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Why You Need to
Kill Your Current
Marketing Strategy
(before it’s too late)
Even though technology
has changed dramatically
over the past decade,
marketing has not.
Enterprises of all sizes still spend
most of their marketing dollars on
advertising – basically interrupting
people while ...
This is absurd.
If this were the 70s or 80s,
this strategy might
actually work.
Before 1990, there were only
eight ways consumers could get
information (big ad budgets and
media companies dominated).
Today, there are thousands of ways
consumers can get information.
Courtesy of
Jeff Rohrs
This means consumers can…
and will…ignore you…
unless you provide some kind
of consistent value over time.
If this is true, the future
business model for both
media companies AND
product companies is
EXACTLY the same.
All companies will look to build proprietary
audiences, and then monetize those audiences
by selling a variety of products...
Today, these models are simple.
Product companies build audiences to sell more
products & services (called content marketi...
But this is a limited view.
Once we build a loyal audience, we can
monetize the audience in multiple,
and, sometimes unexp...
What if we thought differently
about how we generate revenue
through marketing?
In 1976, Fox executives thought
Star Wars was going to flop. Instead of
paying George Lucas more money, they
agreed to giv...
From 1977 to 2015, the Star Wars franchise made just
over $5 billion on ticket sales. Merchandising sales were
over $12 bi...
If we build a loyal
audience, there are
actually 10 different
ways to generate
We are beginning to see this
new model in action.
Arrow Electronics is
the Amazon.com of
selling electronics
equipment. In 2016,
they generated over
$24 billion in revenue
Over the past two years,
they’ve become the largest
media company in the
electronics industry.
Arrow reaches 76% of
all el...
The largest media
company in extreme
sports is not a media
company. It’s owned
by Red Bull. And they
also do this at a pro...
And what about media
Buzzfeed’s Tasty brand
sold over 100,000
custom print cook
books last year.
And they just launched a
smart cooker that links to
your phone.
Buzzfeed knows its future is
not in selling only advertisi...
And both Pepsi and Mondelez recently announced launching
marketing divisions that will drive its own revenue and profit.
This is the future model for IBM, for
Cisco Systems, for Coca-Cola, and for
even the smallest of small companies.
We need to forget about the marketing
we’ve learned. Today, there is a new model.
“It ain’t what we know that gets us into...
Our job as marketers is to make markets.
Today that means building loyal and
trusting audiences…and then monetize
those au...
But to do this…you need to kill the
marketing you are currently executing…
and replace it with a new model.
This will take...
Not every marketer will do this…
only the most innovative ones.
Is that you?
Find out how in the new book
Killing Marketing by Joe Pulizzi
and Robert Rose.
Get the print or audiobook
today at killing...
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And what about media companies? Why You Need to Kill Your Current Marketing (before it's too late)

And what about media
Buzzfeed’s Tasty brand
sold over 100,000
custom print cook
books last year.