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Children Newsletter (January 2010)

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Latest MCC Children's Newsletter.

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Children Newsletter (January 2010)

  1. 1. January2010 9383 Edison St NE Alliance, OH 44601 330-935-2161 www.marlborochristian.org josh.todd@att.net
  2. 2. How to Handle Doubt & Questions “Doubts are the ants in the pants of faith,” wrote Frederick Ask God: Buechner. “They keep it awake and moving.” This runs contrary to most people’s assumptions about doubt—that questioning your faith 1. To help your children know proves you’re a weak Christian. But when we have doubts about it’s okay to have questions. something, we’re forced to examine its truthfulness and consider how much of ourselves we wish to invest in it. If we (and our 2. To help you be a good listener children) are going to truly own our beliefs, we must critically when kids share their doubts. evaluate them first. 3. To reassure your whole family Teaching your children that it’s okay to express doubts and ask of God’s presence and love. questions is crucial for their faith development. “When the doubts get ignored, it could eventually result in serious skepticism of one’s worldview and personal faith,” says professor Dean Hardy. Use these Parenting Insights tips to help kids wonder and open up: These age-level insights from Children’s Ministry Magazine track Don’t feel threatened when children want how young Christians’ thoughts to ask questions. These queries help kids and questions change over time. verbalize their doubts. View tough questions not as a sign of rebellion but as opportunities to Ages 3 to 5 teach and learn. Older preschoolers begin to ask “why?” and “how?” Miracles, Listen intently, and don’t shame kids for symbolism, and God’s nonphysical asking questions. Reflect on what children say nature are often confusing for kids and affirm their feelings with phrases such as this age. Answer their questions “You seem afraid” or “You look like you have a simply with words that mean question.” exactly what they say. Make your family a “safe zone.” Foster attitudes that say it’s Ages 6 to 8 okay to question and doubt. That will encourage children to feel free Children this age begin to to think critically and explore honestly. distinguish between fantasy and reality and begin to use logical thinking. Give them answers that When Doubts Arise allow them to use these skills; otherwise, they’ll get frustrated. In Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do About It (Master Books), Ken Ham and Britt Beemer explore the Ages 9 to 12 epidemic of young people leaving the traditional church in droves. Older children tend to question They cite a George Barna study showing that 61% of young adults some basic beliefs they had been churched at one point during their teen years but are now previously accepted. They want spiritually disengaged. They also discovered that of young adults to explore an issue from many who no longer believe that all the Bible accounts are true: perspectives. Share your own • 40% first had doubts in middle school. doubts and help kids find a niche • 44% first had doubts in high school. to put their faith into action. • 11% first had doubts in college.
  3. 3. “You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.” John 20:29 Jesus said these words to “Doubting Thomas,” the Support children’s faith development by talking to them about disciple who wouldn’t believe their doubts and questions. Start by asking: that Jesus rose unless he saw and touched him. When our 1. How much proof or evidence do you need before you believe faith is unsteady, we can find something or someone? answers in God’s Word. 2. What things about God and the Bible are hardest for you to believe, and why? Teachable Moments 3. Why do you think God asks us to believe without visual “proof”? 1. Establish the Bible as the authority for truth. Affirm 4. How might doubts and questions actually make our faith that whatever God’s Word stronger? says has either happened or will happen. Tell Bible accounts with enthusiasm so Family Experience: Faith Adventures your children will believe them, too. Many people in the Bible struggled with doubt. Use these experiences from Group’s Hands-On Bible to explore faith. • What You Know—Read aloud John 20:24-31 to meet a doubting disciple. Then say: “When you have doubts, it’s helpful to separate what you know from what you feel. For example, you may doubt that God loves you because you didn’t make the soccer team. You feel alone and unloved. But the Bible says that God loves you and that he’ll take care of you. Because the Bible says it, you know it’s true, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.” 2. Let your children know Together, divide a sheet of poster board into two columns. Label one “What I Feel” that you also doubt and the other “What I Know.” List some sometimes. Share the ways feelings, and across from each feeling, that your faith is a work in write a Bible verse in response. For progress. Tell how God has example, across from “loneliness” you can worked in your life today. Be write “God is with me. Matthew 28:20.” an example of how to grow Use a Bible index to help you find relevant through positive doubting. passages. 