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San francisco performances

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San francisco performances

  1. 1. SAN FRANCISCO PERFORMANCES Five-Minute Rapid Report Key Points EXPERIMENT TYPE: Listening OBJECTIVES: • To enhance our brand, especially important now that we’ve got a new visual identity/tagline thanks to a Taproot Foundation grant • To learn what people were saying about San Francisco Performances • To test our hypothesis that there wasn’t much buzz about our organization in cyberspace; people talk about our artists, but not SFP as presenter of those artists. One challenge is no home theater to identify us. • To try and generate new, like-minded audiences (from Strategic Plan) • To deepen our connection with existing core audience (from Strategic Plan) TACTICS: • Set up an RSS feed • Set up an iGoogle page with refined search words for Google Alerts; also added Google blog search, Social Media Monitor and Digg • Monitored conversation more closely • Resolved to be more diligent about posting on Facebook at least three times weekly RESULTS: • Confirmed our hypothesis: there is very little conversation about San Francisco Performances in cyberspace • Realized we needed to generate more buzz • After check-in with Beth, decided to monitor Twitter to see what colleague arts organizations were tweeting about • Also set up a Twitter account with the goal of tweeting closer to the beginning of our 2010-2011 season in October when there’s more to talk about
  2. 2. • Realized we need to create written policies and procedures for social media since several people within the organization will be messaging through these outlets. Want to make sure our voice is consistent and strategic EXPERIMENT REDOS? There isn’t anything we would do differently. AHA MOMENT: • That we need to begin thinking more strategically about our social media outreach • You need to generate your own buzz!