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Work life balance

  2. CONTENTS  What is Work-life-Balance  Myths and realities related to it  Reasons for imbalance  Solutions for the imbalance  What corporates say  HR solutions for the imbalance  Benefits from Work-life-balance work life balance 2
  3. MEANING  Work–life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between "work" (career and ambition) and "lifestyle"(Health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation). work life balance 3
  4. Work life balance is resource allocation Intervention points Personal resource supply Time Energy money Resource allocation Choice of allocation Demands on our to work resources Choice of allocation Work demands to non work Non work demands work life balance 4
  5. Myth 1 Work life balance means spending 50% of your time at work and 50% of your time at home work life balance 5
  6. Reality Work life balance occurs when individuals with a finite amount of mental, physical and emotional resources allocate those resources in way that corresponds their personal and/or professional goals. work life balance 6
  7. Myth 2 women desire more work life balance than men work life balance 7
  8. Reality  Annual Career Builder survey finds that 1/3 of men would quit their jobs to stay at home if they could afford that  Many studies have found that there is no gender differences in experience of work life conflict  Men and women are both affected by non work and work demands  Findings in relation to gender differences in work and non work domains are often weak or inconsistent work life balance 8
  9. Myth 3  Work life balance is synonymous with work-family balance or family support vs work life balance 9
  10. Reality  Equating work life balance and family support as synonymous assumes only those with families desire balance  Can lead to backlash to single employees or employees without children  Research on singles friendly culture is a response to this backlash work life balance 10
  11. Reasons for imbalance Competition Individual career ambition work life balance 11
  12. Global economy Longer working hours work life balance 12
  13. International business work life balance 13
  14. Solutions Don’t overbook Prioritize ruthlessly work life balance 14
  15. Learn how to say “NO” Organize work life balance 15
  16. Use technology Know it won’t always be perfect work life balance 16
  17. Tips from corporate  WORK NEAR HOME “Try to cut down the commuting time.” says Pushkar Singh Kataria, 38,VP,group HR, Vedanta Resources. At lunch hour he heads home-10 minutes from his office.  ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKING CAN WAIT Curb checking your Facebook profile or professional network account to set a time during the day or week. “You can save time and spend it on yourself,” says Anita Belani, country head, Russel Reynolds. Source: work life balance 17
  18.  PAMPER YOURSELF Indulge yourself. Spend a couple of hours in the garden, play with children, or cook. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. “Pamper yourself a little more every day and you’ll see a big payoff at work and home.” says Gurmeet Singh, area director, India Maldives, Mariott Hotels. Source: work life balance 18
  19. HR solutions for Work-life Balance On the job training  Surveys of employee work /life issues  Set priorities for all work  Train line managers to recognize signs of overwork  Seminars on work life balance work life balance 19
  20. HR solutions for Work-life Balance Make work more flexible  Flexi time  Job sharing  Sponsoring employees’ family oriented activities Allow for time off from work  A formal leave policy  Paid childbirth or adoption leave  Allow employees to take leave for community service work life balance 20
  21. Benefits from work life balance  Feel more rested and organized  Working more productively and get more accomplished, leading to greater career success  More fulfillment from work  Improving relationship with family and friend work life balance 21
  22. Benefits from work life balance  Better physical and mental health  Making choice about your priorities rather than sacrificing any  More leisure time to spend with loved ones or for yourself work life balance 22
  23. Video showing importance work life balance 23
  24. “Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and further when the wheels are in perfect alignment you perform better when your thoughts, feelings emotions, goals and values are in balance.” work life balance 24
  25. work life balance 25