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  1. Presentedby Dr. KalpanaLahade
  2. DIETARYFIBRES Dietary fiber is that portion of food derived from plant cell, which is resistant to digestion by the elementary enzymes system in human beings. It consist of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignins, oligosaccharides, pectins, gums and waxes.
  3. ComponentsofDietaryFibre  Cellulose : This compound is the most abundant polysaccharide found in the cell walls of plants.  Hemicellulose : These polysaccharides which are closely associated with cellulose in cell wall are composed mainly of sugar units containing 5 or 6 carbon atoms (Pentoses or hexoses).
  4. Gums and Mucilages : A number of plants form gums on their bark or fruit when they are injured or when they are stung by insects. Mucilages were considered to be plant polysaccharides which readily form sticky slimy solution in water ex. Flax seeds (Ambadi seeds) and psyllium seeds. Lignin : Lignin is found in plant cell walls in intimate association with cellulose to which it imparts rigidity.
  5. Pectic Substances : These consist of a group of carbohydrates which are of considerable interest in foods of plants origin.
  6. Types of Dietary fibre  Crude fibre – it is commonly used bio-chemical terminology by biochemist. It is mostly present in outer skin of vegetables. Fruits and cereal grains and also in woody parts of plants.  Soluble dietary fibre – fibre that either dissolve or swell in water and are metabolized by bacteria in the large intestine, these include pectins, gums, mucilages and some hemicelluloses. It is found in fruits vegetables and beans.
  7. Types of Dietary fibre  Insoluble dietary fibre – does not dissolve in water but retains it to soften and build up stool. It includes mostly cellulose, some hemicelluloses and lignins,  Added dietary fibre – This is the isolated non digestive carbohydrate that has beneficial therapeutic value. These are available commercially.
  8. SOURCESOF FIBRES Whole wheat flour, bran, vegetables (spinach, fenugreek leaves, onion stalks, curry leaves, bengalgram leaves, chuka, drumsticks, colocasia leaves), fruits (apple, strawberry, guava, citrus fruits, carrot, pomegranate, sapota, pineapple, grapes.), oats, barley, legumes.
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