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Rabbit card

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Rabbit card

  1. 1. Group members: Anil Shrestha – st112986Ankeet Rajbhandari – st112890 Arpita Shahi – st112740 Jush Shrestha- st112817 Sneha Basnet – st112884 Shashank Pradhan - st113312
  2. 2.  Smartcard designed for electronic payments  Used for Mass transit payment as well as at other leading retail outlets & convenience stores  Loyalty Points Program: Carrot Rewards Stored Value: Minimum 100 baht; Maximum 4000 baht
  3. 3. Service Concept One card for travelling, shopping & eating No need to carry fat wallets full of cards or cash Makes daily life convenient, easy & simple Ensures better protection against cash handling, fraud & human error Encourages increased customer spending and frequency through "Carrot Rewards”
  4. 4. PositioningAn e-money systemthat can be used in masstransit networks and retail“Quick, Reliable &Friendly”Hop between differenttransit & retail with justone card
  5. 5. Unique Benefits Used in unique stores Valuable benefits through Carrot Rewards Loyalty program No need of many card – All in one No queuing up Easy to issue Easy to top up and use - simply "beep and go"
  6. 6. Competitors
  7. 7. Competitors
  8. 8. The Rabbit name The name rabbit symbolizes quick, funny, reliable and friendly
  9. 9. Suggest other name To move or proceed rapidly
  10. 10. Service product Card reward system
  11. 11. Enrolling in Carrot Rewards:Step 1: Available now at any BTS Ticket OfficeStep 2: Enter the Rabbit 13 digit number from the back of the card into the Carrot Rewards Registration formStep 3: After getting email or SMS confirmation, start earning Carrot Points
  12. 12. Carrot Rewards Benefits: Earn Carrot Points each time you top up your Rabbit. Receive a quarterly e-newsletter with new promotional offers and benefits to Carrot Rewards members. Sign up for Carrot Tweets on Twitter or email alerts on your member profile page to receive updates, invitations and other special privileges.
  13. 13.  Earn Carrot Points when you use your Rabbit at Carrot Rewards’ Points Issuing Partners
  14. 14. A framework to assess services brands on experience Useful Adult Usability Experience Consumers Senior Strategy Segments Enjoyable Student Marketing GAP Culture Communication 1 2 3 4 5 USEFUL  Use it for BTSNOTEffective only USABILITY  Rewards not Service Brand as suitable for all delivery experience segments ENJOYABLE  Many group of people do not know what it is for.
  15. 15. Key Messages in Advertisement
  16. 16. appendix; Rabbit Ads Special promotion for rabbit  Carrot Rewards Points users Issuing Partners.  Free register carrot reward Get more point get more reward/top-up your Rabbit.
  17. 17. contd; Smart card for young generation Commute easily and enjoy travel and shopping with only one card Bring old BTS card to change into rabbit card
  18. 18. Contd; Promotion of rabbit card for kids Ipad 2 for 3 people registering before the mentioned date (1-30th of April 2012)
  19. 19. Customer Response “I was so impressed with how it saves you from having to queue up for single trip tickets.”
  20. 20. Customer Response “I had my BTS card converted. It took 20 v minutes. The conversion process is too long.”
  21. 21. Recommendation Separate rabbit counter in BTS Increase the no of retail partners Easy top up from ATM, online, SMS, Seven Eleven Improve technology Improve awareness through advertisement(Both Thai and Foreigner) Easy registration for carrot reward