3. Celebrate your children’s • Childlike Faith—Say: “When you were faith journeys. Recognize littler, you trusted your parents about that kids’ images of God everything. Jesus says everyone should expand as they struggle with have faith like little kids—even grown-ups! life’s complexities. Accept We all need Jesus, all the time.” Read aloud Luke 18:15-17. Then their immature perceptions make something to remind you that Jesus wants you to trust him and challenge them as their the same way little kids trust their parents. Have each family ability to think abstractly member draw a heart on a piece of construction paper. Write develops. Mark important “Jesus” inside it. To the left, tape a picture of when you were little. milestones such as baptism, To the right, tape a recent picture of yourself. Decorate and hang first Bible, Sunday school the paper as a reminder of your faith. promotion, confirmation, etc.
  4. 4. This page is designed to help educate parents and isn’t meant to endorse any movie, music, or product. Our prayer is that you’ll make informed decisions about what your children watch, listen to, and wear.
  5. 5. What’s Playing at the Movies Culture & Trends Movie: The Tooth Fairy (Jan. 22) What’s happening right Genre: Family comedy now that may affect your Rating: PG children and family: Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, Julie Andrews Synopsis: A tough minor-league hockey player with a • “Helicopter parents” who reputation for doing facial damage to opponents gets are overinvolved with busted for some insensitive comments to a child. His their children’s lives face lousy attitude earns him a sentence working for a a growing backlash. Kids week as a real-life tooth fairy. After getting used to grow best when parents his new role, he starts to rediscover some of his own let go, experts say. long-lost dreams. Discussion Questions: What type of attitude do you usually have? • The recession is slowing Think of a time you’ve hurt someone with your words: Were you able to such “hyperparenting.” undo the damage? If so, how? Read aloud Matthew 18:4. What does it One-third of parents say mean to have a childlike faith? they’ve had to cut their children’s extracurricular activities—and most What Music Is Releasing families admit they like the results. Artist: Katharine McPhee (CBS News Poll) Album: Unbroken Artist Info: This 25-year-old pop singer was the ______________ runner-up on American Idol season five. Her self- titled debut album reached number two on the Quick Stats Billboard top 200 chart. McPhee has been upfront • An estimated 13% of about her struggle with bulimia. U.S. children walk or Summary: McPhee’s sophomore album highlights her versatile, elegant bike to school these vocal style. Several songs deal with broken relationships. In the first days, compared to more single, “Had It All,” McPhee sings, “Why did I believe that little voice that than 50% of children 40 led me down the path to this bad choice? Why don’t I listen to the angels years ago. when they sing?” (Science Daily) Discussion Questions: How aware are you each day of your conscience? How much do you rely on it to help you choose between • A study shows that right and wrong? Read aloud 1 Kings 19:11-13. How and when does God children burn about speak to you? When are you most likely to listen to him? three times more calories playing some What Games Are Out exercise-oriented video Title games than they do just Content sitting on the couch Rating & watching television. Platform (USA Today) Ultimate I Spy Players navigate 3D screens to solve riddles and complete puzzles. E; Wii Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box In this adventure game, players can work on more than
  6. 6. MCC Youth & Family Winter/Spring Schedule 2010 1/13 6:30pm to 8:00pm K – 12th “Youth 2010 Kickoff” Wed. Youth Groups Resume *EVERY WEDNESDAY THROUGH APRIL 7th 1/29 5pm (Depart) Jr. & Sr. “Winterjam 2010” 7pm Concert High Christian Music’s LARGEST Annual Tour 11pm (Return) Featuring: Third Day, Newsboys, Fireflight, AND MORE… Only $10 per person at the door! 2/12-2/13 3:00pm 2/12 Jr. High Believe Conference (Depart MCC) ONLY Bank of Kentucky Center (Cincinnati, OH) 9:00pm 2/13 • Cost is now $65 per student (Return to MCC) (Early Bird Has Passed) 3/12-3/13 TBA Jr. & Sr. “March Madness” High @ Elkhorn Valley Camp MORE INFORMATION TBA 3/19-3/20 http://www.roundlake.org/ 3rd – 5th “Creation Retreat” Grade (Check website for more details) 4/2-4/3 TBA Jr. & Sr. Ohio Teens for Christ High Columbus, OH MORE INFORMATION TBA June 11 6:00pm to 9:00pm Jr. & Sr. “Praisefest” nd High & 2 Year for this event Families JUST $5 PER PERSON June 26 Jr. & Sr. ALIVE Music Festival High $30 Per Person by April 11th June 27-July 2 Sr. High Summer In The Son @ Kentucky Christian University ED CARTER, Minister of Worship & Evangelism ED HARNISH, Minister of Benevolence & Pastoral Care JOSH TODD, Minister of Education & Youth 9383 Edison Street Alliance, Ohio 44601 330-935-2161 www.marlborochristian.org josh.todd@att.net