself talk since now I know what my voice sounds like in French and English. Chloe Hello Blog Master. Well done Aiden and Oliver for your objects around the class. Blog Master, this will really help people who are not very good at their French. This will also help people who want to revise their French. This has been set up really well but could we have 4 or 5 games to have some fun? Bye for Now. Megan This site helps me learn because it helps me to learn the names of brothers and sisters. The blog sounded terrific it also helps me to remember how to say that I have one sister and not any brothers. Laura I think it is a really good idea to have a European Day of Languages. I think it inspired lots of people to try some new foods. It was also fun finding out where celebrities come from in the foyer. Elliott I liked the pictures. They were really cool and the food was very nice. It was a bit annoying queuing up because it took forever but the food was worth the wait. I can't wait for the next Nodehill language day. Max S Hello and well done 8SM. It was like well wicked. Keep the good work up. Peepz we are gonna do well this year. Annaleigh Pupil comments from Two Stars and a Wish
  17. 19. Sounds great! Really looking forward to hearing more of your podcasts! Lynne Chers élèves, Nice pronunciation of the nasal vowels, like in "tableau blanc"! Good intonation (going up at the end of each phrase and down at the end of the sentence).Try to speak each syllable a bit more quickly; in general French vowels last a shorter time than vowels in English. Très bien! Bonne continuation! (de Sarah, un prof de français aux États-Unis). Sarah What a great way to encourage the children to read and say the new vocabulary. We are currently using our blog as a learning blog with just a description of what we are doing, but I can see this being a really effective way of reinforcing vocabulary. Thanks for the idea. Pam I think this is good because it's a list of objects. Could use some adjectives, though. Level..3c, right? Steph Teacher comments from Two Stars and a Wish Hi this is Sophie. I'm in this outstanding blog
  18. 20. Hi Joe, I work with the TypePad team, and I just wanted to say thank you -- we appreciate so much that you take the time to help people find out what blogging can do. It's really inspirational to all of us to see such great work done with the tools we build! Anil Dash comment …
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  22. 24. http:// del.icio.us/joedale/MFLblog MFL bloggers http://joedale.typepad.com/integrating_ict_into_the_/blogging/index.html