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  1. 1. Joseph Frangieh – A Perfect Professional And Hard Worker When I think of achievements and accomplishments, the only name that comes to my mind is Australian real estate czar Joseph Frangieh. I watched him growing like a big tree over the last decade. When I purchased a particular location in a project that was handled by him, I was amazed with his leadership skills and ability to accomplish big tasks and job within targeted time. Joseph Frangieh has a broad experience in development and land subdivisions. He has spread his business not only in Australia but also in South Africa. His upcoming projects include Collingwood Park in Queensland, Ripley Valley in Queensland and low cost housing in South Africa. I meet him personally and found him simple, humble and down to earth. Joseph has helped many people achieve their dream of financial freedom through property investment and development. I am one of the luckiest people who gained maximum advantage through his knowledge and guidance.