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Storybook final

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Storybook final

  1. 1. Quest For Helping a Noble Cause• Motivate young people to give back by: • Their Time by volunteering • By resources if their schedule do not permit• In order to achieve this goal there some parameters that have to be achieved
  2. 2. • Local, in the heart of Dallas TX• Multifaceted• Efficiently helping Those in Need• Meeting the needs of those willing to give.
  3. 3. The Genesis to Genesis• In 1985 Shelter Ministries of Dallas formed Genesis Shelter for Women• Services Include: • 24-Hour Hotline • Emergency Shelter • Annie’s House Transitional Housing • Outreach Counseling • Individual and Group Therapy • Childrens Play Therapy • Teen Counseling • Legal Services etc….
  4. 4. Current Projects•Adapt a Family Program•Benefit Store Volunteers•Genesis Annual Luncheon•Bowling Tournament•Annual Golf Tournament•Annual Lecture about eye Opening topics
  5. 5. The Benefit Store•Conveniently located•Reasonable Prices•Contains Useful quality items•Friendly, helpful staff
  6. 6. Accessibility For Those With Giving Hearts• Genesis Young Leaders• Genesis Alliance• Genesis HeROs• Online Donations• Donation Programs• Money Trail online for how funds are used
  7. 7. Message From Genesis