edukasyon sa pagpapakatao philosophy lipunan grade 9 world religion society wisdom human person education religion dignity of man values education human rights environmental ethics aesthetics environmentalism prudence frugality sustainable development sustainability humankind human being being personal embodied spirit hasty generalization dicto simpliciter false analogy petitio principii post hoc ad hominem ad misericordiam argument knowledge truth fallacies diogenes of sinope aristotle plato heraclitus democritus pythagoras socrates karl jaspers rene descartes sophia conflict social order social change negative effect positive effect confucianism daoism shintoism hinduism buddhism islam christianity judaism origin of world religion origin of religion understanding religion nature of religion laws united nations paggawa services labor work likas na batas moral natural law universal declaration of human rights nukes nuclear power plant peace education nuclear disarmament nuclear weapon special protection discrimination child abuse child protection exploitation social stratification social mobility social system caste social classes civil society economy common good
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